How Fast Do Snake Plants Grow? Go-To Expert Guide

BY Shaafay Zia
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Wondering HOW FAST DO SNAKE PLANTS GROW? Welcome to our guide.

We know it’s a DRAG when you’re putting in all the TIME AND EFFORT but are clueless about your snake plants’ growth. DON’T worry. We’ve got your back!

We’re the go-to experts for matters of CACTI & SUCCULENTS. Our curated info on snake plants’ growth rate will SOLVE your concerns about these babies. Get ready for tailored solutions that’ll make your plants THRIVE!

We’ll spill the beans on how fast snake plants grow, what affects their growth, and even share tips to speed it up. 

Grab your gardening gloves, and let’s dive in!

How Fast Do Snake Plants Grow

Growth Rate of Snake Plant 

Growth Rate of Snake Plant 

Introducing snake plants, the indoor stars we all love! A.k.a. mother-in-law’s tongue, they’ve got a UNIQUE LEAF SHAPE and grow upwards like champs. 

These succulents are pretty cool because they CLEAN the air! They do this through PHOTOSYNTHESIS. That’s a fancy way of saying they take toxins like formaldehyde and benzene from indoors. 

So, having them around can IMPROVE AIR QUALITY and create healthier LIVING areas.

Spring/summer is their PRIME TIME. They casually sprout 2-4 new leaves with a MODERATE growth rate.

Here’s the lowdown: These cool cats have different phases throughout the year.

When WINTER rolls in, and there’s less daylight + humidity drops,

They take it easy to SAVE energy for better days ahead.

It’s nature’s way of giving them a BREAK until their growing season returns.

But guess what? Snake plants keep rocking that UPWARD growth no matter what stage they’re at!

Their resilience is undeniable as they STEADILY make progress where you plant them. Mother-in-law’s tongue can grow indoors and outdoors.

How Fast Do Snake Plants Grow?

How Fast Do Snake Plants Grow

Did you know a HEALTHY snake plant grows up to 3 to 6 feet a year? Crazy growth rate, right? 

But if you regularly give them lots of SUNLIGHT and WATER, they’ll go even faster! 

Snake plants are known for SLOW growth, but don’t worry. They’ll reach their full potential with some love and care during the growing season. 

Just keep in mind that indoor snake plant growth might take LONGER than outdoor ones. 

Growth Indoors vs. Outdoors


Here’s the scoop on snake plant growth rate: 

They are SLOW GROWERS when you keep them INSIDE (indoor plants). That’s about TWO and THREE inches per year if you take good care of them.

But growing snake plants outdoors? That’s where the REAL ACTION happens! 

With more SPACE and SUNLIGHT, outdoor snake plants can really stretch their leaves. They range from two and TWELVE inches in just one growing season! That’s a whopping FOOT!!

Now, snake plant growth indoors might not have as big of growth potential. That’s because they’re LIMITED by space and less exposure to natural light. But DON’T worry! 

Certain varieties can still show off some speedy leaf growth with some TLC indoors. This happens when I give them enough LIGHT and WATER when needed.

How Large Do They Grow?

How Large Do They Grow

Snake plants are pretty rad. That’s because they can grow to different heights depending on how you take CARE of them. On average, they reach about One to TWO feet tall when fully grown. 

But get this – with the PERFECT conditions and PROPER care, some of these sneaky snakes can reach up to THREE feet! That’s right, THREE.

And here’s a fun fact about MATURE snake plants: 

We love their striking, lush green leaves more than anything else. But sometimes snake plants SURPRISE us with fast-growing stalks. 

And guess what? These STALKS bloom into little sweet-smelling FLOWERS! Pretty awesome. 

Factors That Influence Theall Growth Rate Of Snake Plants

Factors That Influence Theall Growth Rate Of Snake Plants

Different Types of Snake Plants:

Snake plants come in VARIOUS VARIETIES, making a big difference in their growth. Take my Black Gold Snake Plant, for example. It’s a pretty average snake plant species that usually reaches about 2 to 3 feet tall when it’s FULLY GROWN.

