When Do Crepe Myrtles Bloom? An Extensive Guide

BY Khushvinder Dagar
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Are you struggling to know when do crepe myrtles bloom? Don’t worry anymore! They are fabulous plants that produce STRIKING blooms during the SPRING time. 

Knowing the blooming time of the shrubs you want to grow in your garden is necessary. AsterGardening will solve your problem with a wealth of knowledge.

Read through the article to make your crape myrtles BLOOM in abundance. Our expert team is there to SOLVE your mystery with this amazing GUIDE.

This article contains the information to answer your “When do crepe myrtle bloom” mystery. You now grow a garden full of PLENTIFUL crepe myrtles. 

When Do Crepe Myrtles Bloom

When Do Crepe Myrtles Bloom?

When Do Crepe Myrtles Bloom

Garden centers are incomplete without Crape Myrtles blooms. These stunning FLOWERS start to bloom between the mid of May to till the end of June.

Their growth depends on SEASONAL weather and the climate you want to grow them. They grow FRESH stems and flowers in the warmest regions.

There are also some other HYBRID qualities of myrtles that tend to bloom earlier. It takes 3-4 months to complete Crepe Myrtles their blooming. They keep on growing till the first FALL frost.

Crepe myrtles tend to grow in FULL sun, and the soil must be welldrained. It is important to check the location before planting these CREPE myrtles.

You might find the GROWTH of your crape myrtles late. It might be due to improper care. Growing zones are the most important consideration for their bloom.

If the growing zone is 6, it is the COLDEST zone for myrtles to grow. In this case, crape myrtle shrubs will not BLOOM until late July or August.

If the GROWING zone of your crape myrtles is 9, you will see the blooms at the termination of May or the start of June.

You can say that crape myrtles are HEAT-loving trees. Mostly, they are the last trees to LEAF out in spring. You must PROVIDE them 70 degrees F or above to WAKE the bud. 

What Factors Affect Crepe Myrtles Bloom?

What Factors Affect Crepe Myrtles Bloom

Here are some of the significant key factors that affect the BLOOMING of crepe myrtles are;

1. Fertilizer

Fertilizer is an important factor. If you provide LESS fertilizer, your crape myrtles will lead to poor flowering.

On the other hand, too much FERTILIZER also damages your plants. It is highly dangerous for your plants to grow in EXCESSIVE fertilizers.

Excessive fertilizer means a high amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The right amount of all of them is needed.

High nitrogen amount TRIGGERS small trees and leaf growth. As a result, flower growth detracts.

2. Growing Condition

Having new growth on your delicate flowers and the BEST conditions is important.

If you struggle to grow your plants, your plants will not BLOOM properly. You need to provide them fertilizer to INCREASE growth.

3. Planting Zones

Planting zones tend to affect the growing CONDITIONS of the plants. It is extremely important to check the place where you are GROWING your plant.

Crepe myrtle tends to grow in DIFFERENT growing zones. But you must ensure you grow your other plants in warmer climates for PROPER growth.

The HARDINESS zone of crepe myrtle ranges from 7 to 10.

4. Specific Cultivar

You will find out several varieties of crepe myrtles. Some of these types are HYBRIDS, and some are simple. The blooming FACTOR is different for all these types of crepe myrtle.

If you are growing a hybrid type of crepe myrtle, it will grow out EARLIER than other types. The normal type of crepe myrtle takes the normal TIME needed for them to bloom.

Why Is Crepe Myrtle Not Blooming? What To Do?

Why Is Crepe Myrtle Not Blooming

Let me enlighten you with why your myrtle is not blooming. Check them out!

1. Lack Of Sunlight

Proper sunlight is very important. The major FACTOR affecting the growth of crape myrtle is improper sunlight. Don’t worry! 6-8 hours of direct sun daily is enough for them.

LOWER sunlight will reduce photosynthesis. Your plant will not bloom timely. The full sun plays a major role in the proper growth of a plant.

Crape Myrtle needs the most sun exposure, like many other SUN-LOVING plants. During growing, I provided PROPER sunlight to my plants to have dense clusters.

