22 Deer Resistant Perennials to Get Your Garden Blooming again

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Looking for a WAY to keep your garden safe from pesky little DEER? Look no further – WE HAVE your answers RIGHT HERE!

We know how frustrating it can be to have Bambi STEAL YOUR FOOD or FLOWERS every time. That is why we have prepared the INFORMATION you need to help you PROTECT your CROP from these lil cute bandits. 

We’ve spent YEARS cultivating and studying different plants in various environments. Think of us like your GARDENING KNOWLEDGE SWISS ARMY KNIFE! 

Our knowledge has proven SUCCESSFUL even in challenging climates or with annoying deer.

We aim to help you easily find the right flowers for your needs. You get the know-how to keep pesky Bambi away from your garden and the perfect list of deer-resistant flowers to get your garden blooming again! 

You rest assured that WE HAVE YOU COVERED!

Deer Resistant Perennials

How to Keep Deer Away from the Garden?

How to Keep Deer Away from the Garden

Here are some FUN and EASY METHODS for repelling these cute banditos away: 

1. Plant Deer-Resistant Perennials

You could call it a plant ‘deterrent de flare.’ Planting DEER-RESISTANT PERENNIALS like lavender and others can help keep UNWANTED VISITORS OUT! Deer hate these plants, so plant them along the border.

If nothing else, you’ll have an incredibly fragrant garden that deer won’t come near.

2. Deter With An Ultrasonic Device

Ever heard of an ultrasonic deterrent fence? 

This device produces HIGH-FREQUENCY SOUNDS that deter deer. 

They are so effective. Elmer Fudd WISHES he had one to keep those wascally wabbits away! 

3. Deer Repellent Sprays

These sprays are made up of ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS like garlic and capsaicin. So you can think of it as your own personal VAMPIRE REPELLENT–except it works on Bambi! 

They give off a strong odor to deer that helps them avoid entering the area altogether. 

4. Plant a Fence To Keep Them Out

Using TALL FENCES is one of the most effective ways of keeping DEER from your garden. If there’s no fence, then it’s an open invitation for them to COME IN and nibble away at whatever takes their fancy!

A tall fence also adds another layer of protection for other curious creatures. 

22 Deer Resistant Perennial Flowers

BUCKLE UP! Here is a list of 22 amazing DEER-PROOF PERENNIAL FLOWERS. 

1. Bee Balm

Bee Balm

Bee balm is a fantastic deer-resistant perennial that grows up to 3 feet tall! Its scent and taste make it UNAPPETIZING for most deer, so they steer clear of it. 

Plant some in your garden bed for a native plant that won’t get eaten by the local wildlife. You’ll have beautiful blooms ALL SUMMER LONG! 

And who doesn’t love watching the bees and other pollinators buzzing around? It’s almost like watching tiny dancing helicopters take off! How cute is that?! 

So don’t forget to add Bee Balm to your perennial flower list- it’s forever bloomin’ and deer-proof! Think of it as a coat of armor for your petunias!

2. Crocus


Crocus is a deer-resistant perennial flower that can be planted in garden beds or pots. That’s perfect for those who DON’T have the real estate of their own to rent to Bambi and the gang! The flower reaches heights of up to 8 inches. That’s a TRAVEL-SIZED FLOWER right there! 

And it has a SPRING BLOOMER, providing lovely colors for your outdoor space. deer tend to steer clear of Crocus due to the STRONG SCENT of its petals. It’s like the skunk cologne for deer, they don’t want to mess with it!

This flower tolerates PARTIAL SHADE. So even if your garden gets minimal sunlight, you can still enjoy the beauty of these blooms! It will be like decorating your garden with a magical bouquet! Who knows, Disney might shoot their next live-action there.  

3. Coneflower


Coneflower is an amazing deer-resistant perennial that reaches up to THREE FEET TALL. So high, in fact, it’s like you’re looking up at the Eiffel tower! Okay, maybe that’s hyperbole, DON’T try to climb these beauties. Hahaha.

In my garden, the flowering period is from MID-SUMMER until EARLY FALL. 

Deer tend not to munch on these gorgeous flowers. This makes them an ideal addition for those areas with lots of deer! As wise gardeners say, “Deer don’t like it? You do!” 

Coneflowers love FULL SUN, as most of us do after a ROUGH WINTER season. Or after a weekend of binge-watching. 

So I plant them in a spot with plenty of SUNSHINE. And they reward me with long beautiful blooms! Imagine lush, vibrant hues in your garden all summer; it’s extraordinary.

4. Daylily


Daylilies are amazing deer-resistant perennials. It’ll make your SPRING GARDEN bloom with delight! 

Not only is it deer resistant, but it’s also a LOW-MAINTENANCE perennial and thrives in FULL SUN. The flower is so tough they’ve been known to ask their owners if they need help weeding the garden! 

