Why Are My Cucumbers Yellow? Best Tricks for successful Growing

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Are you facing problems with stunted cucumbers and slow plant growth? Wondering, ‘why are my cucumbers yellow?’. Well, we are here to dissect what’s going on with your fruit vegetables.

You should be getting bright green mature fruits that you can’t get enough of! You must be thinking about slicing cucumbers and your salads, but first, let’s grow them. 

From planting cucumbers to being able to grow healthy cucumbers, you should know it all. It’s easy to pick up on with our years of gardening experience and practice with cucumbers. You’ll be growing FRESHER, CRUNCHIER and TASTIER cucumbers after this guide. You’ll LOVE cucumbers even MORE after this! 

We’ve dealt with affected plants, yellow spots, and even yellow leaves! So if you’re going through a rough patch, we know exactly what to do about it. 

Let’s dive into this informative content! Let’s DISCOVER what’s going on with your delicious cucumbers!

Why Are My Cucumbers Yellow

Why Are My Cucumbers Turning Yellow?

Why Are My Cucumbers Turning Yellow

Seeing your vegetables grow poorly is something EVERY plant grower fear. Are your cucumbers yellow, or if cucumbers turn yellow, there are signs that you need to consider. We’ll help you nurture your cucumber plant back to health!

Variety of Cucumber

Let’s get to the first test. Yellowing cucumbers? Well, your green cucumbers might actually be yellow or lemon cucumbers. There are MANY yellow cucumber varieties! You might have gotten the WRONG seeds that produce yellow cucumbers. 

The yellow cucumber variety has a color that ranges from pale yellow to bright yellow skin. They have a sweet and mild flavor, which is a GREAT choice for salads and snacking. The yellow cucumber variety can add color to your next salad.


Sure, plants love water but don’t go overboard. Cucumber plants DON’T like to be drained in the water ALL the time. Give their roots time to BREATHE, or your cucumber plants will turn yellow. 

How does one do that? Well, make sure that your garden soil drains properly. If the soil drainage isn’t proper, your plant’s roots will have stayed in the water for TOO long. This can rot the roots from the inside out. How would you feel if you had wet feet? 

Poor Pollination

Your cucumbers are turning yellow because of a lack of pollination. It’s an issue If the plant’s female flowers aren’t receiving enough visits from bees. Or if the female flower doesn’t produce enough nectar, there is a reduced flow of necessary nutrients

So if you want to grow greener cucumbers, keep track of those plant flowers. If pollination isn’t happening correctly, the flower and the tiny fruit beneath it will fall off. 

The fruit doesn’t bear the entire genetic code since the pollination isn’t carried out properly. This affects the overall quality of your fruits. It might be a reason why your cucumbers are yellow. This is a simple test-it-yourself situation; there is no need to get a soil test. 


What all green thumb people DREAD is a plant disease. Diseases like downy and powdery mildew can be the causes of your yellow cucumbers. These plant diseases infect the plant’s leaves, stems, and fruit. 

They can spread, especially where soil moisture levels are high (they’re a fungal disease). . Make sure you monitor your plants regularly for any condition. Here is a list to look out for:

  • Powdery mildew
  • Downy mildew
  • Cucumber mosaic virus
  • Cucumber beetles
  • Bacterial wilt
  • Potato leafhoppers
  • Beneficial insects 


Growing cucumbers, know when to harvest your RIPE cucumber. Overripe cucumbers also turn yellow. This could also be a reason for your yellow cucumbers. Do you want your dark green cucumbers to get fatter and thicker? 

Don’t wait TOO long on your ripe cucumbers, or you will have cucumbers turning yellow kind of situation.

Environmental Factors

The environment matters. If your cucumbers turning yellow is a frequent problem, soil pH levels could be why. It is essential to provide the proper soil conditions. A pH of 6.0 to 6.5 is optimal for cucumber plants. Get your soil tested; you don’t want a stunted cucumber plant.

You should also check the air circulation in the soil too. This is vital for preventing fungal diseases from developing. Environmental conditions are crucial to growing healthy cucumbers. 

What Can I Do With Yellow Cucumbers?

