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BY Khushvinder Dagar
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It’s time to make that home front MORE APPEALING. And the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION on your mind is, what are the BEST SHRUBS for FRONT of house? 

DON’T FRET! After reading our article, you’ll have the ANSWERS to make your front space look great. Actually, that’s 15 answers

We are GARDENING EXPERTS. So, we know A FEW THINGS about SHRUBBERY. We WON’T help you rob shrubs. Hahaha.

But we help you out with the SHRUBS at your home. We UNDERSTAND how vital it is to get it JUST RIGHT. Therefore, we aim to provide you with only THE BEST INFORMATION.

You’ll UNDERSTAND which plants appeal to your TASTE based on THEIR LOOKS. Also, neighbors will stop COMPLAINING about your RUGGED home front.

Get ready to check out all the best shrubs and jazz up that doorstep today!

Best Shrubs For Front Of House

Benefits of Growing Shrubs for Front of House

Benefits of Growing Shrubs for Front of House


1. Low-Maintenance 

Shrubs are a great option if you are looking for LOW-MAINTENANCE PLANTS. They DON’T WHINE about wanting attention. Most varieties require VERY LITTLE upkeep and will continue flourishing without constant attention. 

Think of them like that ONE FRIEND who doesn’t text you for WEEKS, but you know they’ve GOT YOUR BACK. They’ll still show up to your birthday party with a killer gift.

2. Showy Shrubs 

Shrubs have STRIKING FOLIAGE COLORS like yellow, purple, or burgundy. 

The vivid pops of color are a sure way to IMPROVE your home’s CURB APPEAL. You’ll have your garden POPULAR on Instagram #trendy.

3. Drought Tolerant

Are you worried about WATER SHORTAGES during DRY WEATHER spells? NO PROBLEM. Most shrubs survive through hot summers without much watering or dying out. Unlike MOST OF US, they handle their DRY SPELL well. 

4. Deer Resistant 

Most shrubs are UNAPPETIZING to Bambi and friends. That DISCOURAGES them totally from making snacks in your garden. You’ll have Bambi PROTESTING about BEING VEGAN if you have shrubs around your home. [**Imagines how scary a carnivore Bambi would be**] 

5. No Weeds

The DENSE SHRUB FOLIAGE helps eliminate PESKY WEEDS around the base. Think of them like your personal WEED HITMEN. 

So, you WON’T STRUGGLE to control weeds around the FRONT of your home. Your shrubs can help you with all the DIRTY WORK.

6. Natural Barrier

Shrubs create NATURAL BARRIERS around your home. This adds privacy to your front area by BLOCKING VIEWS from certain angles. That’s PERFECT if you have NOSY NEIGHBORS – they will have no option but to mind their own bushes

15 Best Shrubs for Front of House

1. Azaleas


Azaleas are LOW-GROWING SHRUBS for the front of your house. They have DENSE FOLIAGE that provides CURB APPEAL all year, like Kim K in Stilettos. But without the paparazzi.

Azalea shrubs have SHOWY BLOOMS in many colors. These include pink, red, and white. And they ATTRACT POLLINATORS when they bloom in early spring. 

This EVERGREEN flowering shrub thrives best in PARTIAL SHADE. And it grows anywhere from 2 to 6 feet tall, depending on the VARIETY you choose. 

Azaleas are COMPACT, making them perfect as FOUNDATION PLANTINGS or NEAR DOORWAYS. Talk about being great with BOUNDARIES – unlike some of our exes.

They also thrive with MINIMAL MAINTENANCE. That’s like all those toxic relationships people get excited about. Hahaha. 

2. Dwarf Lilac

Dwarf Lilac

Dwarf Lilac is a great LOW-GROWING SHRUB for adding some CURB APPEAL to the front of my house. It’s like having an ADORABLE little buddy just waiting for you when you come home. [**Remembers getting weird looks for petting my Lilacs**]

Their foliage CREATES INTEREST even when they are not flowering. And their COLORFUL FLOWERS range from pink to lavender come SPRINGTIME. Let’s just say that’ll be one lively party in the street–minus the noise. What’s there not to love? 

These DECIDUOUS SHRUBS need little maintenance – unlike my hair. And they can adapt well to different soil types if I give them GOOD DRAINAGE. I also grow them in FULL SUN or PARTIAL SHADE. And they are HARDY ENOUGH to withstand cold climates. 

