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Tired of a WEED-INFESTED lawn? Not sure WHEN to apply weed and feed before or after mowing?


We have spent YEARS researching and testing different techniques and products. This allows us to give you the most effective gardening advice.

Our team of EXPERTS IN PLANTS AND GARDENS helps our readers grow healthy, green lawns.

EXPERIENCED GARDENERS are dedicated to helping our readers achieve the lush, green lawns of their dreams.

Whether a PRO or a BEGINNER, you’ll get valuable info on how to kill weeds.

We cover the following:

  • Time to wait before seeding 
  • Best methods for spreading 
  • And more!

PLUS, find out if you can mow before applying herbicide. So grab those gardening gloves, and let’s get started!

And if all else fails, cover your lawn in Astroturf and call it a day. (Just kidding…kind of.)

weed and feed before or after mowing

Tips for Lawn Treatments

So you want to treat your lawn? HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: 

  • START WITH A CLEAN SLATE. Before applying any treatments to your weed and feed lawn, remove debris, dead grass, or weeds. Think of it like CLEANING THE DIRTY DISHES BEFORE STARTING TO COOK- it’s essential to get the best results!

This allows the treatments to reach the grassroots and work, ensuring a healthy lawn.

  • CHOOSE THE RIGHT PRODUCTS. Every lawn is different. So, choosing the right weed killer and feed products for your specific lawn type is important. 
  • READ THE LABELS to find the right products for your warm-season lawn and to keep those pesky weeds in check! This works for BROADLEAF WEED CONTROL. 

And remember, when in doubt, choose a weed and feed product recommended by an EXPERT for the best results.

  • APPLY AT THE RIGHT TIME. Timing is everything when it comes to lawn treatments. Don’t be a lazy lawn lover! Apply weed killer and feed AT THE RIGHT TIME to make your grass grow nice and strong. 

Trust us; YOUR WEEDS WILL HATE YOU for it! 

Lawn Treatments
  • BE PATIENT. Lawn treatments don’t work overnight, so be patient and give them time to take effect. KEEP WATERING AND MOWING AS NEEDED; your lawn will soon be free of weeds. 
  • If your garden is still full of pesky weeds, maybe it’s time to up your weed-killer game or try a new product! And hey, if all else fails, THROW SOME MONEY AT THE PROBLEM- that usually works. (Just kidding)

How Many Days Should You Wait Before Seeding After Weed & Feed?

Seeding After Weed & Feed


Don’t worry- we feel you.

But WAITING for A LITTLE LONGER to let your weed and feed treatments work their magic is WORTH IT.

Think of it like BAKING A CAKE- you wouldn’t want to add the sprinkles before the cake is fully baked, right?

So, it’s best to wait at least TWO WEEKS before seeding your lawn after applying weed and feed.

But, like with any rule, THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS.

If you’re dealing with STUBBORN WEEDS or the weather is HOT, you may need to WAIT LONGER BEFORE SEEDING.

The key is to KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR LAWN and ensure the weed and feed have had time to kill the weeds before planting new seeds.

Seed planting is like a high-stakes game of musical chairs- PLANT TOO EARLY OR TOO LATE, and YOU’RE OUT! 

But hit that sweet spot, and YOUR GARDEN WILL FLOURISH IN NO TIME. If you find that perfect balance, your plants thrive. 

How to Spread Weed & Feed?

Spread Weed & Feed

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Get the RIGHT EQUIPMENT. So you want green grass and no weeds? It sounds like you need to invest in a top-notch fertilizer spreader, my friend! 

It’s the SECRET WEAPON in the war against weeds and patchy lawns. You also use a handheld spreader for smaller lawns or tricky spots.

  • Follow the INSTRUCTIONS. Hey, don’t chuck weed and feed all over your lawn willy-nilly! Make sure you read the label and apply the RIGHT AMOUNT. 

Otherwise, you might end up with a lawn that looks like it’s been through a weed and feed warzone. 

  • LET’S NOT GO CRAZY WITH THE WEED AND FEED, okay? A little bit goes a long way; pouring too much can hurt your lawn. So TAKE IT EASY, and your grass will thank you! 
  • SPREAD IN A PATTERN. Follow a pattern to apply the feed evenly. Weed and feed application are like painting a wall- you don’t want any streaks or missed spots!

Unless, of course, you’re into the whole patchwork quilt aesthetic. But that’s another can of worms. 

  • WATER YOUR LAWN. Once you’ve applied the weed and feed, turn on your sprinkler system and water your lawn well. 


Weed And Feed Before or After Mowing

How to Mow After Applying a Weed & Feed?

How to Mow

Ready to mow after applying weed and feed?


First, WAIT 24 HOURS after applying the weed and feed before mowing.

This gives the treatments time to soak in and start working their magic.

If you mow too soon, YOU’LL CHOP OFF THE TOPS OF THE WEEDS (a part you’re trying to kill).

When mowing, set your mower to a slightly HIGHER HEIGHT than usual.

This PROTECTS THE DELICATE NEW GROWTH ON YOUR GRASS and gives the weed and feed a chance to do its thing.

And, as always, MOW IN DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS to avoid creating ruts or uneven patches.