What Can I Do With Yellow Cucumbers

If you’ve grown yellow cucumbers or plan on growing them, you’re in for a treat. They are just as healthy and delicious as green cucumbers. Some varieties of yellow cucumbers are sweeter and less bitter than their green cousins. Here are a couple of ways you can enjoy your yellow cucumbers. 

Fresh eating

You’ll love eating this cucumber fruit raw. An excellent ingredient for your salads and even just for a refreshing snack. 

Pickling cucumbers

Want a tangy, crunchy snack or garnish? Well, pickle these cucumbers and enjoy a treat!


These can add great flavor and texture when making a soup, stew, or stir-fried dish


Hydration and cucumbers go hand in hand. They are composed of 90% WATER! You’ll LOVE a fresh cucumber relish, chutney, or salsa for use throughout the year. 

How To Fix And Prevent Yellow Cucumbers?

How To Fix And Prevent Yellow Cucumbers

We’ve identified the problem, and now let’s go toward the solution. 

Environmental factors

Make sure that you have a proper pH level maintained for your soil. Too alkaline and too acidic, both aren’t healthy for your cucumber plants. These plants adore the sun, so they must receive adequate sunlight


Do you want a healthy scrumptious fruit vegetable? Then the best way to do that is to improve the soil conditions. Cucumbers turn yellow for many reasons, and this is one of the very frequent ones. 

The nutrients might need to be better in your soil, and you should put a compost pile or a balanced fertilizer. Practice CROP ROTATION, and give your soil a breathing space as well. 

This will also help prevent the buildup of disease-causing organisms in the ground. Insecticidal soap also helps. 

Can I Eat Yellow Cucumbers?

Can I Eat Yellow Cucumbers

Well YES! The yellow variety tastes sweeter and less bitter than the green variety. Yellow cucumbers also have a somewhat softer texture and a milder flavor. This makes them a popular choice for salads and sandwiches. YUMMY! 

Like other cucumbers, they’re a great source of hydration, vitamins, and minerals. You can eat yellow cucumbers in a variety of ways. Raw, pickled, cooked, or any ingenious way you want to practice your culinary skills. So go on and practice with this healthy vegetable. 

How Long Does It Take Cucumbers To Grow?

How Long Does It Take Cucumbers To Grow

Typically, cucumbers take around 50 to 70 days to grow from seed to maturity. Of course, slight variations depending on the variety and other environmental factors. 

These plants grow fast and quickly, reaching a height of 2 to 5 feet in a single growing season. Greenhouse-grown cucumbers can be harvested in as little as 35 days. Outdoor cucumbers may take longer to mature. 

Their growth habits also depend on their type. Some are ‘bush’ types with a compact growth habit. Others are ‘vine’ types that spread over a larger area. 

FAQs about Why Are My Cucumbers Yellow

1. When should you not eat cucumbers?

Cucumbers though DELICIOUS, shouldn’t be consumed if they become soft and mushy. This is a sign that they’ve started to decay. So you better observe signs of spoilage, mold, or any rancid scent.

2. Should you refrigerate cucumbers?

You can refrigerate your cucumbers to increase their shelf life. This will help make them last longer. To prevent MOISTURE LOSS, you can wrap them in plastic to keep them crunchy. 

3. How can you tell if a cucumber is too ripe?

You can touch and tell if the cucumber is too ripe. Soft and mushy or yellow means it’s overripe. An overripe cucumber can have a dull appearance, a sign of DECAY. 

4. What month do you harvest cucumbers?

The peak harvest time for cucumbers ranges from June to August. They are quite frequently grown in a greenhouse, where they are harvested year-round.

What’s Next

Now you know exactly why your cucumber patch is yellow. All it takes is some research with us to figure out what’s going on with your fruit vegetables. The gardening world is huge, and there is only so much you can know about. But with us, you digest this wealth of information and become the ultimate green thumb. 

Now you should look forward to crunchy cucumbers and delicious salads. 

So do you see? We’ve got a solution to your gardening problems. Astergardenings’ expertise help make your gardening plans more fun and easier. So keep following us and read more blogs to be more informed.

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