Can Snake Plants Live Outside? Get All the Essential Details 2024

BY Shaafay Zia
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I know we’ve called snake plants INDOOR ROCKSTARS. And most of the Pinterest you see, these babies are cozied up INSIDE. That would make you wonder, can snake plants live OUTSIDE? 

If you are scratching your head about this, you can RELAX. By the end of this blog, you’ll have the answers you need and know how to grow your snake plants outside.

Trust us! As EXPERT GARDENERS, we know how to make cacti & succulents grow.

You lean on our knowledge and years of experience to grow snake plants outside. Let us show you how to do it!

You become a pro with the confidence to cultivate these plants in your garden. Also level up your gardening skills and create an INVITING outdoor space.

We’ll cover growing snake plants outdoors, moving them outside, surviving winter, and caring for them. Let’s explore!

Can Snake Plants Live Outside

Can snake plants live outside?

Can Snake Plants Live Outside

Can snake plants live outside? Heck yeah! Snake plants, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, can totally live outside.

These outdoor snake plants love WARM and DRY climates with bright but not direct light. What makes them special? Well, they have long leaves that look like SWORDS in all sorts of cool patterns.

Plus, these bad boys show off RARE greenish-white flowers when they mature. Another awesome thing is their compact growth habit – perfect if you’re short on space! No worries about TEMPERATURE changes or DROUGHTS either.

That’s because these tough tropical plants can handle it all. So why wait? Bring those tropical vibes to your outdoor location and enjoy the beauty of snake plants. No fuss required!

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Tips to move Snake plants from indoors to outside

Tips to move Snake plants from indoors to outside

Ready to unleash your house plant into the great outdoors? Gotcha covered with three simple tips for a seamless transition:

1. Let your snake plant get comfy:

If you’re moving your snake plant from inside to outside, giving it time to adjust is super IMPORTANT. Lighting, temperature, and watering all need a smooth transition.

I can tell you from moving to a new city, everything comes at you so FAST! I bet that’s what my plants feel when I begin moving them.

2. Consider warmer seasons as growth periods:

When it’s warm outside, that’s the PERFECT TIME to bring your snake plant outdoors! These hardy plants love the WARMER weather and flourish during these seasons.

3. Start small before planting outdoors:

Do you have WARMER TEMPERATURES outside and wanna move your snake plants outside? Don’t just go planting snake plants in the ground immediately.

Trust me on this one! They might be SHOCKED by the sudden change. They are not outdoor snake plants yet!

Instead, give them time to adjust by placing POTTED snake plants NEAR WINDOWS. It gives them some indirect sunlight.

I find that they like gradual transfer, unlike my viburnums, which will move READILY when it’s WARM. 

How to grow snake plants outdoors?

grow snake plants outdoors

1.    Make sure the temperatures are right

So here’s the deal with growing snake plants OUTSIDE. Temperature is a big deal for these little guys. They like warm temperatures, ya know? Don’t we all?

Ideally, they dig temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s their sweet spot for GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT. But here’s the thing – don’t let those bad boys get TOO CHILLY! 

Cold temperatures below 55 degrees Fahrenheit are a no-go zone for the snakes. If it drops even lower to around 40-45 degrees Fahrenheit, bring them indoors ASAP to keep them safe from the cold snap!

2.    Plant placement: light matters

The trick to success is finding the perfect spot and giving your snake plants the right amount of LIGHT. These guys love bright but NOT direct sun – it can do some DAMAGE, ya know? Aim for areas with indirect light or partial shade to keep those leaves in top shape.

The perfect spot for my outdoor snake plant is where I can sit at noon, and the FULL SUN DOESN’T feel too hot on my Skin. It’s often a LIGHTLY obscured area in my garden. That’s my sweet spot with enough indirect light, and it has my snake plant healthy.

grow snake plants outdoors

3.    Keep those plants hydrated

Wanna grow your snake plant outdoors? Pay attention to the WATERING SITUATION. Hint: think frequent watering!

These plants are pretty tough! And CAN HANDLE some water loss like a pro. But here’s the trick – keep them HYDRATED just right! Too much water can spell trouble with root rot and all that nasty stuff.

So I stick MY FINGER in the soil to check its vibe (literally) before I water snake plants. If it feels rough and dry, it’s time for a drink! This SIMPLE step ensures that your snake plant will thrive outdoors like a champ.

4.    Don’t forget about the dirt (soil) snake plants!

SOIL is like the secret sauce for growing snake plants OUTDOORS. It’s all about those essential nutrients, root support, and proper water drainage! Make sure you use a WELL-DRAINING soil mixture that PREVENTS pesky ROOT ROT situations.

Give your green buddies extra love by choosing soil with enough ORGANIC MATTER. This boosts FERTILITY and helps RETAIN MOISTURE, especially in poor soil.