2. Not Enough Water

Every plant needs a proper water supply for PERFECT growth. Crape myrtles need perfectly well-drained soil. Newly planted plants need REGULAR watering for optimal growth.

The new plants need regular and proper watering in the first year of their GROWTH.

To ensure proper growth of my crepe myrtle, I made a water SCHEDULE. It helped me regulate the water FLOW.

They keep GROWING normally after their THOROUGH growth after the first growing season. You can also call them drought-tolerant.

3. Young Plants

Young plants are very sensitive and tend to grow less when NEWLY planted. Young plants need extra CARE. You must give them all the necessary conditions.

These conditions include PERFECT sunlight. I also provided the right type of FERTILIZER to help the young plants grow well.

It is best to provide your Crepe with REGULAR water when new. Young plants grow to a MINIMUM, and you will have lesser blooms. Now wait for them to grow out.

4. Poor Draining Soil

Soil has to be well-draining when growing crepe myrtles. Growing your crepe myrtles without SUN in shady areas is not good.

Along with this, poorly draining soil type adds to the MISHAP.

It is best to have the perfect growing plants to maintain the soil’s drainage. Also, keep in CHECK the water amount. Well-draining soil ensures good air circulation.

Avoid waterlogging soil by giving out more than needed WATER to the plants. I made a watering schedule and grew my plant PERFECTLY.

5. Insufficient Nutrients

Why Is Crepe Myrtle Not Blooming

The perfect nutrient ratio is the GROWING factor for the blooms of the crape myrtle trees. If your plant is not growing out, check the nutrients of your plant.

To thrive your crape myrtle, keep in check the RATIO of the nutrients.

The essential nutrients are phosphorus, nitrogen, and POTASSIUM. The main ingredient needed by crape myrtle is phosphorus.

You should consider adding a SLOW RELEASE fertilizer. It helped me increase the blooming of my plant.

6. Improper Pruning

Flowers mostly develop on the current and new bloom. If you have cut the tree late, you will also cut off the SUMMER flowers.

If you prune too late or too aggressively, your crape myrtles will not BLOOM times or not bloom at all.

The aggressive pruning will focus ENERGY on the branch growth instead of more flowers.

I tried to avoid aggressive pruning, and it saved my plant. It helped the branch growth to decide on growth when I PRUNED at the right time.

7. The Health of the Tree

Your tree form and health must be perfect if you want to witness the perfect BLOOMS of your crape myrtle trees.

There are different types of diseases ready to ATTACK your crape myrtle.

If there are HEAVY infestations of the aphids, it will decrease flowering. I provided phosphorus-rich fertilizers to get RID of the diseases as it resists them.

Other harmful DISEASE, including powdery mildew, also tend to decrease the flowering effect.

Cercospora leaf spot also damages the crape myrtles while GROWING. They also decrease the VIGOR of your newly planted and stunning crape myrtle shrub.

8. Varieties

You will find out diverse varieties of crape myrtle. All these VARIETIES don’t flower as fast as others. The hybrid crape myrtles tend to grow out FAST.

They are HYBRID because they tend to grow out fast. The normal VARIETIES of crape myrtles don’t grow out this fast.

I grew some hybrid and some NORMAL myrtles to have variety. Both of them grew at different TIMES.

Some HYBRID and easy-growing varieties are given. They include Muskogee, Basham’s Party Pink, Tuscarora, and Natchez. 

When Should You Prune Crepe Myrtles?

When Should You Prune Crepe Myrtles

Do you know the most important thing when pruning Crepe Myrtles? Timing it is! When you decide to prune your large shrubs, be CAREFUL about what you are CUTTING.

Ensure pruning crape myrtles in winter, or start SPRING. Try to prune them before the next growth to enhance the new GROWTH.

The colorful flowers of crape myrtle bloom from their NEW growth. If you are pruning late, you will remove the NEW wood.

When removing the dead wood, remove the FLOWER that will come out the next GROWING season. That’s why you must plan ahead and prune timely.

Sometimes DORMANT pruning is all it needs to prune crape myrtles.