Look for DWARF VARIETIES like ‘Miss Kim’ or ‘Bloomerang.’ They have a compact growth habit that WON’T OVERPOWER your landscaping plan! With names like that, they almost sound like they’ll start rapping in your front yard!

3. Hibiscus


Hibiscus is a great flowering shrub for the front of your house. It has LARGE, SHOWY BLOOMS in pink or other colors in EARLY SUMMER. The foliage is green and attractive too. 

Hibiscus requires moist soil, full sun, and minimal maintenance like pruning. That’s not like most of our BODY WEIGHT. This hardy plant can RESIST common PESTS and DISEASES easily as well. 

Many varieties of hibiscus are available in nurseries that may suit DIFFERENT CLIMATES. Think of your options on Tinder – except they’ll be in your life LONGER. So do some research before selecting one! 

Did you know hibiscus flowers are EDIBLE too? They have ANTIOXIDANTS that boost IMMUNITY LEVELS within our bodies when eaten regularly! Hold your horses, DON’T START munching on them straight from your front yard. 

You’ll raise concerns with your family and neighbors. Don’t ask me how I know. 

4. Rock Rose

Rock Rose

Rock Rose is an excellent choice for a LOW-MAINTENANCE FLOWERING SHRUB to grow on the front of your house. 

The dwarf shrub has LARGE and SHOWY BLOOMS during the SUMMER MONTHS. The yellow, pink, rose, or white flowers contrast well with their green foliage. I guess Rock Rose is the SMALL PACKAGE that good things come in. 

I recently planted these flowering shrubs in ROCKY SOIL around my home. And, let me tell you, it was A PIECE OF CAKE – the planting, not the flowers. They only ask for FULL SUN exposure because they are already ROCKY SOIL TOLERANT. 

These DROUGHT-TOLERANT PLANTS are ideal for areas with little water throughout the year. Now that’s a superpower for Californians. Hahaha.

This hardy plant also RESISTS common pests and diseases easily. They are perfect for those who want SOMETHING PRETTY without MUCH EFFORT. [**Raises hand**]. We are still talking about plants, right?

5. Yuletide Camellia

Yuletide Camellia

Yuletide Camellia is an EXCELLENT DECIDUOUS SHRUB to grow at the front of the house. And you can think of it as a sort of “gatekeeper” – NOT the kind we don’t like. It has EVERGREEN FOLIAGE that looks great throughout the year. 

And it prefers PARTIAL SHADE rather than full sun. So don’t go cooking it in the hot summer heat.

This flowering shrub produces red flowers that bloom during winter months….yes, WINTER. That provides a pleasant contrast against its green leaves. Talk about being COMMITTED to staying beautiful – unlike some people out there. 

To maintain HEALTHY GROWTH, Yuletide Camellia should receive REGULAR PRUNING after blooming. And it needs WELL-DRAINING soil for optimal growth conditions. They are hardy plants and are also resistant to most pests and diseases – unlike us. 

We wish we had been like that two years ago during COVID. 

6. Weigelas


Weigelas is a great woody shrub to grow for the front of the house. Think of them like a party favor that KEEPS ON GIVING. 

They have attractive VARIEGATED foliage and pink flowers. And they bloom during the SUMMER MONTHS. They add a pop of color to any garden like that dramatic toxic ex we all miss. No? [**Sets a reminder to see my Psychiatrist**]

These gorgeous shrubs love FULL SUN. But they prefer slightly ACIDIC SOIL. They’re down for it, like that Tinder match on your mind. No one is judging – we’ve all been there. 

Just give them MINIMAL MAINTENANCE, like pruning after blooming. They are also hardy. And these plants RARELY fall prey to pests or diseases. This makes them an ideal choice for people like Chris Evens’s girlfriend on Ghosted!

7. Sunshine Ligustrum

Sunshine Ligustrum

Sunshine Ligustrums are low-maintenance evergreen shrubs. I use them mainly as FOUNDATION PLANTINGS for the front of the house. What? I want to give visitors a good FIRST IMPRESSION. It has lush green foliage year-round, with WHITE summer blooms to add color. 

This FULL SUN-LOVING plant thrives in WELL-DRAINED SOILS. And it can TOLERATE heat and cold climates. Sunshine Ligustrum is also quite pest and disease resistant. It is so easy to take care of these plants that people should be ARRESTED if they die on their watch.

