Growing Cherry Tomatoes In Pots: Get Your Fruitful Harvest 2024

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WELCOME, my tomato-loving friend! Whether you’re CITY-BOUND or GARDEN-LESS, fear not! This guide on growing cherry tomatoes in pots is your new BFF.

Are you experiencing STUNTED growth or new to growing cherry tomatoes? Fed up calculating the water requirement like a SCIENTIST but still need results?

Give this article a read to a grown and fruitful harvest of cherry tomato plants. These NUTRITIOUS tomatoes don’t need you to learn some old mantra to be a pro.

AsterGardening provides top-notch solutions and advice for all gardening needs. Growing cherry tomatoes in pots can be DAUNTING, especially for beginners.

That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to prepare VALUABLE CONTENT. It will help you overcome these CHALLENGES and grow cherry tomatoes plants like a boss.

You’ll learn to choose the right POT SIZE, the best garden SOIL MIX, and WATERING TECHNIQUES. It will help you to make your cherry tomatoes THRIVE.

This guide will focus on the information you need to be a SUCCESSFUL cherry tomato plant grower.

So, what are you WAITING for? Start your tomato-growing journey today!

Growing Cherry Tomatoes In Pots

Cherry Tomatoes: Origin and Characteristics

Cherry Tomatoes

Would you believe CHERRY TOMATOES have a rich history? These small-looking sweet balls are not the new guy in the town.

FIRST cultivated Cherry tomato plants were in Mexico during the Aztec Empire. From there, they became addicted to Wanderlust (kind of true). Spanish brought them to Europe in the 16th century, where they quickly became HIT.

These small, round, and SWEET tomatoes belong to the Solanaceae family. They share a family bond with crops such as POTATOES, PEPPERS, and EGGPLANTS.

Their small size makes them PERFECT for SNACKING, SALADS, and GARNISHING. They produce fruit in different colors, including RED, YELLOW, GREEN, and even BLACK.

Best of all, cherry tomatoes are easy to grow and can be grown both INDOORS and OUTDOORS.

How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes in Pots?

How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes in Pots

HEY THERE, tomato lovers!

Are you ready to take your love for cherry tomatoes to the NEXT level? Follow these PRO-TIPS for growing fresh cherry tomatoes in pots:

1. Select the Right Container

You know size does matter! These ADORABLE red vegetables grow well in a container with at least a 1-foot depth.

Yeah! That’s a bare MINIMUM. Want to know the ideal container size?

Take a CONTAINER holding at least 5 gallons or 14 inches wide. Remember to have PLENTY of holes for OPTIMUM drainage.

2. Prepare Balanced Soil

Next up, PREP YOUR SOIL well for growing cherry tomatoes in pots. Keep the things ORGANIC and add high-quality organic potting garden soil for tomatoes.

And yeah! Remember to add COMPOST or potting mix. It will keep the NUTRITIONAL requirement fulfilled for optimal growth.

3. Select the Right Plant

Selecting the PLANT TYPE is indispensable for getting the most out of it. Rethink the space and pot size to get an IDEAL plant type.

Need more space for too many plants? Get settled for TINY TIM CHERRIES. Choose BUSHY VARIETIES like Patio princess, Baxter’s bush cherry, and Balcony cherry for a bountiful harvest. BINGS are your best bet if you’re the forgetful type.

4. Take Care of Inputs

Follow a STRICT water application schedule according to soil moisture. Don’t overwater (Cherry tomato seedlings are not mermaids) or STARVE them for a long.

Keep soil moist and water them DAILY (assuming proper drainage, of course). Ensure checking the potting soil before water application.

Do you know what’s better? Adding water-soluble fertilizer every 2-3 weeks help cherry tomatoes grow VIGOROUS. Or you can try peat moss for better nutrition.

5. Know When to Harvest

More the DELAY, the more the FUN! But not it’s not true for most cherry tomatoes. They get ready to harvest in 60-80 days.

Pick them as soon as cherry RIPENS to avoid unwanted bugs attack. Act accordingly for DETERMINATE and INDETERMINATE tomatoes.

