Reasons for Potato Plant Flowering 2024

BY Khushvinder Dagar
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It’s pretty fascinating to see POTATO PLANT FLOWERING. But what to do if it interferes with your potato harvest? Your hard work goes to WASTE! (So bad 😔) 

That’s where we have the expertise in! We are DEDICATED GARDENERS WHO WILL GUIDE YOU in growing potatoes.

We teach you all about potato fruit to grow potatoes. You learn the POTATO FLOWERING BENEFITS or DRAWBACKS.

Learn here:

  • Reason(s) for potato blossoms 
  • Timing of potato flower
  • What to do when potato plants flower
  • Whether Harvest potatoes & much more! 
potato plant flowering

Why Does Potato Plant Flowering?

Why Does Potato Plant Flowering

Potatoes PRODUCE FLOWERS TO REPRODUCE themselves. Potato plants convert flowers into green fruit that produce seeds inside. This sometimes happens WHEN THE ENTIRE PLANT BEARS MATURE POTATOES.

Potato flower is also TRIGGERED BY PERIODS OF COLD and WET WEATHER. Due to this reason, the flower grows in some zone with cold weather rather than warmer growing zones. 

In warmer zones, such as TEN, ELEVEN, or TWELVE, the potato plants only bloom for a short time or even produce fruit. The FLOWERS WILL FADE AWAY IF YOU LIVE IN THESE ZONES, contrary to others. 

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What’s the Time Do Potato Plants Produce Flowers?

What's the Time Do Potato Plants Produce Flowers

POTATO PLANTS FLOWER COMES INTO EXISTENCE in June or July. The bloom stays for two weeks or longer. Potato flowers APPEAR AFTER 70 DAYS OF PLANTING after the growing season.  

The flowering time also depends on many gardeners. That is – if you are growing potato plants EARLY, MID-SEASON, or LATER. The early potatoes flower first, then mid-season ones, and the late-season potatoes

Some POTATO VARIETIES FLOWER include RED, WHITE, PINK, PURPLE, or BLUE at the end of the growing season. That is 3-4 months after planting them.        

What Should You Do When Your Potato Plant Flowers?

What Should You Do When Your Potato Plant Flowers

Now, this is an interesting question. What to do when the flowers start to grow on your potato plants? Some say REMOVING THEM IS BENEFICIAL for your potato crop. But the truth is- removing potato flowers decreases the size of your potatoes.

It also DEPENDS ON THE HARVEST TIME of your potato crops. Remove flowers WHEN YOU PLANT POTATOES TO GAIN NEW POTATOES. It gives you an advantage in this scenario. 

But if you are GROWING MAIN CROP POTATOES FOR WINTER STORAGE, then it is GOOD TO REMOVE THEM. This way, you will harvest potatoes and potato tubers that are LARGER.

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Should You Dig Potatoes Before Flowering?

Should You Dig Potatoes Before Flowering

The answer can be a simple ”yes”. But you will be disadvantaged if you start digging your potatoes before the plant blooms. You only GET A GOOD POTATO HARVEST IF YOU SEARCH BEFORE YOUR PLANT STARTS TO WITHER. 

When the potato plant starts to die off, the potatoes have reached their full potential! And now, if you harvest your new potatoes when the plant is still green – You might get SMALL BABY POTATOES. 

There is only one exception to early digging when there is a chance of a long frost time. Then you will at least get some potato yield. 

What Your Potato Plant Never Flowers?

What Your Potato Plant Never Flowers

There is nothing to worry if your potato plants are not flowering. Your plant can still produce tubers. The POTATO FLOWERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING GREEN POTATO FRUITS. These fruits look SIMILAR TO GREEN CHERRY TOMATOES! 

The catch here is that potato plant fruit is poisonous, and they are not edible at all. (**Oh, I was thinking of tasting this fruit just like any other ordinary fruit!**). This potato fruit produces solaninea poisonous alkaline

SOLANINE is also PRESENT IN THE GREEN PART OF POTATOES. It should be removed as well before consumption.  

What Happens If the Potatoes are Not Harvested?

What Happens If the Potatoes are Not Harvested

You create a PERENNIAL POTATO PATCH if you don’t harvest your potatoes! What this means is EITHER YOUR POTATOES GROW or DIE IN THE GROUND. You might get damaged potatoes in case the soil is wet. Or die when the ground starts to freeze during frost.

If you live in an area with warm and dry weather, ANY TUBER THAT HAS SURVIVED WILL SPROUT AGAIN DURING SPRING! So you’re still not at a loss even if you don’t harvest your potatoes!      

FAQs about Potato Plant Flowering

1. What do potato flowers turn into?

The potato flowers turn into green fruit that looks like round, green cherry tomatoes. These fruits are not edible. The potato plant flower pollinates and grows into a potato fruit during wet weather only.     

2. How long do potato plants take to bloom?

The potato plants generally bloom after about 10 weeks. It also depends on the climate and variety and might flower later or not bloom. When potatoes flower, the plant reaches full maturity and stops growing. 

3. Do you stop watering potatoes when they flower?

No, it would not be best to stop watering potatoes when they flower. Flowering indicates vines are mature. And enough space is there for maximum tuber formation.

4. What do potato plants look like when ready to harvest?

Potato flowers start to die off, and the top of the potato plants begin shrinking down to the soil; they are ready to harvest. Some plants start becoming yellow when they begin dying off, and new potatoes are ready to eat during this stage.  

What’s Next

Knowing the reason for potatoes flowering and also the time of producing flowers. Plus, what to do with them when they appear.

Whether dig before flowering and what happens if potatoes never flower. At last, what is going to happen with the potatoes when not harvested?  

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