I plant varieties like ‘Golden Ticket.’ That’s because they offer BRIGHT YELLOW leaves that pimp my front yard! NOT that FLAMBOYANT CLOTHES type of pimp, the Xzibit kind. Whatever happened to all those cars? Imagine having an AQUARIUM in your car in 2023

8. Mugo Pine

Mugo Pine

Mugo Pine is a beautiful ornamental plant for the front of the house. It’s a SLOW-GROWING shrub, perfect for busy homeowners who don’t have time to PRUNE OFTEN. Don’t be an absentee gardener, though – no one likes a DEADBEAT.

These dwarf shrubs provide THICK FOLIAGE. This makes them ideal EVERGREEN SHRUBS for my privacy screen. I like growing these LOW-GROWING shrubs around the house. That’s because they are well suited for my space.

LET’S BE HONEST; some of us live in shoeboxes – I mean COZY HOUSES.

They require minimal maintenance and care. But they still make quite AN IMPACT with their beauty! They are also not that demanding on their SOIL and LIGHT requirements. And they are HIGHLY RESISTANT to pests and diseases. 

They are as unphased with life as RICK SANCHEZ.

9. Inkberry


Inkberry is a great EVERGREEN SHRUB for the front of the house. It has glossy DARK GREEN foliage that adds to its appeal and makes it an asset to any landscape design

I swear, you’ll think it is selling a MAKEUP KIT online or something – you know, from all the GLOSSY FOLIAGE.

This LOW-GROWING SHRUB can add the right height while still being walkway friendly. In other words, it WON’T trip Grandma. 

Inkberry blooms SMALL WHITE FLOWERS in spring. These flowers attract pollinators and add beauty to your front yard. #savethebees 

They are quite hardy when planted in WELL-DRAINED soil with full sun exposure. They only need MINIMAL MAINTENANCE to take root in your front yard. This BROADLEAF EVERGREEN also offers pest/disease resistance. Who could ask for more? 

10. Bay Laurel

Bay Laurel

Bay laurel is an evergreen shrub that makes a great foundation planting for the front of the house. I think of it as living with my BFF and never arguing about who left the dishes.

Hear me out. Its attractive foliage and small TREE-LIKE shape are perfect for a PRIVACY SCREEN. The dark leaves contrast beautifully against other plants in my garden’s border. And sometimes, I talk to them– see a BEST FRIEND.

My Bay laurel grows quickly. But I give them MINIMAL MAINTENANCE and water. And I grow them as foundation plants around DARK POOLS or DECKS. It’s like this plant was created for all those forgetful gardeners out there. [**sheepishly sips on lemonade**]. It happens.

This hardy species can withstand harsh conditions making it pest-resistant and disease free! So it’s like the John Wick of shrubs, UNTOUCHABLE.

11. Variegated Boxwood

Variegated Boxwood

Variegated Boxwood is a lovely low-growing evergreen shrub for the front of the house. They are basically plants on STEROIDS! At least they don’t lie about it like LIVER KING. 

It’s an evergreen shrub that will stay beautiful throughout ANY SEASON. That makes it perfect for any front yard or FOUNDATION PLANTING. Variegated Boxwood has dense, compact growth. And it has oval foliage with CREAMY WHITE VARIEGATION on every leaf. 

Typically these boxwood shrubs do not flower. [**Cue sad violin music**] But they are great to use as a backdrop in mixed-shrub borders. Or you could use it as a stand-alone and foundation plant in entryways. 

Pfft, we’re all EXPERTS at trimming hair after QUARANTINE. How hard could maintaining these plants be? They like WELL-DRAINED SOIL and FULL SUN to part shade conditions. These beautiful shrubs are also hardy. They also have good pest resistance. 

12. Dwarf Mugo Pine

Dwarf Mugo Pine

Dwarf Mugo Pine is an EVERGREEN SHRUB that makes a great pick for the front of the house. I call it the evergreen plant that’s always ON POINT. 

I grow it for the dense, ATTRACTIVE FOLIAGE and the neat mound when I SHEAR THEM. It produces small yellow flowers in spring, which later become brown cones all season. 

They are like those friends who are always down for WHATEVER PLANS you make – even if you are broke. #goodvibesonlybaby

I love it because it is LOW MAINTENANCE and a HARDY PLANT. Plus, it is resistant to pests and disease. That makes it one of the best evergreen shrubs that I grow! It is great for those who can BARELY keep a CACTUS ALIVE. [**Remembers Ghosted**] 

There are many varieties. They vary from SLOW-GROWING DWARFS to more upright specimens. I like to plant Compacta in my garden because of – you guessed it, its COMPACT growth. But all make a great choice as an ORNAMENTAL ACCENT in front yard gardens.

