How Fast Does Aloe Vera Grow? Get Expert Answers

BY Shaafay Zia
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So you JUST planted your aloe or wanted to get into the game? 

Now you are PACING AROUND, wondering how fast does aloe vera grow? I get it. TikTok or gardening YouTube can make you WANT your aloe before the soil is DRY. 

And the worst part? That wait can be TOUGH, especially when you know NOTHING like Jon Snow. 

But worry not. You are in good company. We are EXPERT GARDENERS who know how to keep Cacti & Succulents happy. 

So we’ve had to WAIT on growing aloe vera so you DON’T have to. And you get the juicy deets you want to understand MORE about aloe vera growth rate. 

What we’ll cover: 

The truth about aloe vera plants, their growth rate, where to grow them, factors influencing their growth, and the best tips for growth.

How Fast Does Aloe Vera Grow

Truth about Aloe Vera Plants 

Truth about Aloe Vera Plants 

The Aloe Vera plant is a little FAVORITE succulent among many HOME gardens. 

This STEMLESS beauty has distinctive FLESHY leaves with SPIKY edges. These fan out from the center, making them ATTRACTIVE. 

But is it just a looker? 

Fortunately, unlike my ex, aloe plants have more than their looks to offer. They are called MEDICINAL ALOE because it has an array of health benefits. 

Let’s break it down:

1. Antioxidant and antibacterial properties

You see, aloe vera is as PROTECTIVE to your cells as a mama bear. 

It has powerful ANTIOXIDANTS that protect your cells from oxidative damage. It also fights against bacteria like Israel Adesanya does in the octagon. 

2. Accelerates wound healing 

Need some speedy recovery? Look no further!

Aloe vera accelerates wound recovery like a TURBO working overtime. This is because of its ability to REDUCE inflammation and increase collagen production

3. Reduces dental plaque 

Brushing teeth with aloe vera EXTRACT improve your oral hygiene

What should you expect? 

Saying GOODBYE to pesky oral bacterial buildup. Also, your friends won’t suffocate from your BAD BREATH anymore! 

4. Treats canker sores 

Aloe Vera Grow

Ah, those PAINFUL mouth ulcers can be nasty buzz kills.

But like a Marvel superhero, aloe gel is here to the RESCUE! 

Consume some aloe regularly, and it will NUMB the painful areas in the mouth. It also REDUCES symptoms such as SWELLING or REDNESS. 

5. Improves digestion

Time to get things MOVING if you catch my drift (wink wink). 

Aloe is a powerful LAXATIVE that can get your pipes OPEN for business. 

6. Reduces blood sugar

It tastes nasty! But the good news?

If you chow down a bit of aloe gel regularly, it can BOOST insulin sensitivity. That’s good news for GLUCOSE METABOLISM. 

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How Fast Does Aloe Vera Grow?

How Fast Does Aloe Vera Grow

Growing aloe vera plants STARTS from their baby-making stage. 

No cranes are involved!

New growth involves SPLITTING aloe vera PUPS off from the mother plant. Baby plants with stems are connected to the healthy Aloe Vera plant, like VELCRO. 

Aloe is one of the FASTEST-GROWING succulents under the RIGHT conditions. 

Where should you choose to grow aloe vera

How fast, you ask? 

Outdoor aloe vera plants GROW FASTER than you spend your PAYCHECK. 

They can get up to 3 feet (0.9 m) high when MATURE, and it takes 3 or 4 years if you are counting hours. INDOOR aloe plants typically stay approximately 2 feet (0.6 m). 

But the catch? 

It might take slightly LONGER to mature, about 3 to 5 years.

Where should you choose to grow aloe vera?

Where should you choose to grow aloe vera

When choosing the RIGHT SPOT for my aloe vera plants, I pick one with PROPER LIGHTING. They are like Instagram models or anyone with a camera these days, really. 


It’s an important factor for HEALTHY aloe vera plants. You know that I am not trying to grow Dracula, right? 

Aloes can survive COLD TEMPERATURES better than most politicians survive SCANDALS. But they prefer HOT CLIMATES as they thrive on FULL SUN exposure. Gradually acclimate them. 


I start with PARTIAL SHADE. Then I transition it into full sun so their leaves don’t burn too EASILY. 

If you’re keeping your plant INDOORS. Then ensure they are placed near a bright SOUTH-FACING window. It should receive enough natural light during the day. 

Think of it like that GOLDEN HOUR light we all take our selfies with but for your plants. 

You can supplement it with ARTIFICIAL LIGHT at night. This is also useful if your potted aloe plant is NOT receiving a lot of natural light. 

Want outdoor plants?

Plant your aloe plant where the soil DRAINS WELL and doesn’t get TOO MUCH RAIN.

