Yellow Tomatoes: Grow A Fresh Juicy Plant 2024

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Are you tired of the typical ‘red’ color of your tomatoes? Well, we have a secret for you today! 


Did you know? 

There are yellow, red, and orange tomatoes each of their types. Isn’t that INSANE! They can be your secret ingredient to making your dishes tastier and eye-pleasing. 

At AsterGardening, We have years of experience growing different kinds of tomatoes. With that experience, we want to share our tips and tricks with you. We walk you through some of our favorite yellow tomatoes. 

You probably won’t even leave space for other fruits and vegetables! 

Get ready to dive into the world of Yellow Tomatoes!

 Yellow Tomatoes

About Yellow Tomatoes

Yellow Tomatoes

It’s unusual, isn’t it? Yellow tomatoes. All your life, you must be used to seeing red tomatoes or orange ones. Yellow is the new red now! The yellow tomato is making a comeback and will bedazzle the tomato world

These scrumptious fruits will add MORE COLOURS and FLAVOUR to your dishes!

Before you think, are these genetically enhanced for their color? Well, they aren’t. They are purely naturally occurring tomatoes and have been around for CENTURIES! Would you believe it? 

Tomatoes are amazing fruits; they have such wide varieties. But it looks like the yellow tomato is aiming for the throne!  Their colors range from yellow to deep gold, fancy, right? Think of them as magical fruits that add color and flavor to your dish. Salads, sauces, salsa, you name it, and it can make them divine! 

What are the Varieties of Yellow Tomatoes?

You thought this was it? There are more! The Yellow tomato variety has varieties in itself as well! How COOL is that!

So the various varieties have their unique size, shape, flavor, and texture. MOUTH WATERING, isn’t it? Let us familiarize you with the most popular yellow varieties. 

Lemon Boy

Lemon Boy

This is a small to medium-sized tomato with a BRIGHT yellow color. You can use it in dressings and make them fabulous! Its sweet and tangy flavor adds a twist to the punch. The name lemon boy is SO FANCY

Yellow Pear

Yellow Pear

Want a different shape? Well, this kind is a delicious pear-shaped tomato. They are sweet with a mild flavor, perfect when roasted with vegetables!

Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee

Some dishes require specific tomatoes. The Golden Jubilee has a smooth and meaty texture with a sweet taste. Add them to your burgers and sandwiches, so they look GORGEOUS



Nope, we aren’t talking about pineapple fruit. This is a variety of yellow tomato fruits. You can also call it the beefsteak-style tomato, Fancy, right? They are tigers of the tomato world with yellow and red stripes. They sparkle with a tropical flavor, which is great for making salsa. 

There are so many varieties: 

  • Taxi
  • Yellow Brandywine (an heirloom variety)
  • Sunray
  • Gold Nugget
  • Jaune Flamme
  • Kentucky Beefsteak
  • Wyche’s Yellow (an heirloom variety)
  • Cherry Tomatoes

Look at ALL THESE VARIETIES! YUM! All these varieties have unique characteristics. There isn’t a dish to which you can’t add yellow tomatoes. Salads, sauces, and sandwiches, there is a variety that can taste delicious with each of them!

Differences Between Yellow Tomatoes and Others

Differences Between Yellow Tomatoes and Others

Even culinary experts need help keeping up with all these different varieties! But, there is a difference between yellow tomatoes and other varieties. Let’s have a look at a few to get you acquainted. 


Well, if it isn’t the most obvious difference, it still is a difference. The yellow tomato varieties have a range of colors. They mostly have a vibrant yellow hue which ranges from pale yellow and light yellow to deep gold.


This is where you check the real difference. Though these yellow fruits are from the same family, yellow tomato plants have different flavors. You can find amazing tasteful tomatoes! The taste ranges from sweet to slight tartness to tangy. 

These Yellow fruits are less acidic in their taste. They actually taste sweet. You encourage your friends/ children to eat these if they find other tomatoes too acidic


Yes, it’s the same tomato, but the yellow tomato is softer. They are more delicate than other varieties. They have thinner skin, which makes their texture different. They are more delicate this way. This makes it challenging to store these precious fruits. They’re more prone to bruising and spoiling, so better be careful.  

Note: Don’t get confused between yellow and orange tomatoes. TRUST US. Although the orange tomato sometimes looks closer to the yellow variety, it is different. They have other types, like the Amana orange and orange king. So know your yellow and orange tomatoes. 

Planting and Harvesting Yellow Tomatoes

Planting and Harvesting Yellow Tomatoes

Seeing all the tomato varieties must make you want to have them in your tomato garden! Such sweet flavors would have you jumping to growing yellow tomatoes! Well, we have some great gardening tips for you!

Let’s grow some HIGH-yielding tomatoes!

Planting Yellow Tomatoes

Soil Preparation

This is one of the most CRUCIAL parts of growing tomatoes. It’s vital to grow tomato plants with high yields. Before planting, check the soil pH level for acidity. Tomatoes are known for their need for slightly acidic soil. You can add coffee grounds to your compost or aged manure to boost fertility and drainage. 

