10 best beginner gardening kit: Essential Tools 2024

BY Khushvinder Dagar
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Are you TIRED OF CONSTANTLY KILLING YOUR PLANTS? Do you feel that no matter what you do, your GARDEN never seems to THRIVE? 

Don’t fuss. With the RIGHT TOOLS AND SUPPLIES, you’ll be on your way to a THRIVING GARDEN in no time.

Our team at Aster Gardening has been helping beginners like you start their GARDENS. We’ve put together the BEST BEGINNER GUIDES on the market. They are complete with the ESSENTIAL INFORMATION you’ll need.

We cover TIPS ON CHOOSING the right kit for your needs. You can trust that we’ve got your back every step of the way

So why wait? Start your GARDENING JOURNEY today and see the difference for yourself.

best beginner gardening kit

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Garden Starter Kit?

Consider Before Buying a Garden Starter Kit

Before buying a GARDEN STARTER KIT, there are several things to consider: 

  • What TYPE OF PLANT will you be growing? CARROTS? Or some TOMATOES? 
  • Are you looking for an INDOOR PLANTER or something that can go OUTDOORS? Like a pot with wings, perhaps! (**hahaha**)
  • Do you want a BASIC KIT or a DELUXE one? Hmm…Basic is better because I won’t have to pay extra for the LUXURY of planting! 
  • Will the kit be used for EDIBLE FLOWERS, MEDICINAL PLANTS? Do you want FRESH HERBS, ORGANIC MUSHROOMS, or your OWN MICROGREENS? Don’t forget the INVISIBLE CARROTS – they’re trendy now! (**hahaha**)
  • Where will the GARDEN be placed (i.e., SUNNY WINDOW or TERRARIUM)? Somewhere where it’s nice and sunny so your little SEEDLINGS can get all their VITAMIN D! 
  • Is it meant as a GREAT GIFT for TEA LOVERS and LEMON BALM ENTHUSIASTS? If not, it should be general – everyone loves HERBAL TEA GIFTS! 
  • Finally, what TYPE OF SOIL DISCS and PEAT POTS are included in the GROWING KITS? Make sure to CHECK if they come already PLANTED – I wouldn’t want any SURPRISES coming up from within! 

How To Choose The Best Gardening Kit For Beginners?

Choose The Best Gardening Kit

FINDING the RIGHT KIT is KEY. With lots of choices, it’s hard to know what you need. Here are some tips:

  • What do you want to grow? Do you want HERBS, MEDICINAL PLANTS, VEGGIES, or FLOWERS? Each type needs different supplies and conditions. Knowing your favorites will help you pick the best garden kit for you.
  • Think about SPACE. If there’s not much room indoors, then an INDOOR HERB GARDEN with smaller items like herbs and spices would be good. 

If you have outdoor space, you can use larger kits such as SMART GARDENS or PLANTING BOXES filled with soil.

  • Read REVIEWS online. Reading reviews from people who have tried a certain kit gives insight into its QUALITY. So take advantage of this

10 Best Beginner Gardening Kit

1. Garden Hose and Nozzle

Garden Hose and Nozzle

Garden HOSE and NOZZLE save time and help water plants; they’re also easy to use. A good one should last several years if cared for properly – just like a RELATIONSHIP!

Look for ADJUSTABLE SPRAYS to water delicate herbs like basil and thyme. Don’t forget your tougher vegetables like carrots too. Hoses come in different LENGTHS. Shorter hoses work better in tight corners, while longer ones may be harder to maneuver.

Choose VINYL or RUBBER materials depending on your needs too! This simple tool is ESSENTIAL for beginner gardening kits. It’s multi-purpose and more AFFORDABLE than other supplies needed when planting at home.

2. Watering Can

Watering Can

A WATERING CAN is a GREAT tool for Beginning Gardeners. It’s a multi-purpose and BUDGET-FRIENDLY tool. (If you’re not careful, your plants might make OFF with it!)

You can water your plants, herbs, vegetables, flowers, seedlings, or succulents EASILY. You don’t want to be STUCK without one in the middle of SUMMER! 

Some cans have adjustable spray settings. This allows you to CONTROL how much water each plant gets.

3. Gardening Gloves

Gardening Gloves

Gardening Gloves are a MUST for any Organic Gardener. They’re an IMPORTANT part of the Best Beginner Gardening Kits. These Garden Supplies help keep dirt, seeds, plants, and other elements off your hands. 

They GUARD YOUR SKIN AGAINST HARSH CHEMICALS like herbicides or pesticides too! Gardening Gloves give you a better grip while planting flowers in your backyard. 

They also offer protection from cuts, scrapes, and thorns which can be PAINFUL! So remember to include them in your 10 Best Beginner Gardening Kits – they’ll come in HANDY! Get it? Handy! 

4. Garden Fork

Garden Fork

A GARDEN FORK is great for Beginner Gardeners. It can help with DIGGING, LOOSENING SOIL, and plants or flowers. Garden forks come in different types, like SOIL FORKS and DIGGING FORKS that work well on tough soils. 

Gardening with a fork doesn’t take much effort since it has PRONGS to make the job EASIER than manual labor! A TRUSTY little garden fork should be part of your Essential Gardening Supplies. 

If you are planning to grow VEGETABLES at home or need an all-around HANDY TOOL in the house, get one today! After all, they say, “the best way to a man’s heart is through his vegetable patch – so GRAB a garden fork!”