In the end, THE KEY IS TO BE PATIENT and give your lawn the time it needs to recover and thrive.

Trust us; your grass will thank you for it (and so will your feet- no more stubbly, prickly grass blades to deal with).

If all else fails, call the professionals and let them handle it (I know I do in my helpless gardener hours).

When to weed and feed before mowing? And How?

When to weed and feed before mowing

Dealing with NEW LAWNS or a LARGE LAWN?

It may be best to apply weed and feed BEFORE MOWING.


You CAN NIP THOSE PESKY WEEDS in the bud and avoid a full-blown infestation. 

This is important in the EARLY STAGES OF THE GROWING SEASON when most weed and grass seeds germinate.

Think of it like this- weed control before mowing is like putting up a fence before the cows get out. You’re keeping those PESKY BROADLEAF WEEDS FROM RUINING YOUR PERFECT WARM-SEASON GRASSES. 

See, easy peasy! Trust me, you don’t want those ugly suckers taking over your lawn. 

To use weed and feed before mowing, do what the label says! It’s like following a recipe – read all the instructions carefully, and you’ll be ready to go. 

Make sure to use the liquid weed and feed at the right rate and in the right areas of your lawn.

And remember, treating your ENTIRE LAWN, not just the weeds, is important for the best results.

Once you’ve applied the weed and feed, WAIT AT LEAST 24 HOURS BEFORE MOWING your lawn.

And remember, when mowing weeds, use a SHARP BLADE to ensure a clean cut and prevent the spread of weed seeds.

Things To Know About Mowing Before or After Treating Your Lawn

Treating Your Lawn

Can you mow before or after applying weed and feed?

It depends on your treatment and what you’re trying to achieve.

Mowing BEFORE applying feed can HELP THE WEED KILLER REACH THE ROOTS of the weeds more easily.

Mow your lawn AFTER applying weed and feed. You give those NUTRIENTS A NICE, EVEN DISTRIBUTION ACROSS YOUR LAWN. Your grass will be super healthy and weed-free in no time! 

Make sure to SET YOUR MOWER TO THE RIGHT HEIGHT. Mowing TOO SHORT stress the grass and makes it more susceptible to weeds. Mowing TOO HIGH CREATE A HAVEN for weeds to grow.

Avoid mowing A WET LAWN. Wait until the grass is dry before mowing for the best results.

Can You Mow Before Pre-emergence Herbicide Application?

Pre emergence Herbicide Application


Mow your lawn BEFORE applying pre-emergence herbicide. It’ll make it easier for the treatments to reach the roots of those stubborn weeds and kill them off for good. 

This is important for lawns that are STARTING TO GROW or for particularly stubborn weeds.

Want to mow before using pre-emergence herbicide? JUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE LABEL! It’s like a treasure map – as long as you read it carefully, you’ll find your way to a weed-free lawn. 

After you mow your lawn, GIVE IT A LITTLE TIME TO SETTLE DOWN before you hit it with a pre-emergence herbicide. We recommend waiting AT LEAST 24 HOURS. 

This gives the treatments time to soak in and start working their magic. And hey, it also give you a chance to grab a well-deserved beer before going for a lawn mow. Cheers!

FAQs about Weed And Feed Before Or After Mowing

1. Can mowing and fertilizing be done on the same day?

Mowing and fertilizing on the same day is like trying to put on a pair of socks and shoes at the same time. You can technically do it, but it’s not the most efficient way to get things done. IT’S BETTER TO FOCUS ON ONE TASK AT A TIME TO MAKE SURE IT’S DONE CORRECTLY.

2. Should you water grass after weed and feed?

Yes, you should water your grass after applying weed and feed! IT HELPS THE NUTRIENTS TAKE A LITTLE TRIP TO THE ROOTS and boost the weed-killing ingredients! JUST THINK OF IT LIKE WASHING DOWN A BIG MEAL- your lawn will thank you.

3. How quickly do weed and feed work?

It’s a little like a race between the weed-killing powers and the weeds themselves! The type of product and the weather can affect the speed, but you should see some progress WITHIN A WEEK OR TWO. The weeds might take longer to kick the bucket, but hang in there!” 

4. Can you use weed and feed twice a month?

It’s not recommended to use weed and feed more than once a month. USING   WEED AND FEED TOO MUCH CAN HURT THE GRASS. Too much fertilizer can be harmful, so let’s be careful out there! 
Think of it as taking a vitamin – it’s great to boost your body, but too many can cause problems.

What’s Next

In this article, we discussed the BENEFITS OF USING WEED AND FEED. We provided ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS ON THE BEST METHODS for applying it to your lawn. 

We’ve talked about some important things to keep in mind when using weed and feed. Make sure TO GIVE IT TIME TO WORK, and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE PACKAGE.

And hey, if things don’t go as planned, DON’T SWEAT IT! Grab a beer and blame it on the weather. After all, a good attitude is half the battle. 

Check our website for more tips and tricks if you want to keep your LAWN LOOKING ITS BEST. And even if you’re not a lawn expert, it’s STILL A PRETTY FUN READ. Trust us. Your grass will thank you!

And IF YOU’RE STRUGGLING WITH A SPECIFIC GARDENING ISSUE, don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we’re here to help!

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