You don’t want any EXCESS WATER or rain ACCUMULATION. Stagnant water can cause root rot which might KILL your growing aloe vera. 

Bonus pointer: Propagate aloe vera plants in an area with POTTING MIX if available. 

What Are The Factors That Influence The Growth Rate Of Aloe Vera Plants?

What Are The Factors That Influence The Growth Rate Of Aloe Vera Plants

FIVE main factors affect the growth rate of aloe. 

1. Temperature 

Temperature plays a crucial role in the GROWTH RATE of aloe vera plants. 

This succulent plant is like Goldilocks with the THIRD bowl of porridge. They prefer when the temperatures are just right for RAPID GROWTH. 

And what’s that? 

That’s between 55-80°F (13-27°C). 

Extreme cold or heat can STUNT their growth. It’s like finding that SWEET SPOT in your shower where you don’t SCORCH or FREEZE your buns off.

So, remember, folks: 

Plant aloe away from drafts and ensure they’re NOT exposed to FREEZING temperatures.

2. Growing Container

You want to choose a POT-plastic container for healthy aloe vera growth.

You want a pot that drains water FASTER than an Olympic SPRINTER running on Red Bull. Think of a TERRACOTTA pot or CLAY pot with sufficient drainage holes to prevent ROOT ROT.

Keep in mind: With pots, SIZE matters! (That’s what she said)

Avoid using containers that are too large. It can lead to OVERWATERING and slow growth.

3. Potting Soil 

What Are The Factors That Influence The Growth Rate Of Aloe Vera Plants

A well-draining potting mix is vital for OPTIMAL aloe plant care.

Use coarse sand mixed with PERLITE or PUMICE. These bad boys will beef up drainage and airflow around the roots.

Golden rule: 

For healthy growth, avoid heavy soils that RETAIN MOISTURE. Excessive moisture can leave the roots soggier than my cereal after an hour in milk.

4. Amount of Light 

Your growing aloe vera plant needs ENOUGH LIGHT for rapid growth. Think of it like giving them front-row tickets to the “HOTTEST” concert in town. 

Place your indoor aloe plant near windows receiving bright but INDIRECT sunlight. DIRECT sunlight works too. 

But remember, TOO MUCH LIGHT exposure can lead to sunburn on the aloe vera leaves. 

And insufficient light slows down their growth more than an afternoon without WIFI.

5. Watering Pattern 

A proper watering technique helps with the RAPID GROWTH of aloes.

Allow the potting soil to completely DRY before watering again. These succulent plants hold their liquids better than most people hold their alcohol. 

So, aloe vera plants DON’T require FREQUENT WATERING. Overwatering can drown them faster than a goldfish in a small fish tank. 

Water the plant thoroughly but INFREQUENTLY, ensuring excess water drains from the pot.

Allow me to reiterate: 

Have a consistent watering schedule. It allows the plant to have ENOUGH WATER between each watering session.

Best Tips To Make Aloe Vera Plants Grow Faster

Best Tips To Make Aloe Vera Plants Grow Faster

Okay, I’ll give you my secret aloe vera plant care SAUCE. You don’t have to insist. Here is the breakdown:

1. Consider your plant’s size

Get a growing container SLIGHTLY BIGGER than the plant itself. Think of it like buying a pair of pants. You want one that is slightly LARGER than your booty.

The extra space in the container gives the root system enough room to stretch and expand. This enables better nutrient absorption and overall healthy growth of the plant.

However, do not choose a container that is TOO LARGE. That’s because it can lead to OVERWATERING and SLOW growth. Just like with clothes, you DON’T want them TOO BIG for your body. You will look like you are in a 2000s HipHop music video.

So, my experience: finding just the right-sized growing container for aloe veras is important.

2. Pick the right potting soil

When growing your aloe vera plant, use POTTING SOIL specifically designed for SUCCULENTS. This stuff is like getting your aloes a personal trainer and a nutritionist in one baggie.

What’s the deal?

The POTTING MIX ensures that your aloe receives adequate NUTRIENTS and MINERALS. It also allows water to EVAPORATE easily while remaining LIGHT and AIRY. If I was an aloe, I’d want that too.

What’s more?

I use fresh POTTING MIX when planting any new aloe vera plant. You’ll be setting up both your outdoor and indoor plants for success. 

It’s like sleeping in fresh sheets; you DON’T know the science behind it, but the sleep is BETTER. 

3. Ignore them 

AFTER potting your aloe vera plant, give it some space by ignoring it temporarily. Think of it like giving a MISBEHAVING kid a little TIME OUT — it’s good for everyone.

This allows the plant to ACCLIMATE to its new environment and encourages root growth. 

I know you want to show it off. But you have to RESIST the urge. Moving or disturbing the newly potted aloe can hinder its ESTABLISHMENT. 