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Effective Tips for Growing Cherry Tomatoes In Pots

Effective Tips for Growing Cherry Tomatoes In Pots

Here are some EFFECTIVE tips to help you grow healthy cherry tomatoes in pots:

1. Placement is Everything

Container-grown cherry tomatoes are not some COLD-BLOODED vampire. These thin-skinned cherry tomato seedlings need an optimal spot for growing.

Didn’t get the REFERENCE yet? (I reckon you missed watching some werewolf and vampire TV shows).

Back to PLACEMENT! Cherry tomato plant loves exposure to HEAT and PLENTY of sunlight. Place the containers or pots where they can get 6-8 hours of full sun rays exposure. Want to OVERKILL? Stick with 8 hours routine!

2. Planting Time

LISTEN UP, fellow gardeners! You may be itching to get those juicy tomatoes in the dirt, but hold your horses!

Tomatoes aren’t SUPERHEROES – they can’t handle the frost! So, wait to plant them until the frost-free date has PASSED and the nights are toasty in the 50s.

Act according to your locality; OTHERWISE, you may end up killing these plants.

3. Timely Pest Control

Watch for PESTS such as aphids, whiteflies, and spider mites. Use organic pest control methods to manage them (believe me! NEEM OIL is the best).

4. Select Right Support

Jack has put all his EFFORT into growing cherry tomatoes inside the pot and got a LOW harvest. Do you know why? He missed one key factor; SUPPORT.

Don’t be like Jack! Keep tomatoes UPRIGHT using STAKE or tomato cages (standard tomato cage is better). Watch for the BUSHY and THICK spots to help it get full sun rays and airflow.

5. Regular Pruning

Keep your tomatoes in line if you want them to be the TALK OF THE TOWN. Don’t let those indeterminate varieties run wild!

Prune cherry tomato plants regularly to IMPROVE their growth and fruit quality. PINCH off those side shoots and encourage that vertical growth.

Oh, and remember to give them air with proper circulation!

6. Choose Premium Pot Soil

Don’t be cheap with your soil, FOLKS. You want your tomatoes to thrive, so choose a premium potting mix designed for containers.

We’re talking coir or peat moss and PERLITE for proper drainage.

DON’T USE topsoil, pure compost, or any other bagged soil instead of potting soil. Trust us; you don’t want to invite root rot to the party.

How to Choose the Right Type of Cherry Tomato to Plant?

How to Choose the Right Type of Cherry Tomato to Plant

Choosing the PERFECT type of cherry plant for pots can be TRICKIER than solving a Rubik’s Cube!

Follow these TIPS to choose the right type for growing cherry tomatoes in pots.

1. Flavor

Do you want a cherry tomato plant that’s SWEETER than a lollipop or more TANGY than your ex’s attitude? Remember, it’s all about your taste buds’ HAPPINESS!

2. Plant size

Most cherry tomato varieties can go 4 feet tall or more inside pots. Think about the available pot space and your personal preference. Don’t be afraid to go BIG or go HOME!

3. Disease Resistance

Nobody wants a SICKER plant than a kid after overeating candy! Choose disease-resistant varieties like EARLY BLIGHT, WILT, and ROOT ROT.

You don’t want to be running the plant store every time your cherry tomatoes get SICK!

4. Plant Variety

There are more types of cherry tomatoes than there are EMOJIS. Do you want a SUNSUGAR or a YELLOW PEAR? The choice is yours!

5. Growing Conditions

Are you living in a HOTTER than Hades area or a place where it’s COLDER than a polar bear’s toes?

So, How much sun exposure is OPTIMUM?

Growing cherry tomatoes in pots REQUIRES at least six hours of direct sunlight daily. So choose what fits your needs.

6. Harvest Time

Choose a mix of EARLY and LATE varieties to keep your harvest going all the growing season! Plus, who doesn’t love having a fresh supply of the best cherry tomatoes?

What’s the Best Type and Size of Container for Cherry Tomatoes?

What's the Best Type and Size of Container for Cherry Tomatoes

Here are the TIPS for choosing the right type and size of containers for growing cherry tomatoes in pots:

1. Material

Choose the containers TOUGHER than a wrestler in the ring. The best container materials are plastic, ceramic, or terra cotta.