It needs to be done during late winter. Dormant pruning means you must PRUNE your plant before it breaks the dormancy period.

It also ensures that you will NOT cut the plant’s new growth, as they don’t grow in the DORMANCY period.

If you live in cooler zones, you must wait for the last FROST and temperatures to pick up. In this case, the crape myrtles have some weeks before they enter their DORMANCY period.

It would help if you pruned in February or the end of January in WARMER seasons.

Ensure pruning during this time; the GROWTH will start if you are late, and you might CUT the new growth. 

How To Care Crape Myrtles During the Winter/Early Spring?

How To Care Crape Myrtles

Here are some of the methods for providing CARE to your crape myrtles during winter or early spring;

1. Proper Pruning

It is important to have proper pruning to have PERFECT pruning of your crape myrtle trees. Crape myrtles don’t require severe pruning for the PROMOTION of their showy flowers.

Indeed, the CRAPE myrtles will bloom even if you don’t PRUNE them. But if you prune them, they will grow into clusters.

I STIMULATE a vigorous new growth on my crape myrtles due to pruning. When done during the right time, it makes your plant looks STUNNING.

2. Correct Fertilizer

The application of high PHOSPHORUS is very important. You need to slow-release the fertilizer during the START of spring. It promotes the HEALTHY growth of your plant.

It also makes the plants resistant to scale insects and other common pests. It also makes the plant more COLORFUL and abundant.

With the right amount of fertilizer, you will see the maximum BLOOM. I added the high phosphorus fertilizer that increased overall blooms.

3. Ideal Season

It would help if you planted the crape myrtle in the IDEAL and good season. Do you know the ideal season of GROWTH for your crape myrtle?

Late spring and fall is the perfect time for crape myrtles to grow efficiently. When grown during this time, crape myrtles grow out the BEST.

The late fall and early spring are the CORRECT time. Most of the new growth begins at that time. I grew my crape myrtle this season, and it produced vigorous plants. 

FAQs about When Do Crepe Myrtles Bloom

1. How high up must the interior and exterior branches of a crepe myrtle tree be pruned?

Removing the low and new branches is important to increase the length of the crape myrtle. You have to prune out the side branches on the main trunks.
Pruning must be done for almost 4 to 6 feet. Ensure you are not pruning more than half the tree’s height. It will result in crape murder.

2. Do bees like crepe myrtle trees?

Yes, bees are highly attracted to the crepe myrtle trees. The crape myrtles’ beautiful flowers attract and provide nectar to necessary pollinating bees. That’s why they tend to like the myrtle plants. 

3. How do you increase crepe myrtle blooms?

Early spring growth is essential to increase myrtle blooms. All these first flowers come on the current-season growth. Planting them at the start of spring or late winter enables them to increase flowers in early summer. 

4. Do crepe myrtles really bloom more when pruned?

Most of the crape myrtles tend to bloom even if you don’t prune them. But as soon as you prune your plants, you will see large clusters and stunning blooms in the growing season. But there are some crape myrtles whose growth tends to decrease with the increase in pruning.

5. Why are my crepe myrtle leaves turning black?

If your crepe myrtle’s leaves turn black, it indicates a sooty mold attack. It might be due to some insect problem. The molds are due to fungi and grow on the sugary substance known as honeydew. Some plants also turn yellow due to diseases and improper nutrients. 

What’s Next

Congratulations, my FRIEND! You have learned EVERYTHING regarding the blooming of your crape myrtles.

Remembering the ZONES in which you bloom these STUNNING flowers is better. In some cooler zones, you can DELAY the flowering till the end of August.

Always remember conditions that influence POOR growth. These conditions are poor tree growth, INADEQUATE sunlight or full shade, and the WRONG fertilizer.

Promoting growth by PRUNING during the start of spring is best. You must know that pruning LATE is the worst for your plant’s health.

If you want more details about the BLOOMING time of Crape Myrtle, don’t worry, you trust us to solve your problem.

Head over to AsterGardening to learn about SOLUTIONS to all your gardening problems. Visit our WEBSITE to have a perfect and healthy garden. 

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