13. Juniper


Juniper is a great shrub for the front of the house, especially if you want EVERGREEN SHRUBS. It is the Beyoncé of shrubs; it’ll make your front yard look FLAWLESS! 

It has a NATURAL PYRAMIDAL shape which can look very attractive in FORMAL GARDENS. It shows your guest that you are cultured and have taste or are pretentious

Junipers are more than just PRETTY FACES. They offer a dense cover and make a fantastic FOUNDATION PLANT. They are perfect as low hedges along walkways or around corners of your home. 

Junipers are quite hardy plants. They require MINIMAL MAINTENANCE and thrive in varying soil conditions. Just give them a bit of FULL SUN. Plus, they generally have good pest & disease resistance. Junipers practically TAKE CARE of themselves. 

So this makes them an ideal choice when picking shrubs for the front of your house! If you like it, then you know what to PUT ON IT.

14. Moonshadow Euonymus

Moonshadow Euonymus

Moonshadow Euonymus is a great BROADLEAF EVERGREEN for the front of the house. It has an UPRIGHT and DENSE GROWTH, with small white flowers blooming in spring. Why is it not on the “Sexiest Shrub Alive” list?

The shrub changes throughout the season from shades of green to yellow. Or, better yet, it can change to attractive creamy-white VARIEGATED colors. Yes, like me on my good days. 

Maintenance requirements are LOW. I give them occasional trimming when needed to maintain their shape and size. I don’t want them to OVERGROW like the Rock’s ego. Hahaha. Also, I ensure the soil is moist but well-drained. 

And they prefer to grow in DAPPLED SHADE or FULL SUN depending on the variety or their mood. Plus, they have good hardiness levels capable of surviving MOST CLIMATES. All they ask for is a cup of COFFEE, and they are good. Okay, I was just KIDDING.

15. Cherry Laurel

Cherry Laurel

Cherry laurel is a great choice for planting in front of the house as it is an EVERGREEN SHRUB. Unlike some relationships, it knows how to keep things interesting all year round. 

It has a full, dense growth, and BRIGHT GREEN FOLIAGE provides year-round interest. It also produces white flowers from LATE SPRING to EARLY SUMMER. That will definitely be ‘leaf’ing its mark on the garden. 

Like my cat, Cherry laurels are not needy. The plant likes FULL SUN to PARTIAL SHADE with moist soil and the occasional petting. They can tolerate some drought conditions too! That’s where they differ with MY CAT; she will literally jump you if you DON’T FEED HER. 

Also, remember pruning may be required if you want the shrub to retain its DESIRED SHAPE. 

But, it doesn’t need very FREQUENT or INTENSE maintenance. They thrive in the hardness zone (6-9). That means they can survive in your winter landscape–or even SAVE IT.

FAQs about Best Shrubs For Front Of House

1. How big should shrubs be in front of house?

Decorate your front yard with full, lush plants that are small enough to fit your space. You want them to grow at most a foot or two tall – no need for trees when you have proper shrubbery!

2. What is a shrub vs bush?

A shrub is a small bush that adds beauty to your garden, while a bush can be huge and intimidating! Think of it this way – if you hug the shrub, it will give you back lots of love. But if you try to hug the bush, well, they’re not so friendly!

3. How long do shrubs last?

Shrubs are a great addition to any home, lasting for years and bringing beauty to your outdoor space! How long do these wonderful plants live? Well, with the right care, shrubs can last for decades – so you’ll enjoy their beauty for many years.

4. When should you not trim bushes?

Prune flowering shrubs in the winter when they’re dormant. This will prevent stunting their growth. If you have a bush that flowers on new wood, prune it in early March before any new growth begins. Try not to prune non-flowering plants during late autumn. 
That’s because the regrowth won’t mature before dormancy sets in. Avoid high summer times, too; wait until there’s fresh new growth!

What’s Next

We started by discussing the benefits of growing shrubs for the front of the house. We then dove into the 15 best shrubs for your front yard, so you can make your neighbors green or variegated with envy. 

Get ready to boost that curb appeal and say goodbye to those boring old bushes!

Are you tired of people walking right past your house without giving it a second glance? Let us help! Trust AsterGardening to transform your front yard with our suggested list of vibrant shrubs. 

We have something for both beginners and professionals alike. So what are you waiting for? Check out our website for more.

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