Its PURPLE, PINK, and YELLOW FLOWERS bloom in LATE SPRING, adding color to your outdoor oasis. Think of it as nature’s Bambi-proof confetti being thrown at your outdoor oasis! 

Daylily will fill your heart with joy as you watch its brilliant blooms sprout until AUTUMN! Just don’t forget to give them some WATER every now and again. Or else they could get dehydrated quicker than Usain Bolt running a race! [**Tries a terrible Jamaican accent**]

5. Daffodil


Daffodils are a beautiful and deer-resistant flower border for your garden. They may look as sweet and delicate as a BALLERINA, but daffodils are tough

They are POISONOUS PLANTS and REPEL DEER and other SMALL CREATURES. Please also keep them away from children or pets. They are like that toxic ex. Though they look good, you tell everyone to avoid them– even small critters. Hahaha. 

Daffodils bloom in LATE SPRING with YELLOW or PINK FLOWERS. They prefer sun to part shade and can even be planted in your garden! 

Are you looking for a fun and colorful way to brighten your yard? CONSIDER planting daffodils for beauty that WON’T attract those cute, annoying hoofers!

6. Fritillaria


Fritillaria are deer-resistant perennial plants that are perfect for any garden! These BELL-SHAPED flowers bloom in DAPPLED SHADES in the spring. 

Think of it like a gathering of colorful, chirpy birds perched on your garden fence. This makes them a great choice for a sunny or shady border. 

It grows as SOLITARY FLOWERS, but ONE or TWO BLOOMS can accompany it. These companion plants are equally beautiful. And they give my own garden more color and texture – like stars in their own right. 

I use Fritillaria as my PERENNIAL BORDER and SHADE GARDEN. That’s because of its gorgeous display of showy flowers. And its ability to RESIST DEER INVASIONS. I think of it like a bouncer at the club, keeping out all the deer that just want to cause trouble. How cute is that?

7. Fringed Bleeding Hearts

Fringed Bleeding Hearts

Fringed Bleeding Hearts are a beautiful addition to any garden! These GORGEOUS PINK FLOWERS bloom in EARLY SUMMER and bring color to your landscape. 

Think of it like adding that EARLY ACHIEVER to the family who gets straight A student who also does ballet. You just can’t help but be proud of it! [**Remembers I wasn’t that in my family**]

They are one of the few deer-resistant plants, too, so you can be sure that critters won’t gobble them up! These fragrant blooms need WELL-DRAINED SOIL and FULL SUN. 

They are also even DROUGHT TOLERANT. So they DON’T need much attention from their owners–unlike some of us! 

Plus, they’re poisonous to wildlife, so animals won’t eat them either! Add Fringed Bleeding Hearts this season for a SHADY SPOT full of beauty and fragrance. After all, why settle for average when you can have extraordinary? And maybe a lil toxic. 

8. Firecracker Bush

Firecracker Bush

Firecracker Bush is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a deer-resistant garden. Deer tend to AVOID this brightly colored bush with its ORANGE FLOWERS. With its strong smell, this flower lights up my garden – pun intended! 

They bloom MID-SUMMER and attract butterflies. That’s much like a magnet for the little fluttering friends. I call mine a butterfly bush. 

FULL SUN exposure will give you the BEST PERFORMANCE from your firecracker bush. And delight you with cheerful blooms all season long. 

So, plant your Firecracker Bush and watch DEER STAY AWAY! But you can invite them for tea time. After all, who could resist free crumpets and biscuits?!

9. Garden Phlox

Garden Phlox

Garden Phlox makes it the PERFECT CHOICE if you have hungry deer in your area. They won’t risk getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar!

Plus, it is drought-tolerant! Undead zombie Phloxed won’t bother you even if you FORGET to WATER the garden for a few days. Hahaha.

And it thrives in WELL-DRAINED SOIL. It also loves FULL SUN and will reward you with brightly colored flowers during early summer. 

They have LUSH GREEN FOLIAGE that will look great along garden borders. This is true when combined with OTHER FLOWERING PLANTS from the same family. I guess it’s true that plants of a feather ‘phlox’ together.

So why not add some VIBRANCY to your yard by planting Garden Phlox? 

10. Goatsbeard


DEER AVOID goatsbeard like the plague. This is good for anyone looking for beautiful foliage WITHOUT worrying about Bambi!

Its BRIGHT YELLOW FLOWERS bloom as early as LATE SPRING. And it will give your garden a cheerful glow during EARLY SUMMER. Think of it like adding a smiley face to your garden, except it is mean to Bambi!