So here’s the deal: 

If you want some indoor or outdoor snake plants, make sure you check out their specific varieties. That way, you can find those matching YOUR HEIGHT PREFERENCES without worrying.

Bad Potting Soil:


Now, using lousy potting soil for these babies can seriously mess with their GROWTH RATE. You don’t want that, trust me. 

So here’s the thing: if you go for old and CRAPPY SOIL without any good stuff in it – NUTRIENTS? Moisture? Forget about it! Your snake plant won’t get what it needs for healthy growth. 

And guess what happens then? Stunted growth all the way. 

I use the RIGHT SOIL MIX to give my snake plant its best shot at thriving like a champ. It’ll help with NUTRIENT ABSORPTION and MOISTURE RETENTION. They’ll love you for it!

Inconsistent Watering:

Now, these guys need some love when it comes to watering. You gotta find that SWEET SPOT between too much and not enough. OVERWATERING? Bad news for their growth rate. 

It can create a SWAMPY situation in the soil, opening the door to nasty stuff like ROOT ROT – nobody wants that! 

And here’s the kicker: 

If those snake plant roots aren’t healthy, they WON’T be able to soak up all those precious nutrients. Bummer!

So remember: 

MODERATE watering with good drainage is key for most snake plants to thrive and grow happily.

Unfavorable Environment:

Unfavorable Environment

Snake plants are pretty cool, but they’re PICKY about their environment. When it comes to TEMPERATURE and HUMIDITY, you must get it just right for these guys to thrive. 

I aim for a cozy range of 70-90°F (21-32°C) – the sweet spot. 

So, what’s the deal with humidity?

Too high can put a damper on things, causing SLOWER GROWTH. It does so by messing with their TRANSPIRATION process and slowing down growth. 

I keep that average household HUMIDITY in check. And I give my snake plant the PERFECT TEMPS for healthy growth!

Plant Pests and Diseases:

Snake plant growth rate can be a bit sensitive regarding PESTS and DISEASES. I’m talking about those annoying SAP-SUCKING INSECTS. Spider mites are the worst culprits for snake plants. They mess with my plant’s ability to soak up nutrients. That means slower growth rates. Not cool! 

So, I watch out for unwanted visitors on my snaky friend. And I deal with them ASAP using treatments like INSECTICIDAL SOAP that’ll give me a healthy plant. 

Unfavourable Containers (Root Bound):

Unfavourable Containers

If you stick snake plants in huge pots that are way TOO BIG for their liking, they’ll grow at a snail’s pace. Seriously! 

Here is the thing: my snake plant gets ROOT-BOUND in those oversized containers. That means it CAN’T STRETCH out its root system properly. 

And guess what? That hampers nutrient absorption and overall growth potential. It’s like living in CRAMPED QUARTERS without enough elbow room to flourish! 

So keep your snake plant comfy. I do this by giving it just the RIGHT amount of space to spread those roots. 

Pruning snake plants:

If you don’t prune them right, they can grow at a snail’s pace. So here’s the trick: give those leafy fellas a good trim to eliminate any leaves that make them look TOO BUSHY. 

When you do that, their energy gets REDIRECTED towards new shoots and upward growth. Pretty cool! When I don’t snip them up regularly, they waste it on broad and outward growth. 

Pruning is also key for giving them a DESIRED look.

Boosting Growth with Fertilizer:

Boosting Growth with Fertilizer

These baddies become extremely slow-growing plants if they don’t get fertilizer. You gotta give them a good feeding ONCE or TWICE during the growing season. That makes sure they’re getting all those ESSENTIAL nutrients for world-class growth. It’s like they ate their veggies. 

Trust me, you don’t wanna know what happens without enough of that fertilizer goodness. 

These snake plants end up struggling as very SLOW-GROWERS. 

