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BY Khushvinder Dagar
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Ah, SCALES on your JADE PLANT. Not a great fashion statement for your green friend, huh? I get it. Those little buggy things can be quite pesky and make your beautiful jade look all gross and scaly. 

TRUST ME, you’re not alone in this struggle! Let’s help you NAVIGATE through those scaly waters before things get rougher! Hang tight!

We’re here to save the day and help you tackle those PESKY SCALES on jade plants. Why should you trust us? Well, we’ve got YEARS of experience as expert gardeners under our belts. 

So, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing TOP CONTENT on cacti & succulents! You enjoy KILLER SOLUTIONS for those annoying critters! You’ll be Ted Bundy with those scales! Hahaha.

We’ll show you how to identify those pesky small bugs to understand what causes them and how to send them packing.

Scales On Jade Plant

What is the scale on jade plant? How to Identify?

What does scale on a jade plant look like

Jade plants, AKA Crassula ovata, are awesome succulents with THICK LEAVES that look like tiny jade stones.

Do you suspect you are dealing with scale on jade plant? Scale insects are fairly COMMON PESTS. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s take it from the beginning (drumroll, please!)

So, what are scale insects? These sneaky creatures are teensy tiny pests sporting a SHIELD-like ARMOR. This resembles something straight out of MEDIEVAL times.

You’ll often find them chilling on your precious jade plant LEAVES and STEMS. Picture something like UNINVITED guests crashing a party.

Now, how do we identify THESE BUGGERS? Well, scale bugs have got this PRIMORDIAL vibe going. Remember that itsy-bitsy boast fancy schmancy protective ARMOR? That is what you are looking for. They’re tough exoskeletons resembling shells. That’s quite the fashion statement for such little critters!

Dealing with a SCALE INFESTATION? Keep an eye out for signs of WATER STRESS and leaf DEFORMITIES in your poor jade plant. It’s NOT fair play! But don’t despair just yet! We’ve got some epic solutions LINED Up to kick those scales right off your green friend. (Stay tuned).

What does scale on a jade plant look like? 

What does scale on a jade plant look like

Let’s get up close and personal with those pesky SMALL INSECTS on our lovely jade plants. These suckers can VARY in COLOR from brown/reddish to greyish-white. And they typically measure between 1mm to 6mm —a TINY-SIZED nuisance indeed!

Now, how do you spot these SNEAKY BUGS? Keep an eye out for SMALL SHELL-LIKE BUMPS popping up on both the stems and leaves of your jade plant. 

Talk about unwanted accessories! You may also notice deformations or curling in the jade plant leaves. (I can already feel the PAIN!)

But wait, there’s more! In a LIGHT INFESTATION, scale insects leave behind a STICKY RESIDUE called honeydew. (Eww)!!! This is basically their FEEDING aftermath. As if that wasn’t enough, this sweet treat attracts SOOTY MOLD growth – yikes! Hate scale infestation already?

What are the Symptoms of Scale on Jade Plant? 

What are the Symptoms of Scale on Jade Plant

Let’s uncover the SYMPTOMS of armored scale on a jade plant like detectives on the case! Keep an eye out for small, waxy bumps that resemble tiny shells popping up on BOTH STEMS and LEAVES.

It’s not exactly a trendy feature on your jade plants. The foliage may show DEFORMATIONS or CURLING as if it just rolled out of bed with messy hair.

But wait, there’s more to this freaky pest party! Scale insects leave behind a STICKY HONEYDEW. That’s a telltale sign they’ve been your plant is not safe. And guess what?

Here are some additional red flags (DON’T miss them like with your ex):

POOR GROWTH in your precious jade and honeydew making its way onto the UPPER LEAF SURFACES. Talk about unwanted stickiness!

Oh, one last thing to keep an eagle eye for is any WHITE WAXY FIBERS you spot. It could be where those sneaky scale insects dropped off their EGGS in an infestation.

What Causes Scales on Jade Plant? 

What Causes Scales on Jade Plant

1. Overwatering:

Overwatering is a big no-no for jade plants. They like their soil to be LIGHT and FAST-DRAINING, not heavy and waterlogged. If you drown your plant in EXCESS WATER, it’s gonna cause root rot faster than you can say “crassula ovata.”