Good quality & well-draining soil set up your snake plants for success.

5.    Upgrade your plant’s space!

When it comes to growing snake plants outside, you DON’T gotta stress about re-potting all the time. These bad boys are chill and low-key in their growth game. They’re cool with LOW LIGHT conditions and only need a new pot every five to ten years in an outdoor environment.

It’s wild how ADAPTABLE and RESILIENT they are! They handle their growth without constantly needing new containers or soil swaps. NO WORRIES about growing your snake plant outdoors, Talk about being low-maintenance!

6.    Deal with pesky bugs

grow snake plants outdoors

Growing snake plants outdoors? One thing to watch out for is PEST INFESTATIONS. It’s a real concern! These sneaky little bugs like mealybugs and spider mites mess with a plant’s leaves.

That’s why checking on your outdoor snake plants regularly is essential. And KEEP an eye out for any SIGNS OF TROUBLE.

But don’t worry too much, though! There are NATURAL REMEDIES to get rid of those pests. They don’t harm snake plants or other plants. I use neem oil or insecticidal soap cause it works wonders in kicking those bugs outta there!

I’ve ONLY tried these methods on mealybugs and spider mites on snake plants. These two are the most common in my area.

7.    Give your plants some Vitamins!

The snake plant is arguably one the easiest plants to take care of, even when it comes to FERTILIZING. Seriously, you won’t have to worry about it too much. These tough succulent plants can handle different conditions, including being grown outdoors.

If you’re bringing your snake outdoors, DON’T STRESS about fertilizer right off the bat. But if you want that EXTRA BOOST for some fantastic growth, why not try a slow-release fertilizer? It’s designed just for succulents like our friend here because they only need a SMALL AMOUNT.

8.    They need some snip & prune action

Pruning is worth considering when you’ve got a snake plant and want to move it outdoors. But DON’T SWEAT it too much. These plants aren’t HIGH-MAINTENANCE in that department. They’re resilient and can thrive with minimal meddling from us humans.

Now, if any leaves that look SAD or DAMAGED are hanging around, go ahead and give them the boot. Do this every now and then for the sake of your plant’s APPEARANCE and HEALTH. Remember, though – excessive pruning isn’t necessary for plants outside.

Can Snake Plants Survive Winter Outside?

Can Snake Plants Survive Winter Outside

Snake plants are true survivors! These bad boys CAN handle all sorts of temperatures while living that outdoor life. But here’s the catch – they DON’T DIG frosty vibes at all.

If temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s time to bring them back inside. They like it cozy and PROTECTED from the cold. Otherwise, it’s the long night for your plant when winter comes. [*Hahaha*] 

How to prepare snake plant for winter?

prepare snake plant for winter

Let’s prepare your snake plant for cold winters when it’s CHILLING outside. start by finding a spot indoors that gets lots of BRIGHT LIGHT – yep. The kind that comes from some sweet direct sunlight from an east-facing window.

Next up, remember to give your plant some EXTRA SIPS of water. Think MORE frequent watering! Just make sure the soil is dried completely between watering sessions. This will keep them hydrated without going overboard during those chillier months.

Lastly, aim for an INDOOR TEMPERATURE range of 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit for your snake plants. (That’s around 13 to 18 degrees Celsius for you metric folks.) 

Things to Avoid from Growing Snake Plants Outside

Things to Avoid from Growing Snake Plants Outside

1. Over misting plant’s leaves!

You don’t need to go all FANCY with MISTING your snake plant on scorching hot days. These plants are total champs in DRY conditions. So, they’re not seeking that extra humidity levels from MISTING.

TOO MUCH MOISTURE can cause trouble like pesky fungal diseases or rot – no bueno! So SKIP the mist and instead focus on watering your snake plant right at the base. That way, you’ll keep them HYDRATED without creating an environment that spells disaster.


Keeping humidity levels BALANCED is key to maintaining a healthy outdoor snake plant.

2. Being oblivious to cold weather

Regarding snake plants chilling outside, cold weather can be a real buzzkill. Do you live in an area with FREEZING WINTERS? Don’t even think about growing your snake plant outside without some serious PROTECTION.

Trust me. Exposing them to FREEZING TEMPERATURES can seriously mess things up. And it might even lead to their DEMISE.

Have a plan to keep that fabulous snake plant outdoors alive and kicking. For me, that means bringing it inside DURING COLDER periods because they require warmer temperatures. I’ve noticed that an outdoor snake plant dies easily in my area, unlike my Japanese Yew.

Or you can ensure you have enough insulation and warmth if keeping it outdoors is your ONLY option.

3. Entertaining Pest Infestations

Things to Avoid from Growing Snake Plants Outside

Those pesky PESTS EASILY CREEP up on your plants when you put your snake plants outside.