It is best planted in WELL-DRAINED SOIL and FULL SUN. It will help these perennials have optimal growth. Having a GOAT with a big fluffy beard might help, too (just kidding). Hahaha

11. Hyacinth


Hyacinth – its POISONOUS plant and fragrant foliage make it unappealing to GARDEN PESTS. Unless, of course, the DEER are playing truth or dare! Then one is DEFINITELY DYING if they are dared to eat Hyacinth. 

When planting this plant, I pick WELL-DRAINED potting. And I always remember to give them FULL SUN to PART SHADE exposure. Otherwise, they’ll wilt away and die. Being drought-tolerant won’t save them. 

Hyacinth also grows perennially YEARLY. That’s just like a party guest who never leaves your house – except you WANT this one to stay! This will give you a beautiful display of VIBRANT COLORS without much effort!

Are you looking for blooms in the SPRING or FALL? Hyacinth might be the right choice if deer are an issue in your garden.

12. Lupins


Lupins are a good choice for any garden, especially if you want deer-resistant plants! The FUZZY LEAVES of lupins ensure that deer will avoid them. So you WON’T be held at GUNPOINT by a herd of hungry little hoofers. 

They mostly need WELL-DRAINED SOIL and FULL SUN. This makes them easy to incorporate into your landscape. That’s like finding the perfect spot for a new pair of jeans in your closet! 

They bloom in EARLY SUMMER. So you’ll enjoy their green foliage. And look forward to VIBRANT BLOOMS like purple, pink, yellow, and more all summer! Think of it as a summer bod for your garden.

13. Larkspur


Larkspur is a deer-resistant plant that loves THE SUN. It’s one of deer’s least favorite plants, and they tend to AVOID it altogether cause it is TOXIC! Let’s face it who wants to die after one bite?

You can put them in full sun to part shade. That’s like your great Aunt Bertha, who could never decide between the two! Hahaha 

They come in various colors and shapes, like a KALEIDOSCOPE OF PETALS for your yard. So your garden will look beautiful YEAR-ROUND! Your garden will be a sight for sore eyes. 

So why not add some larkspur to your garden as EXTRA PROTECTION against deer? After all, who doesn’t want a cute security detail? 

14. Milkweed


Milkweed is a deer-resistant plant that even the hungriest of deer avoid – and for a good reason! 

I find its fragrant foliage a bit OVERWHELMING, so it’s an olfactory DETERRENT for deer! 

The plant’s name is derived from the MILKY SAP it produces when its leaves are broken. Think of it like a colorful dessert that oozes creamy goodness – except Bambi, and I can’t eat it! Trust me, I know. Don’t ask me how. 

Its flowers range in color, though many are YELLOW and PURPLE. The foliage also features various COLORS, which adds to Milkweed’s beauty in my garden! 

Despite its PUNGENT AROMA, Milkweed is a great option for people who want to keep NOSY deer away. Hahaha. Get it? Nosy!

15. Monkshood


Monkshood is a deer-resistant plant with beautiful BLUE BLOOMS in LATE SUMMER. 

It’s a great choice to bring COLOR and LIFE to your garden while keeping pesky deer away!

This LOW-MAINTENANCE PERENNIAL adds a unique touch of charm. So you can sit back and enjoy the show as it chases away Bambi with pikes and torches! Hahaha.

Okay, that may not happen. But, Monkshood’s bold colors are sure to turn heads. 

Do you want an attractive addition that WORKS HARD to keep unwanted visitors out? Consider Monkshood. 

16. Oriental Poppy

Oriental Poppy

Oriental Poppy is a beautiful plant that loves the SUN and flourishes with PLENTY OF WATER. That’s much like your aunt on vacation in Hawaii!

Deer resistant, this flower will show up LATE in the SUMMER to add delightful pops of color to your garden! Just make sure you DON’T ask it to do karate! It’s not exactly known for that–that’s a STEREOTYPE. Hahaha. 

Its large WHITE or PINK BLOOMS quickly draw attention. This creates an INVITING ATMOSPHERE for everyone nearby. So you’ll surely get those “oohs” and “ahhs.” 

So, planting Oriental Poppies is a sure way to bring DELIGHT into any outdoor space. 

17. Peony


Peonies are beautiful deer-resistant flowers that bring joy to any garden. As the old saying goes, ‘when life gives you PEONIES, put on some blush and ACT as you planned it.’ These flowers are commonly found in shades of PINK and RED. 

Peony is a PRICKLY plant with STRONG STEMS, making them UNATTRACTIVE to deer. It’s like they’re armed and ready with prickly protection! 

As a bonus, they are also quite DROUGHT-TOLERANT. And will thrive even with MINIMAL WATERING. Think of Peonies like camels; they will thrive with little water – except you cannot ride them!

So if you’re looking for plants that keep the deer away while still adding beauty to your garden, Peony is worth a try! You never know; you could ride one. Hahaha.  