The soil pH should range from 6.0 to 6.8 for this plant to thrive!


In gardening, timing is everything. You should start planting your seeds or seedlings in spring, right after the last frost is gone. The soil temperature also matters, which should be 60°F during that time. 

This plant loves growing through summer, though it’s planted year-round. With greenhouses worldwide, this fruit is grown even outside of the summer months. 


You don’t want plants to compete amongst themselves for resources, now, do you? Make sure you provide each plant adequate space to grow and produce fruit. Space them two to three feet apart. This will ensure air circulation and prevent the spread of any likely disease. 

Harvesting Yellow Tomatoes


This fruit has a short growing season. They typically get ripe after 70 to 80 days of planting. You should know what a ripe tomato looks like. In the case of these yellow fruits, when they ripen, they have a golden yellow color. They also give a small press. 


Don’t plug or tug these sensitive fruits. Just gently twist or snap this tomato from the vine. This variety is delicate, so it needs extra attention and care when you harvest.


Just like other varieties, these are best stored at room temperature. Keep the plant out of direct sunlight. This way, they can last for several days before soiling.

The Right Care for Yellow Tomatoes

Right Care for Yellow Tomatoes

It doesn’t matter if you’re growing yellow tomato plants or orange tomatoes. Give them the care they need, and they’ll give you the delicious taste you need!


You don’t want anything competing for nutrients with your plants and fruits. Your garden should have regular pruning. Even if it’s a tomato vine reaching out to other fruits and hampering their ability to grow, prune them. 


The juicy fruit demands consistent moisture to grow and produce fruit. You should regularly water your plants. Don’t go overboard, and don’t hold back; BALANCE is critical in watering this plant. 


A balanced fertilizer is the tomato’s best friend. A slow-release fertilizer is a safe option to give once a month. If you’re looking for an organic gardening solution, use compost. 


These plants are sun-worshippers. Plant them in your garden where they can absorb at least six hours of sun daily. If you’re growing them in a container, keep rotating them according to the sun. They enjoy the warm weather. 


Plants require moral support and physical support. These get heavy when the fruits fill up close to harvest. You can use stakes, cages, or trellises to support your plants and grow them strong!

Nutritional Value of Yellow Tomatoes

Nutritional Value of Yellow Tomatoes

Gets these beautiful tomatoes from your garden to your kitchen! (of course, after they ripe) There’s more than the mild taste they offer. Their nutritional value is excellent, so you’ll want to grow more in your garden! 

Add them to your soups and salads, and you can have them fresh, too, after you’re done slicing tomatoes. 

Vitamin C

This powerful antioxidant is found in abundance in these tomatoes. Vitamin C improves your skin and immune health. One tomato contains 25% of the daily intake! Thats SUPER!

Vitamin A

Great for your eye health! These varieties have packed up to 20% of your daily recommended intake!


Want to regulate your blood pressure? Well, these fruits got you covered. It has 9% of your daily intake of potassium. 


This carotenoid has been linked to a reduction in heart diseases and cancer. Yellow tomatoes have more lycopene than red tomatoes. You should feel lucky that they are giving you such GREAT nutritional value.

Overall the nutritional value is fantastic. The fruit is delicious and can also be added to your everyday tems. Daily incorporation into your diet is very beneficial. 

FAQs about Yellow Tomatoes

1. Do yellow tomatoes eventually turn red?

You might think so, but no. This isn’t the case with yellow tomatoes. At best, they’ll turn orange, which might confuse you. But TRUST US. They are still yellow tomatoes. 

2. What flavor is a yellow tomato?

Yellow tomatoes have a mild flavor. The flavor ranges from sweet to slightly tardy and tangy. They have a less acidic taste than their red counterparts. 

3. Do tomatoes need the sun to ripen?

These plants simply LOVE the sun. The sun helps them maintain their color and obviously grow and become ripe. If you don’t provide sunlight, they will lose their color and get sad, and won’t grow properly. 

4. What is the sweetest yellow tomato?

There are a couple of sweet varieties that can be put on this list. Most of them are sweet, but let’s have a look at the sweetest kinds:
· Pineapple
· Kellog’s Breakfast
· Sun Gold
· Blondkopfchen

What’s Next

You better get those tomatoes growing! So wide varieties will make you want to grow each of them. From cherry tomatoes to pineapple, you would like your garden to be filled with them! 

Just make sure to remember what you’ve read in this guide if you want your tomatoes to be as juicy as ours. AsterGardening has a history of experience in tomatoes, and we want you to have the same fun. 

These yellow tomatoes are sumptuous for various dishes, so cook them up and get your friends over! Share this guide with your friends who probably don’t know much about yellow tomatoes. 

Now you’re a guru who can teach them and tell them to follow us to become masters themselves!

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