How Long Do Succulents Live? NITTY-GRITTY Details

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Have you noticed all those SAGUARO CACTUS falling over in Arizona lately? It makes you wonder. How long do succulents live? Don’t worry. We are here to settle your mind. So you can grow your cacti in PEACE.

We’re total PLANT NERDS, especially regarding cacti & succulents. By reading our blog, you get the deets of these plants’ lives and how to care for them like a PRO. 

We’ve helped tons of gardeners BEFORE. So let us help you, too, in creating an awesome SUCCULENT PARADISE!

We’ll introduce you to succulent plant growth and lifespan.

How Long Do Succulents Live

Understanding the Growth of Succulents

Understanding the Growth of Succulents

Due to their HARSH NATURAL HABITAT, most succulents, including cacti, are SLOW GROWERS. They have these cool growth stages that help them survive in TOUGH environments. Check it out:

1. Dormancy 

When things get DRY, or WINTERTIME kicks in, cacti take a nap called dormancy. They conserve energy by slowing down and sipping less water.

2. Growing season 

Once the conditions improve, it’s growing season for our spiky pals! These guys SLURP UP all the nutrients they can find and put on a show with NEW stems, branches, and flowers.

3. Flowering 

Some succulent plants throw colorful FLOWER parties during this growing season. The blooms attract POLLINATORS like bees, key players in their reproduction game!

4. Offspring formation

Cacti extend their clan through OFFSHOOTS or PUPS. These are baby plants sprouting from the mama plant’s base. And they grow gradually to become INDEPENDENT green machines.

This magical cycle helps succulents thrive in their NATURAL ENVIRONMENT despite rough surroundings.

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How Long Do Succulents Live?

how long do succulents live

The Average Succulent Lifespan

Now, we don’t have all the tea on how long they can actually live in their natural habitat. But here’s what we do know. The average lifespan of our fave succulent plants varies depending on a few things.

1. Plant species.

Each succulent species has its TIME LIMIT to enjoy life. Some are legendary and stick around for ages, while others prefer SHORTER ADVENTURES. [*Thinks that they are here for a good time, not a long time*]

I like to dig up the average lifespan online or hit up my LOCAL GARDEN CENTER for some knowledge drops. But we have a cheat sheet for common species coming up.

2. Care provided

Giving proper LOVE and ATTENTION is vital. It keeps these beauties alive and kicking!  They need enough sunlight, watering without drowning them (legit drainage), and good soil. Don’t forget temperatures that WON’T roast or freeze them out.

3. Environmental conditions 

Mother nature isn’t always kind. HARSH CONDITIONS with wild temps can be quite unfriendly to succulents’ lifespan.

The Average Succulent Lifespan

Offshoot succulents

Offshoot succulents have special growth powers that make them live LONGER than expected. 

Here’s how it goes down: 

When I give them ENOUGH ROOM to spread their roots, NEW PUPS take over where their mama plant used to chill. As time passes and the mother plant ages (like all of us), more succulents will sprout from that SAME PLANT.

You end up with a tight-knit gang of CONNECTED SUCCULENTS sharing root cells – like one big happy family!

But wait, there’s more! 

All this succulent plant asks is that you shower it with proper LOVE and CARE! And it’ll rock this world way LONGER than anyone would’ve guessed.

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Monocarpic succulents

Monocarpic succulents tend to have an INTERESTING life plan. They go all out and flower BEFORE calling it quits. 

For most succulents, flowers mean “I’m thriving!” But for our mono-friends, blooming is like saying their GOODBYES.

You see, flowering becomes their LAST-DITCH EFFORT to leave behind little successors. Once the flowers have done their job in setting seeds, Mama Plant says FAREWELL by withering away.

Now here’s the scoop on lifespan: 

Mono-succs come in DIFFERENT SPECIES, such as agave and kalanchoe. These babies can live varying lengths depending on environmental factors

But once they’ve completed this GRAND CYCLE of reproduction through blossoms. And THAT’S A WRAP!