So, I do myself a favor and make sure my snake plant receives REGULAR FERTILIZING. It’s like giving it some vitamins for a happy and healthy plant!

Optimal Growing Season:

These cool green dudes tend to grow a bit slower when it ain’t SPRING or SUMMER. That’s right – their prime growing season happens during those WARMER months. 

Now, pay attention! If you wanna see some serious growth action, make sure you’re watering your snake plant JUST RIGHT. 

Trust me, that combo can really get them going like CRAZY! 

But don’t worry if they are inside that window – it could be due to things like the ENVIRONMENT. 

Keep an eye on your growing plants and give them what they need to thrive!

Tips to Make Snake Plant Grow Faster

Tips to Make Snake Plant Grow Faster

Select Ideal Snake Plants:

If you want snake plants to grow fast and furious, it all starts with the right variety. Check out these cool ones that I like: Sansevieria Trifasciata, Black Gold, Golden Hahnii… 

These snake plants grow seriously FAST. You’ll think they have childhood trauma. They’re known for being super TOUGH and ADAPTABLE. They can handle different conditions like a boss! 

So what do I do if I wanna see my snake plants reach their full at lightning speed? I go ahead and pick one of these FAST-GROWERS. Trust me, they’ll be sprouting up before you know it!

Timely Fertilization:

So here’s the deal: If you wanna speed up the snake plant growth game, timing is everything when fertilizing. 

Get this – right BEFORE SPRING hits and the growing season starts, you gotta give them a boost of nutrients. That way, they’re all fueled up for serious growth during that active period. 

It’s like giving them rocket fuel for OPTIMAL DEVELOPMENT and higher growth rates! The move supercharges how well my snake plants soak up nutrients, making the plants grow!

Selecting the Best Pots

If you wanna see your snake plant take off like a meme coin, you gotta get the pot size just right. Go for one that’s a tad wider than the plant, leaving about an inch of wiggle room around its roots. 

And here’s another tip: I make sure the height of the pot is around ONE-THIRD of my plant’s height. That way, there’s PLENTY of space for healthy growth and development! 

Trust me on this part of your snake plant care. Choosing a sized pot gives the root system enough room and EASY access to those SWEET NUTRIENTS. 

Consistent Maintenance:

If you wanna help your snake plants avoid the plant grim reaper, regular check-ins. And giving them some TLC. 

Keep an eye on those TEMPERATURE levels and HUMIDITY, too – they love it when things are between 30-50%. 

Oh, and here’s a tip: I don’t let them freeze their leaves off in COLD WEATHER! That could mess with their growth potential big time. 

The goal is to create that perfect OASIS for indoor plants for these low-maintenance beauties. Trust me, your snake plant grows like nobody’s business.

Effective Watering:

Effective Watering

Just water your snake plant when the soil is almost dry to make it grow faster. If you OVERWATER them, they can get root rot, harming their growth. 

I like sticking to this watering routine. Why, you ask? It gives my snake plants the perfect conditions (soil moist) to thrive and speed up their growth. 

This way, you avoid TOO MUCH moisture. That could slow their progress and keep them healthy with a good hydration BALANCE.

Ideal Soil Conditions:

If you wanna make your snake plants grow FASTER, you gotta give it the RIGHT SOIL. You’d think it’s obvious. 

Get yourself a FRESH soil mix that’s made specifically for INDOOR PLANTS. When planting the snake plant, use the RIGHT COMBO. I go for professional indoor plant soil and cactus/succulent mix in equal parts. 

This special blend will keep the roots from getting WATERLOGGED. And it’ll help your snake plants thrive with healthier growth. Trust me, this killer combo of soils will set your snake plant’s growth up for success.

Why Snake Plant’s Growth May Be Slow or Stunted?

Why Snake Plant’s Growth May Be Slow or Stunted

Poor Light Conditions:

When snake plants grow indoors, they need good LIGHT CONDITIONS to do their thing. But here’s the catch – direct sunlight can be too much for them to handle. 