Here’s the deal:

These tough guys are USUALLY GOOD at resisting pests. But that DOESN’T mean they’re INVINCIBLE in an outdoor environment.

If left unchecked, aphids, mealybugs, and spider mites can be real troublemakers. So don’t forget to keep a close eye on your snake plant for any signs of infestation.

REGULAR INSPECTIONS are essential! And if you do spot those sneaky critters wreaking havoc on your foliage, don’t dilly-dally. Take action right away! 

4. Cramped space

That growing snake plant outside needs some BREATHING ROOM. Here’s the deal – these guys need space to SPREAD OUT and SOAK UP that sweet, fresh air.

Also, when your plants are CRAMMED TOGETHER, their roots get all tangled up. The result? They start fighting for resources. This can seriously AFFECT their ability to soak nutrients and slow their growth.

Here is my approach:

I give those bad boys at least 12-24 inches apart, depending on how BIG they are and HOW MUCH they wanna stretch. I like to think of it as saving them from the discomfort of MANSPREADING neighbors. (I hate when that happens to me.)

How to Care and Protect Outside Snake Plant?

Care and Protect Outside Snake Plant

1. Shelter your snake plant outside

When you’ve got your snake plants chilling outside, make sure to give them a cozy spot. Find a nice nook or whip out that WINDBREAK and SHIELD those bad boys from the elements. This protects against strong winds and heavy rains.

We DON’T want their beautiful foliage getting messed up! This way, they can grow happy and healthy without any worries (or childhood traumas).

Oh, and let’s not forget about protecting them from EXTREME TEMPERATURE swings, too. We wanna keep these amazing plants thriving in EVERY SEASON!

2. Give your snake plant outside companions

Got a LONELY plant outdoors, why not hook them up with some buddies? Having COMPANION PLANTS around can lift their spirits and make life easier. (For everyone.)

Just make sure to pick pals that enjoy the SAME kinda LIGHT and water as your snaky friends. That way, all the plants in the gang get what they need to THRIVE TOGETHER!

And having these green BFFs has OTHER PERKS, too. I’ve noticed that they attract helpful bugs and keep the soil healthy.

Plus, let’s be real – it adds a touch of MAGIC to my garden scene. It feels like a dreamy Disney garden out there, especially in spring!

Some great companions for an outdoor snake plant are agave, yucca, lavender, or sedum. They’ll vibe perfectly with SIMILAR sun exposure and watering needs.

3. Deal with potential issues affecting your snake plant outdoors

If your snake plants are all about that outdoor life, you gotta TROUBLESHOOT all kinds of things.

One biggie to watch out for is soggy soil – nobody wants ROOT ROT ruining the party! Make sure the POTTED ones have drainage holes, well-draining soil, or some perlite mixed in.

Oh, and heat stress can, well, STRESS snake plants grown outdoors. Stay vigilant! Lastly, let there be light… but NOT TOO MUCH! Too much sun might burn those leaves right up

Too much of low-light situations could lead to drooping stems. ADJUST as needed for happy growth vibes!

People Also Ask about Can Snake Plants Live Outside

1. How long can snake plants stay outside?

Snake plants can survive short cold spells, but not all year. Outdoors during summer? Maybe. If you live somewhere warm and protect it from sun and wind. But don’t let them get too used to the wildlife. They prefer indoor coziness.

2. How does a snake plant produce oxygen at night?

Plants don’t give out oxygen at night unless they’ve got a boss light shining on them. Oxygen is made during photosynthesis, which needs plenty of light to go down.

3. Do snake plants need large pots?

Snake plants need very little! Seriously, these plants are like the Avengers of the plant world. They’re practically indestructible! Minimal space, soil, and water? No problemo! And if they start outgrowing their pot, just give them a bigger home to flex in.

4. Can you split snake plants?

Yes. It is easy peasy! Just split those bad boys up and watch them multiply like crazy. They’ll fill up that pot before you know it!

5. Will snake plants bloom outside?

Oh yeah, snake plants can surprise you with some blooms! They might not be known as the flower champs. But they can pop out cute little white blossoms that smell like sweet gardening charm. 

What’s Next

We chatted about snake plants and if they can handle the great outdoors. Spoiler alert: they totally can! We covered tips on moving them outside, how to grow them in nature’s embrace, and even surviving winter. 

Just avoid frostbite and overwatering. Plus, take good care of your outdoor snake plant, buddy!

Time for your snake plants to venture into the great outdoors! You’ve got all the deets on how to keep them happy and flourishing. 

But hey, if you want more gardening tips and tricks, swing by Astergardening‘s website. We’ll help tackle those garden probs you’re facing – don’t miss out, check us out now!

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