Remember, though, that NOT ALL SUCCULENTS are like this. Plenty of popular succulents keep kicking after showing off stunning blooms!

Lifespan of Most Common Succulents Succulents

Lifespan of Most Common Succulents Succulents

1. Echeveria 

These guys can hang around for YEARS, even reaching 20+ years with love and care.

2. Sempervivum (Hens and Chicks) 

These bad boys are surprisingly LONG-LASTING! “Chicks” keep sprouting to make their life journey continue.

3. Aloe vera plant 

Aloe vera reaches MATURITY in 3-4 years. So get ready for about 10-12 years of aloe from these beauties. But hold up; some species go beyond that – decades in the game!

4. Christmas Cactus 

Talk about JOLLY good times! They rock on average for 20-30 years – what a celebration!

5. Living Stones (Lithops): 

Ahh, living stones…these wild ones can LAST SEVERAL DECADES or more in nature.

6.Crassula ovata (money plant) 

Jade Plants are true legends. They age gracefully over MANY decades –100+ years  is within reach if treated right!

7. Kalanchoe 

With proper care, Kalanchoes stick around happily for up to A DECADE or longer.

8. Barrel Cactus  

Don’t underestimate these round beauties! Barrel Cactus can thrive for MULTIPLE DECADES with the proper care.

Common succulentsSucculent lifespans
Echeveria3 – 30 years, depending on the plant
Hens and ChicksAbout 5 years
Aloe vera plant5-25 years
Christmas Cactus30+ years
Living Stones40-50 years
Jade Plants20- 100 years, depending on the plant
Kalanchoe6-7 years
Barrel Cactus40-50 years

Indoor Succulents Lifespan 

Indoor Succulents Lifespan 

So, here’s the deal with INDOOR SUCCULENTS – they can live long if you take good care of them. These plants love soaking up the SUN, so place them somewhere with DIRECT SUNLIGHT. 

I also use soil that DRAINS WELL and WATER them enough to keep their succulent leaves happy. Oh, and don’t forget about REPOTTING them every now and then! It helps prevent those roots from getting TOO CRAMPED. 

With all these little steps taken care of, your succulents live indoors and thrive for ages!

Outdoor Succulents Lifespan

Outdoor Succulents Lifespan

Ah, so how long do succulents live outdoors? The answer is NOT as straightforward as you when FLIRTING!

Their lifespan depends on WHERE you put them and how well they’re CARED FOR. If these plants are grown in their SWEET SPOT, the ideal zone, they can stick around for years! 

But if you leave them out in places that AIN’T SUITABLE or treat them with NEGLECT, well, you guessed it! Their time might get cut short real quick. 

Oh yeah, and be careful of HERBIVORES munching on your adorable succulent buddies too! 

Best Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Succulents 

Best Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Succulents 

You can’t seem to keep your SUCCULENTS alive? Here is how to keep these low-maintenance plants thriving:

1. Give them well-drained soil

You want to ensure the plants have PROPER DRAINAGE so water doesn’t drown them out. Nobody likes soggy roots or that nasty ROOT ROT – yuck! 

So, I use pots with good ol’ drainage holes to let excess water escape freely.

And don’t forget to use POTTING SOIL MIX made especially for these cool plants. It’ll help them grow strong and healthy. 

Keep an eye on that SOIL MOISTURE; you want it just right, NOT too dry or soaked like a sponge. With all this lovin’ in place, your cutest succulent pals will be livin’ their best lives!

2. Avoid Excessive Sunlight

Light is vital for the long haul! 

Here’s the deal: while these plants love BRIGHT LIGHT, too much DIRECT SUNLIGHT can be a bummer. 

It can give them SUNBURN and DAMAGE their leaves – not cool! So if you’re growin’ them indoors, find a sunny window spot or provide some filtered sunlight. 

This way, they get just enough light without OVERHEATING or getting SCORCHED. 

3. Give Them Space to Breathe

To keep your succulents kickin’ for as long as possible, ensure they have plenty of BREATHING ROOM. Good air circulation is key to keeping those plants HEALTHY and disease-FREE.