5. Self-watering Tools

Self-watering Tools

SELF-WATERING TOOLS are an essential part of a Gardening Kit. These tools make it EASIER for you to keep your plants HYDRATED. 

No need to constantly ADD WATER yourself. With AUTOMATIC WATERING systems, there’s no need for guesswork – all you have to do is SET IT and let it go! 

These tools give you PEACE OF MIND that your fresh basil or herb garden will get enough moisture. This allows them to grow their SEEDS and GERMINATE them into beautiful CROPS.

Self-watering tools give you EASE OF USE, CONVENIENCE, and WORRY-FREE growing. If keeping your plants hydrated was any EASIER, you’d probably be able to just WHISTLE at them!

6. Rake


RAKES are a MUST-HAVE for any Beginner Gardener’s kit! They help keep gardens NEAT and TIDY. Rakes can be used to SWEEP AWAY leaves, debris, or WEEDS with their curved teeth. These don’t damage DELICATE PLANTS like fresh basil and growing seeds. 

Unless you accidentally RAKE your foot instead! Having one makes gardening FUN and EASY – plus, it’s a great EXERCISE for that summer body too!

7. Wheelbarrow


A WHEELBARROW is an excellent tool for GARDENERS. It’s part of the BEST BEGINNER KITS. It’s very STRONG, so it can be used again and again. With this, moving PLANTS or GROWING SEEDS is easier than carrying buckets full of dirt or HERBS!

A wheelbarrow CARRIES HEAVIER STUFF than PLANTERs or PLANT MARKERS. This makes them perfect when starting BIGGER PROJECTS. Think VEGETABLE PATCHES and FLOWER BEDS. Here, lots of things need to get moved around quickly over time!

This GARDEN STARTER KIT item helps you make an HERB GARDEN with ease.

8. Seed Starter Kit

Seed Starter Kit

Seed STARTER KITS are a great way to get started with GARDENING! They provide all the necessary tools, from SEEDS to GROWING MEDIUMS. With these GARDEN STARTER KITS, you create HERB or VEGETABLE GARDEN – INDOORS or OUTDOORS.

Seed starters offer everything needed for starting your CROPS. For example, you can get SOIL-LESS MIXES and ORGANIC MUSHROOM COMPOST. These help keep PLANTS healthy as they grow.

Popular items found in seed starter kits are FRESH BASIL, ROSEMARY, and PARSLEY seeds. However, some include TOMATO and CUCUMBER varieties too!

Seed starters make it easy for anyone looking to start their own GREEN THUMB journey by providing everything needed right away – unlike having to buy each item separately, which can quickly become COSTLY over time (not to mention OVERWHELMING!). 

Now MONEY does not grow on trees…or maybe there is a seed starter kit out there? 

9. Hand Cultivator for Turning Soil

Hand Cultivator for Turning Soil

A HAND CULTIVATOR is an essential tool in your GARDEN KIT. This little device helps TURN THE SOIL – so you can get green thumbs faster than ever! 

It has SHARP BLADES that quickly break up the dirt surface into small pieces. This creates PERFECT CONDITIONS for SEEDS and SUCCULENTS. 

It only takes minutes to PREPARE THE GROUND. You can start GERMINATING your PLANTS within WEEKS!

10. Pots and Potting Soil

Pots and Potting Soil

Pots and POTTING SOIL are essential elements of the best beginner gardening kit. It’s almost like they were made for each other! Having pots and GOOD QUALITY POTTING MIX is important!

After all, you can’t grow your parsley or basil without a proper place to plant them. Unless you want to throw the seeds at your walls and hope something grows!

FAQs about Best Beginner Gardening Kit

1. Is gardening cheaper than buying?

Gardening can be both FUN and HELPFUL! You can buy a beginner kit with everything you need to get started. With it, you could grow your VEGGIES, FLOWERS, or HERBS. 
Doing this could help you SAVE MONEY on groceries and NOT WASTE FOOD – but is gardening cheaper than buying? Well, they say ‘the best things in life are free,’ so I guess you’ll have to see what GROWS!

2. What’s the most profitable vegetable to grow?

Tomatoes! Sure they’re not the prettiest or most interesting of veggies. However, tomatoes are EASY TO PLANT and can yield HIGH RETURNS. 
They need MINIMAL MAINTENANCE – water them regularly! Plus, their versatility means there is always a demand for them in kitchens worldwide!

3. How much money is it to start a garden?

Starting a GARDEN can be an AFFORDABLE activity. Depending on what you want to grow, the COST of beginning a garden ranges depending on the PROJECT’S SIZE
It could be FREE (for growing plants in pots) or up to hundreds or thousands of dollars. 
DO YOU HAVE ANY SPACE OUTSIDE? A balcony and windowsill are great options. 
· With just soil and some seeds, your FIRST GARDEN could cost as little as $10! ARE THERE TOOLS INVOLVED? 
· Basic hand tools such as TROWELS and HOES will allow more hands-on control over your new project. 
· These items could add another $30-$40 to the price tag. However, that’s still far less than most other hobbies require upfront!

What’s Next

We provide tips on what to consider before buying a GARDEN STARTER KIT. Then HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST GARDENING KIT for a beginner.


If you are starting gardening, I am sure you enjoyed it. 

So you have your beginner gardening kits ready! Good! Continue exploring AsterGardening for more gardening tips and tricks. 

There is something for everyone, from beginners to enthusiasts! And don’t forget to share the article with your green thumb friends!

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