It’s like goldilocks. NOT too bright light outside, but it is still nice and cozy inside with that moderate or INDOOR light! If there’s not enough light around, it messes with their growth. 

And it slows down all those important METABOLISM PROCESSES needed to be healthy. And baby snake plants are even more affected by this lack of light than mature ones. 

Excessive Fertilizing:

We all know that plants need their NUTRIENTS for optimal growth – it’s like food for them! But here’s the thing: too much fertilizer can backfire on these snakes. 

It messes with their health and slows down their development – not what we want! When there are excessive nutrients in the soil, it THROWS OFF the balance. And it makes it hard for those roots to do their job of absorbing stuff properly. 

And guess what? That affects all those important processes that make your snake plant grow. 

Oh, the baby plants are sensitive to this OVER-FERTILIZATION compared to the grown-ups. That’s because they’re delicate little things!

Insufficient Watering:

Why Snake Plant’s Growth May Be Slow or Stunted

When you DON’T give these bad boys enough water, it really affects their growth game. They start looking sad and brown, like they’re about to kick the bucket. 

The soil around them gets drier than a desert, making their roots UNHAPPY, too. Your snake plant’s leaves get in on the action by curling up. 

And they develop this weird WRINKLY TEXTURE before saying goodbye for good! And if that underwatering party keeps going on… well, let’s say your snake plant WON’T be winning any “Biggest Plant of the Year” awards ANYTIME SOON!

Bad Quality Soil Base:

Turns out, poor soil can totally CRAMP their style. If the soil’s pH level is out of whack—either too acidic or too alkaline. 

It JUMBLES UP with how easily these plants can get all the essential nutrients they need. No growing big and strong. 

Guess what happens when things are way too ALKALINE? Important stuff like IRON, MANGANESE, and PHOSPHORUS are less available. You get anemic snake plant buddies.

People Also Ask about How Fast Do Snake Plants Grow

1. How do I dry an overwatered snake plant?

First things first, cut back on the water – give your little buddy a break. 

We might have some rotting action if they’re all brown and mushy-looking. Take some clean scissors and carefully trim away any yucky rotten bits.

Now comes the repotting part. Find yourself a lovely new home for your snake plant with good drainage holes. 

Keep the top inch of soil dry before giving them another drink.

2. When should you not repot a snake plant?

Snake plants actually like being a bit cramped in their pots. So, you don’t have to repot them too often. Usually, it’s every 2-5 years, but sometimes even longer if your plant is cool.

3. How often do snake plants bloom?

It’s uncommon, but these sneaky fellas sometimes shoot up a long flower stalk covered in buds. It usually happens when they’re feeling a bit stressed, but don’t worry, it won’t harm your plant. 

And let me tell ya, when snake plants flower fully open up, they kinda look like lilies with a white or cream color. Pretty cool stuff!

4. Can you root a snake plant in water?

You can totally root a snake plant in water! Grab some healthy leaf cuttings from the mother plant to make it happen. Cut off about an inch of the bottom part of each leaf and pop them into a container filled with water. 

Find them a sunny spot, and remember to change that water every few days to keep mold and bacteria at bay.

5. Can snake plants live outside in the winter?

Snake plants aren’t big fans of the chilly weather? These tropical beauties don’t do well in frosty conditions, especially when it’s freezing. Do you live in an area where winter temps drop below 50°F or 10°C, and your snake plant is outdoors? 

Consider bringing it inside. Or you can give it some extra protection to prevent any cold damage.

What’s Next

We dove deep into the variations between how fast snake plants grow indoors and outdoors. Plus, we chatted about what factors affect their speed. 

And we gave you some tips to help them flourish even faster. Oh, and don’t worry – if your plant seems to lag in the growth department, we’ve got you covered on that, too!

If you wanna level up your gardening game, Aster Gardening is where it’s at! We have the know-how and solutions to help you tackle challenges in your garden. 

Don’t let those pesky problems hold back your inner gardener. Swing by our website today for some serious plant power!

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