DON’T CRAM them all together in containers or garden beds- give them space! This helps them sweat out the EXCESS MOISTURE. And prevents nasty stuff like MOLDS from creepin’ up on them.

Enough breathing space also means ENOUGH ROOT ZONE to spread the roots!

4. Water them regularly, but not too much

Best Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Succulents 

Give your succulents just a LITTLE bit of water- don’t waterboard them! These bad boys like it DRY. So, water them on the reg, but not too much. I let that soil chill out and dry THOROUGHLY before watering again. 

It’ll help prevent GNARLY FUNGAL DISEASES and an early grave (trust me, no one wants that!). Let those plants grow without any issues. 

5. Nourish Them and Watch for Pests

Feed those babies with the proper PLANT STEROIDS. I like to get myself a BALANCED FERTILIZER made especially for succulents. Just follow the package instructions for how often to use it and how much to pour in. 

Oh, but here’s another thing: pesky BUGS like aphids or mealybugs can cause some trouble too. So, keep an eye out! Check your plants regularly for sticky stuff or weird-looking leaves. That’s usually a sign of infestation.

If ya spot any critters, GENTLY WIPE them away with a damp cloth. Or try using organic INSECTICIDAL SOAP to get rid of them!

6. Propagate Them

Do you want to give your plants a NEW LEASE on life? Well, it’s time to get propagating. Grab some cuttings from those existing plants. And watch them grow into brand-spanking new ones.

It’s like expanding your plant fam with MINIMAL EFFORT! If you’ve got any OLDER or LEGGY succulents that need a little pick-me-up, propagation is the way to go. 

Here’s how: 

Take a HEALTHY LEAF or STEM CUTTING. And let it chill out in a dry spot until it forms this cool callus thingy (usually takes just a few days). Then gently plant it in soil that drains well.

FAQs about How Long Do Succulents Live

1. How many days can succulents survive without water?

Succulents are drought-tolerant plants. These little dudes can totally handle some serious dry spells like superheroes. They can go without water for weeks and still come out kickin’! But hey, even heroes need a drink sometimes to keep the party going.
So don’t forget to give your drought-resistant plants a nice sip now and then. Think once every 1-2 weeks!

2. Can you plant succulents in just sand?

These cool plants are like desert experts. They love sandy soil and low rainfall spots – it’s their jam! So when growing them, mix some coarse sand, gravel, and crushed rock for the perfect party blend. Let those succulents thrive in style!

3. Is it better to plant succulents together or separately?

Planting these bad boys together is usually a solid move. They dig similar light and water requirements, making it easier to keep them happy. But hold up! 
Make sure you’re pairing compatible ones. This prevents one from hogging all the resources or cramping each other’s style.

4. When should I plant succulents in the spring?

When planting these beauties outside, consider their toughness. And whether they can handle winter chills. If not, just bring them indoors for a cozy winter stay. And hey, indoor pot planting? You can do that any time of year! No restrictions on your green thumb game!

5. Why do some succulents get moldy and die while others live?

These plants hate being waterlogged or stuck in soggy soil. It’s a one-way ticket to rot town and, of course, death! So here’s the plan: water them regularly but don’t go overboard, okay? 
And make sure that soil drains like a champ by using this desert-dweller mix. That’s half potting soil and half inorganic goodness like perlite. Your succulents will thank you for keeping their roots dry and keeping them away from an early grave! 

What’s Next

Alright, let’s recap the succulent saga! We explored their groovy growth patterns and lifespan expectations (they’re in it for the long haul!). We even busted out lifespan knowledge on fancy succulent types like “offshoot” and “monocarpic.” 

We also looked into indoor or outdoor varieties growth. And finally, put the icing on the cake with killer tips to keep them thriving. Now you’re fully equipped for epic succulent adventures! Go forth and succeed!

Ready to level up your gardening game? If you’re facing issues with your succulents or other plants, our website is the place to be! 

We’re loaded with expert solutions to get your garden game on point. Head over now and let AsterGardening help transform your garden into a lush paradise. 

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