And guess what? Scale insects LOVE nothing more than wet soil! So, if you’ve got scale infestation on your jade plant, take a good long look at your WATERING HABITS. Are you DROWNING that poor thing?

I like to jade plants with a WELL-DRAINING POTTING MIX. Also, I only water the plants if the soil FEELS a little rough & dry to the touch. It helps keep those scale insects away from my garden party!

2. Powdery mildew:

Mildew is no mild issue when it comes to jade plants. It can sneak up on them if they’re stuck in low light, with POOR CIRCULATION or CHILLY TEMPERATURES.

And you know what happens next? Scale insects gatecrash the party! (you have scale on jade plant). They love hanging around MILDEWED LEAVES like nobody’s business. And before you know it, there’s an infestation going on.

To keep your jade plant safe from this POWDERY MENACE, give it some bright indirect light. Do this by placing it near a SOUTH-FACING WINDOW.

And remember: water only when the soil is completely DRY as a desert. That’ll help keep both POWDERY MILDEW and those pesky scales from your garden.

3. Injuries, diseases:

Injuries and diseases can turn a jade plant into a PERFECT hangout spot for scale insects. Sometimes, those scales show up when the plant gets injured. 

It’s like they’re just DRAWN to all that DAMAGE, like you to your EXES! Hahaha! Other times, EXCESSIVE HUMIDITY and OVERHARVESTING in winter work against your poor jade.

And here’s the kicker: viruses spread by insects can also cause scales on these green beauties. They won’t NECESSARILY kill the whole plant but can pop up anywhere they like. Talk about an unwanted guest!

To keep your INDOOR PLANTS safe from this INSECT INVASION, be mindful of injuries. I also AVOID doing any major pruning in winter when fungal diseases are more likely to strike. That’s unlike my hydrangeas, which love to be pruned during this time!

And hey, if you do find some INFECTED MATERIAL stem on your jade plants…toss it away!

How to Treat and Get Rid of Scales on Jade Plant?

How to Treat and Get Rid of Scales on Jade Plant

Isolate Your Plant

To tackle those scales on your jade plant, give it some alone time as soon as you see any COMMON SIGN. Quarantine that little green buddy away from its fellow indoor plants.

This is the first step in TREATING SCALE on your jade plant treatment. That’s to PREVENT these nuisances from spreading their mischief to other plants.

Isolation DOESN’T have to LAST FOREVER (unless you want it to). I only do this until I’ve successfully kicked all the scale critters out. That’s just like during COVID-19 quarantines. I’d isolate until I am virus-free!

Manually removing scale

Do you have stubborn jade plant scales? Roll up your sleeves and get ready for some manual labor. I like to grab a BLUNT KNIFE or COTTON SWAB and scrape the pesky creatures off one by one.

Just BE CAREFUL not to harm the actual plant while doing so. If you feel disgusted, just think of it like spreading butter on bread. That’s what I do!

NO fancy chemicals or COMPLICATED methods needed here, just good old-fashioned handiwork. So put on your GARDENING GLOVES, and focus your attention on each scale like it owes you money.

Prune The Infested Leaves

How to Treat and Get Rid of Scales on Jade Plant meme

When it comes to treating scale on your jade plant, a LITTLE PRUNING can go a long way. Get rid of the infested leaves by giving them the SNIP! Removing any FRAIL or INJURED parts of the plant helps your jade focus its energy on recovery.

So grab some trusty gardening tools and start SNIPPING AWAY at those scaled-up leaves. Cut off any HEAVILY INFESTED areas and discard them far, far away from your healthy plants.

Use rubbing alcohol

If the pesky jade plant scale starts causing trouble, it’s time to bring out the ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL! Grab a cotton bud and dip it in a cup of this magical rubbing alcohol. Now, get up close with those stubborn scale insects.

Dab, dab, dab on their little shells like you’re playing CONNECT-THE-DOTS. The alcohol will do its job by getting drunk! Just kidding, it helps get rid of scale and sends a clear message: “No room for scales here!”