A plastic container is a win-win for the budget. Don’t go for containers made of paper or tissue. Or you’ll end up with a big MESS and a bunch of SAD tomatoes before the growing season ends!

2. Size

Size DOES matter folks! Ensure your containers are at least 10-12 inches deep and wide. It helps the roots have plenty of room in potting soils to grow tomatoes.

Don’t SKIMP on the size of the containers, or you’ll end up with a plant that’s more CRAMPED than a sardine in a can!

3. Drainage

Ensure that your pot has adequate drainage holes. They prevent water from DROWNING your sweet tomato plants! You don’t want the roots to be SWIMMING in water resulting in stunted root growth.

4. Quantity

It’s all about finding the perfect BALANCE, right?

Plant 2-3 seeds per pot to have ENOUGH tomatoes to feed your whole family without going to the grocery store!

5. Spacing

Space cherry tomato plants at least 2 inches apart. You don’t want your cherry tomato plants to be CLOSER than two people on a CROWDED bus.

It helps them get nutrients and grow without getting too cozy with their neighbors!

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How to Harvest and Store Cherry Tomatoes?

How to Harvest and Store Cherry Tomatoes

Are you ready to harvest your cherry tomato plants and enjoy the FRUITS of your labor?

Here are some tips for harvesting and storing cherry tomatoes to make you happier than a kid in a candy store!

1. Harvest

Pick cherry tomatoes when tomatoes ripen and FIRM like a bodybuilder’s biceps.

Don’t go for the mushy ones, or you’ll end up with a tomato that’s more DISAPPOINTING than a canceled vacation!

2. Twist and Pull

Gently TWIST and PULL fruit off the plant when it’s time to PICK cherry tomatoes.

Please don’t go all Hulk on them, or you’ll end up with squished fresh tomatoes. They will look like they’ve been through a blender!

3. Store

Keep cherry tomato plants in a cozy spot like a hotel room away from HOT weather. Store them at room temperature away from direct SUNLIGHT for up to a week.

Don’t put them in the fridge; you’ll have a COLDER one-inch fruits than a snowman’s nose!

4. Freeze

If you have a SURPLUS of cherry tomatoes, freeze them for later use.

WASH and DRY the tomatoes, then place them in a freezer bag or container and freeze them.

5. Preserve

You don’t want those juicy tomatoes to go to WASTE, do you? PICKLE, CAN, or turn them into delicious TOMATO SAUCE.

These preservation methods allow you to enjoy those tomatoes after the HARVEST season!

FAQs about Growing Cherry Tomatoes In Pots

1. How tall do cherry tomato plants grow in pots?

They can grow up to 6-8 feet tall if you grow cherry tomato plants in large pots. The dwarf or determinate tomatoes typically grow to 3-4 feet tall if you grow them in smaller pots.

2. How long does it take for cherry tomatoes to bear fruit?

Cherry tomatoes in containers usually start bearing fruit within 60-80 days after planting. But, this can vary based on the specific variety and growing conditions. Remember the environment’s role as it directly affects fruit bearing.

3. How many cherry tomatoes yield per plant?

A single container-growing cherry tomato plant can yield 100 to 300 tomatoes per season. It depends on the variety, growing conditions, and the care provided. Carefully read the variety label for precise information.

What’s Next

This article is your one-stop shop for growing cherry tomatoes in pots. Learn about the history and unique TRAITS of these tiny tomatoes.

Get expert advice for the perfect size pot and better YIELD for container gardening in limited space. We’ll even throw some juicy tips on picking and storing your plump produce. With this complete guide, you’ll be a CHERRY TOMATO PRO in no time!

Are you ready to start growing tomatoes like a PRO in your garden? Head over to AsterGardening now to discover all the gardening solutions you need! 

Our EXPERTS can help you overcome obstacles from pesky pests to tricky soil issues. Don’t let a lack of knowledge hold you back. 

Astergardening will give you tips and information to grow a LUSH, THRIVING garden. Let’s get growing!

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