Do Deer Eat Tomatoes? Unveiling The Lowdown Truth

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Are you curious to learn DO DEER EAT TOMATOES? If it’s fuzzy, does it mean Bambi is a pizza fan with a side of ketchup? Welcome to the blog with THE ANSWER! 

They say curiosity killed the cat. But in this case, it’ll save you from having your outdoor garden STRIPPED BARE. 

Have no fear, though. Let’s get into this juicy topic. You’ll learn more about our favorite four-legged friends and their dietary needs. 

Who knows – maybe you’ll even find out why your tomato patch is so often on the MISSING LIST!

Well, LET US HELP! We are expert gardeners who understand the ins and outs of tomato gardening. 

We have done countless hours of RESEARCH to provide valuable information about gardening. 

Trust us! We can give you definitive information to help you PROTECT YOUR PRECIOUS TOMATOES.

You’ll finally stop putting up those “missing tomato posters” all over your neighborhood. Hahaha.

So let’s get to it and figure out how to keep those cute villains away from our tomatoes!

Do Deer Eat Tomatoes

Do deer eat tomatoes?

Do Deer Eat Tomatoes

Have you ever wondered if DEER EAT TOMATOES? Well, deer eat tomato plants! You might find your garden plants disappearing overnight if there’s a deer or two around: “Oh, Deer!”.

Eating your TOMATO PLANTS won’t be the only thing they’re up to; they will also eat TOMATOES. 

They might look cute and cuddly, but they sure can make a good tomato salad!

So, KEEP AN EYE out for these pesky cute little critters regarding your tomatoes and tomato plant! The next time you see Bambi in your garden, know they want an all-you-can-eat buffet! 

Are tomato plants toxic for deer to eat?

Are tomato plants toxic for deer to eat

Is your garden full of JUICY TOMATO PLANTS? Well, Bambi may think so too! But they should beware — while a few bites won’t hurt them, ingesting TOO MANY can be dangerous. That’s because these plants contain high levels of solanine

This is an edible crop chemical for deer in low doses but POTENTIALLY TOXIC if consumed in large amounts. Scientists say it can give deer nightmares of being chased by Chef Gordon Ramsay! Hahaha 

So, keeping your tomato-loving friends away from the garden is best! No matter what Bambi promises you!

How to keep deer away from eating tomatoes?

How to keep deer away from eating tomatoes

Do you want to protect your precious tomato plants from those annoying deer? Think of it like trying to keep a group of hungry teenagers out of the kitchen-you need effective means! Here is how:

1. Deer-resistant plants

Plant DEER-RESISTANT PLANTS in your vegetable garden. This will protect your veggie garden by making it unappealing to deer. Think of it like wearing a funny hat – the deer won’t want to flirt with your veggies!

2. Electric fence

Use a strong electric fence as a deterrent. Ensure it’s at least 3 feet tall with the bottom wire 6 inches off the ground. Otherwise, all you’ll have is “zapped” vegetables! Now that will shock you!

3. Area repellent

Apply commercial deer-repellent sprays, deer-repellent granules, predator urine, or rotten eggs. Deer won’t just be ‘a wee bit peckish’ after that! These STRONG SMELLS keep the deer from eating your tomato plants. It also helps with other vegetables in the garden. 

4. Fencing wire

Put up fencing wire around your garden or use deer netting draped over stakes. This will keep deer AWAY from tomatoes! And you’ll see Bambi will look like they are starring in a music video on the other side – how cute would that be? 

Make sure it’s made from heavy gauge wire and tall enough to deter those stubborn deer! 

How do you identify deer damage?

How do you identify deer damage

So you suspect you have deer visiting your garden? Here is how you confirm that:

1. Look for HOOFPRINTS in the ground around your garden. If it looks like a herd of tap dancers has been practicing their routine, chances are it is deer!

2. Keep an eye out for ENTIRE TOMATO PLANTS missing or other animals eating them. Deer love tomatoes! So stop spreading those conspiracy theories about UFOs abducting your tomatoes!

3. Watch if you notice any precious plants GONE or NIBBLED THROUGH. Deer will often take bites off multiple stems until the plant can’t survive. It’s almost like browsing at the all-you-can-eat buffet!

4. Scour your vegetable garden to see if there is evidence of OTHER ANIMALS visiting. Sometimes they come together and have a party in your backyard.

5. Pay attention to any missing parts of TOMATO VINES.

This indicates that something has taken MORE than JUST A BITE. Think of it like someone heard “greens are good for us” and decided to go overboard with dinner this time! This could be deer damage!

Are there any other plants deer eat?

Are there any other plants deer eat

Yes, now we know that deer eat tomato plants. But what about the OTHER PLANTS? As the old saying goes, a deer’s gotta eat what a deer’s gotta! 

 There are a few “sacred” plants, like the NIGHTSHADE FAMILY, that they won’t touch. Other than that, Edible crops like TENDER GREENS and ROOT VEGETABLES  are fair game for deer. 

It’s like those cute friends have munchies. Who knows? Maybe they smoke a joint when no one is watching. Hahaha. 

FAQs about Do Deer Eat Tomatoes

1. How much do deer eat per day?

Deer eat a lot! They can easily consume up to 4-7 pounds of food per day! That’s a lot of munching! Who knew deer could be such hungry creatures?

2. Are salt licks good for deer?

Salt licks are like candy for deer! They love it! The salty taste is irresistible for them. Even if you don’t have any other food, a salt lick should do the trick. So go ahead and give them a treat – your deer will be sure to thank you!

3. What smells do deer avoid?

Using a smell-based deer repellent, you can deter deer from eating your entire garden. Some of these smells include hot pepper spray or coffee grounds. Repellent sprays can also help protect your tomato plants from hungry deer.

4. Do squirrels eat tomatoes?

Squirrels sure do love their veggies! Tomatoes being vegetables, mean that squirrels will eat them. They prefer munching on the leaves of a tomato plant or digging up the roots of plants. Sometimes, you’ll find them chowing down on tomatoes!

What’s Next

We discussed the many questions surrounding deer and their relationship with tomato plants. Do deer eat them? Are they toxic? How to keep them away? How to identify deer damage? And what other plants do deer eat? 

We also discussed deer deterrents to help protect your tomato plants. So, keep your tomatoes safe and sound – and away from those cute pesky deer!

Do you have a tomato garden? 

Come to AsterGardening for the best tips and advice on protecting your plants from Bambi. We have something for everyone! 

Our information is suited for both beginners and pros. Stop by today and say goodbye to those hungry deer!

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