18. Rose Campion

Rose Campion

Rose campion is a stunning deer-resistant plant. They will make your garden look STRAIGHT OUT of a GLOSSY MAGAZINE.

The plant has vibrant MAGENTA and LAVENDER FLOWERS. They also have deep green foliage that creates a stunning addition to any garden. Plus, rumor has it they enchant people. 

Rose champion thrives in FULL SUN and WELL-DRAINED SOIL. This makes it an easy choice for many gardeners looking for a showstopper that’s also easy to grow! 

It’s HARDY enough to survive harsh winters. And it will come back each year without effort from the gardener. Think of it like a COCKROACH; it’ll never die – except you want it in your garden! 

Rose Campion is definitely one of my FAVORITE plants that deer won’t touch!

19. Stonecrop


Stonecrop is a beautiful plant good for gardens that need to be deer-resistant. It does ALL THE WORK for you – no expensive fencing or electric fences required! I like to think of it as my very own BAMBI REPELLENT. [**Thinks I should trademark that**] 

It blooms in LATE SUMMER with bright, succulent leaves. Its star-shaped clusters of WHITE and PINK FLOWERS draw the eye- like a bacon when you are hungry. I use it to provide nectar to birds and bees around my garden.

Stonecrop’s LOW MAINTENANCE requirements make it an ideal choice for BUSY HOMEOWNERS. I like it because it provides a layer of protection from Bambi without the hassle of constant care. Who doesn’t want that?

20. Sneezeweed


Sneezeweed is a deer-resistant plant that adds beauty to any garden. It has YELLOW FLOWER heads which bloom in LATE SUMMER. And it has FEATHERY FOLIAGE with an UNUSUAL TEXTURE – like me (just kidding). 

This quirky yet delightful plant livens my yard and keeps the unwanted deer bandits away

Its PETITE STATURE makes it perfect for both large and small-scale gardening. Think of it like a Jack Russell terrier – small enough to fit in your lap but fierce enough to take on large animals!

Plus, its hardy nature allows it to ignore the most extreme weather. 

Do you want to SPRUCE UP your garden with something eye-catching and deer-proof? Then consider Sneezeweed!

21. Sage


Salvia or Sage is a group of beautiful plants that repel deer. Its SILVERY FOLIAGE makes it an eye-catching addition to any garden! It’s just like adding a glitzy Kanye West to your garden. He’ll likely attract much ATTENTION and might NOT BE FRIENDLY to Paparazzi (deer). Hahaha.

RUSSIAN SAGE is an especially attractive variety. Its leaves are delicate and thin with a slightly PURPLISH HUE. Think lavender skies at twilight. 

Russian Sage is a stunning, LOW-MAINTENANCE plant that stays green throughout the year. Talk about a win-win situation! 

Sage is one of nature’s gems: EASY ON THE EYES but tough when it comes down to it – just like some ladies! This plant is a great choice for homeowners who want to add beauty and texture to their gardens.

22. Thyme


Thyme is a beautiful, DEER-RESISTANT FLOWER that can thrive in your garden. The small, light green leaves and DELICATE PURPLE FLOWERS add color to my garden beds. Think of an artistic masterpiece, except YOU CAN COOK it.

The HERBAL SCENT of Thyme will keep away any deer that may be tempted by its taste. Plus, it’s low maintenance – what more could I ask for? Growing thyme is practically FOOL-PROOF!

This makes Thyme a great option for creating a DEER-PROOF GARDEN! That’s because the buck stops here! Hahaha.

FAQs about Deer Resistant Perennials

1. What perennial come back every year?

Perennials are like taxes. They come back year after year, no matter how hard we try to avoid them. Ah, the joys of a perennial!

2. Should all perennials be cut back before winter?

Winter is coming! Cutting perennials back before winter is a must to ensure they survive. So, remember (like The North) to give them a trim before the cold weather hits. 

3. Should you cut dead flowers off perennials?

Yes, go ahead and cut off those dead flowers! They won’t be coming back to life, so show those perennials some love and give them a fresh start. With a few snips, you’ll be rewarded with a vibrant garden in no time.

4. What is the hardiest perennial?

There is definitively no hardiest perennial. But Yarrow blooms are some of the toughest of plants out there! This hardy perennial will stick around yearly, even in the harshest conditions. 

What’s Next

We briefly showed you how to keep deer from being a problem in your garden. Then, we discussed 22 deer-resistant perennial flowers to help keep your garden safe from Bambi. Planting these flowers can be a great way to ensure your garden is safe from intruders!

Does Bambi keep bullying you? AsterGardening is here to help!

We’ll help you pick the right deer-proof plants for your garden! Visit our website to learn more. Let us help you protect your garden today!

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