I take my time treating each INDIVIDUAL SCALE, which doesn’t help with the smell of alcohol. So, PREPARE YOURSELF to inhale and taste isopropyl alcohol at the back of your MOUTH.

Go for some Pesticides

When those stubborn jade plant scales just won’t quit, it’s time to bring out the BIG GUNS – pesticides! Have you tried EVERYTHING with treating scale with zero results? It’s time for some extra backup.

Grab yourself some Neem Oil or insecticidal soap, and get ready to give your jade plant a pampering.

Mix up the treatment according to the instructions on your CHOSEN PESTICIDE product. Then, GENEROUSLY apply it all over your infested plant to get rid of scale.

Make sure to reach every nook and cranny where those sneaky insects may be HIDING.

Tips to Prevent Scales on Jade Plant

Tips to Prevent Scales on Jade Plant

Care and Maintain Your plants:

Find a SWEET SPOT where your plant gets plenty of sunlight without getting sunburned. And remember to hold off on watering until the soil is BONE-DRY – those drainage holes play a crucial role here! Oh, and don’t forget to freshen up its soil now and then. 

Inspect them Regularly:

Keep those scales from turning into troublemakers by checking your jade plant REGULARLY. Keep an eagle eye out for SIGNS of INFESTATION, like tiny bumps or funky spots on leaves and stems. 

That’s what I do to nab them scale insects BEFORE they spread like crazy. Funnily enough, though, my BASIL in the kitchen garden seems IMMUNE to any invasion!

Isolate Infested Plants:

Isolating infested plants? Picture it as SOCIAL DISTANCING for plant buddies! If I catch sight of those pesky scales hitching a ride on one leafy fella, I SWIFTLY quarantine that poor thing. It spares its healthy pals ASAP. This prevents the creepy crawlies from causing chaos all around.

Man oh man though, FINDING SPACE for all these isolated plants in need can be quite challenging for me!

People Also Ask about Scales On Jade Plant

1. What are the white flakes on jade plant?

Those white spots on your Jade plant can be from excess salts in your tap water. Don’t worry, though – the plant gets rid of it through its leaf pores without harm. But switch to filtered or rainwater if you wanna avoid those spots!

2. What does an unhealthy jade plant look like?

When your jade plant is healthy, its stems are upright, and the leaves point outwards or upwards. But when it’s stressed, those young stems go droopy, and the foliage hangs low like a stack of fallen dominoes.

3. How do I rejuvenate a jade plant?

Jade plants are tough and live long, but they need a little pick-me-up sometimes. Check this out to rejuvenate your jade:
1. Give it a trim: Snip off dead leaves or leggy stems for fresh growth.
2. Repot if needed: Upgrade with new soil in a slightly bigger pot.
3. Let there be light: Bright, indirect sunlight makes them happy!
4. Go easy on watering: Don’t drown them – let the soil dry between drinks!

4. Why is my jade plant losing leaves?

Look, the usual suspect is overwatering. Too much water cuts off oxygen and rots roots! And guess what? An overwatered plant looks parched! So, let the soil dry a bit before giving it a good soak. And don’t let your plant sit in water or go hole-less with its pot – drainage matters!
Indoors, jade likes bright light; outside shade works too (but no frosty temps). Depending on where you live, though, outdoors might not be ideal for them!

5. How do I propagate a jade plant from a leaf?

Here’s the deal: lay them on a mix of vermiculite (or perlite) and soil. Give it some water once after laying down the leaf, then go easy until the roots pop.
After that? Boom! You got yourself plantlets growing from touched edges in 2-8 weeks. Once they’re around a few inches tall, treat them like regular jades!

What’s Next

We talked about those annoying scales on jade plants. We covered how to spot them, the symptoms they cause, and why they show up in the first place. 

Plus, tips on treating and preventing these little pests from wrecking your jades! Stay alert with humidity and watering, too! And happy jade plant growing! (Jading?)

Now it’s time to put your newfound knowledge into action, tackling scales. Head over to Aster Gardening for more in-depth tips and tricks. Plus, hey, we’re not just here to deal with scales. Do you have any other gardening dilemmas that need solving? 

Check out our website, where you’ll find a treasure trove of solutions waiting for you.

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