How long should you give your aloe the SILENT TREATMENT?

I wait till it is settled in and shows signs of growth. GREAT! It’s time to resume regular plant care for optimal development. 

4. Deal With Offsets

Dealing with OFFSETS, or aloe PUPS, helps a lot with the growth of your aloe vera plant. 

These small plants develop alongside the mother plant. And they cause too much STRAIN on its growth if not properly addressed. We don’t want them holding back our main star – the MOTHER PLANT!

I GENTLY remove those cheeky offsets from the mother plant. And I replant them separately to encourage their ROOT SYSTEM development.

This will allow each new pup to thrive INDEPENDENTLY. And it will contribute to the overall plant health. 

Tend to these young shoots regularly. It will ensure a CONTINUOUS cycle of healthy mature plants.

5. Add Some Fertilizer

Best Tips To Make Aloe Vera Plants Grow Faster

Use a low-nitrogen succulent fertilizer. Do this to promote faster growth of your aloe vera plant. 

What will it do to your plant?

A low-nitrogen formula provides the NUTRIENTS necessary for healthy development. And the best part? It does so without stimulating excessive foliage growth. 

Regularly fertilize your aloe vera to ensure consistent nourishment throughout the growing season. 

This will support its overall VITALITY. And it will encourage their roots to grow. PLUS it improves the plant’s health and faster maturity. It’s like a plant’s version of atta boy

Remember to follow the INSTRUCTIONS on your fertilizer package! You want to avoid OVERFEEDING or nutrient imbalance.

My Pro tip: Although not a fertilizer, you can add some rooting hormone powder. It stimulates faster and deeper root growth. 

6. Invite Them For Tea and Fruits

Banana peels and banana peel tea are great for aloe vera plants. That’s because they are an ideal FERTILIZER ALTERNATIVE. This stuff contains key NUTRIENTS that help these plants grow FASTER. 

How do you go about it?

I like to BURY banana peels in the soil around each plant’s base. Spread ’em evenly to cover a wide area and provide AMPLE NUTRITION for your aloe vera. 

If you really wanna up the ante, steep those PEELED BANANAS in WARM water. This will create a nutrient-rich tea you can pour directly on your aloe vera plant. Just DON’T add any sugar or give them muffins! 

A bonus? You can also use it as regular watering juice. That’s bananas, right? 

FAQs about How Fast Does Aloe Vera Grow

1. Why do Aloe vera plants turn red?

Aloe vera plants turn red for a bunch of reasons. They might be like, “hey, I’ve had too much sun!” Or maybe they’re just feeling hot and bothered. If they’re not getting the right nutrients or have pests bugging them, that can also make ’em go red. 

So, it’s a protective mechanism. Oh, and some Aloe veras are naturally sassy with their red leaves, but those are rare!

2. How do I cultivate aloe vera?

Pros get starter pups or seeds from the local garden center. Legends get their pups from friends and neighbors plants them in the right soil. 

Then make sure your soil drains well because waterlogged roots ain’t cool. Give ’em some sunshine but not too much; they like it shady sometimes too. 

Water-wise: go deep and scarce, dry out before you soak again. And don’t forget those monthly fertilizer parties during spring and summer! Let’s go. 

3. How often should you water an Aloe plant?

Your aloe plant needs some H2O lovin’. So water aloe vera once every 2-3 weeks. But hold up! Before you break out that watering can, check if the soil is already wet enough. No need to drown your poor plant. 

Water it thoroughly but don’t go overboard and turn the soil into a swimming pool. Stay calm and keep those roots happy! 

4. How high do aloe vera plants grow typically?

So your green thumb is fantasizing about height! And you want your aloe plant to reach for the sky?

Treat it like royalty, and it might grow up to 36 inches tall! Although most settle around 12-24 inches, they can surprise you. So show some love and watch that plant tower over other plants in no time!

5. Which aloe vera plant can be eaten?

Time to settle the debate on edible aloe vera. Drum roll, please… The gel inside the leaves of aloe barbadensis is a game for consumption! It’s like a jelly treasure hidden within those green spikes. 

But remember, moderation is key because too much can have some not-so-fun effects. So slurp that juice wisely and enjoy the benefits!

What’s Next

We had an aloe vera adventure! We gave you the full spiel on how to grow aloe vera. So we began with the truth about these plants. 

Then we talked growth speed, ideal spots for ’em (hello sunshine!), and factors that make ’em flourish. Plus, we dished out some rad tips to boost their growth game. Get ready to become an aloe vera pro!

Hey there, my gardener friends! Want to unravel the mysteries of aloe vera growth speed and more? You are in the right place. 

At AsterGardening, we can address your aloe vera growth and other gardening needs. Whether troubleshooting or finding pro tips, our website has got you covered. Come on over, and let’s grow together! 

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