16 Yellow Perennial Flowers: Best Picks For You

BY Khushvinder Dagar
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Any decent gardener should know their YELLOW PERENNIAL FLOWERS! 

It’s like ABCs for gardeners. If you don’t, WORRY NOT. By the end of THIS BLOG, you’ll have about at least a DOZEN of these yellow beauties. 

The best part? All of these yellow perennial flowers will look stunning in your garden. So, hop on this gardening journey with us, and let us give you OPTIONS!

We are EXPERTS with experience in all things GARDENING. Whether it’s flowers, tomatoes, or anything else that grows – we can help you! 

Think of us as your plant WINGMEN. You expect nothing but the BEST INFORMATION for your plant loves. Promise us you won’t marry the flowers, though. That’ll be a little weird. 

Are you looking for a pop of color or cheerful accents? Our FANTASTIC SELECTION of flowers will be RIGHT UP YOUR ALLEY!

You won’t regret adding our beautiful yellow perennial flower suggestions to your garden.

Yellow Perennial Flowers

How to arrange perennials in your garden?

How to arrange perennials in your garden

Ready to arrange your garden with perennials? Here’s how to go about it: 

1. Consider Your Climate Zone

Look for HARDY PERENNIALS in your zone. Knowing YOUR ZONE will help you decide the best plants for your area. After all, you don’t want a tropical plant in Alaska! It goes without saying. Hahaha.

You don’t want a sad-looking garden space, do you?!

2. Pick Varieties Suited to Your Look 

What kind of SCENE are you envisioning? Do you want Rock gardens bursting with color or grass-like foliage creating an oasis vibe? 

Choose plants that COMPLEMENT EACH OTHER. You can go WILD HERE – it’s like shopping for clothes at an outdoor department store!

Pick a variety of colors as well as DIFFERENT HEIGHTS and TEXTURES to add DIMENSION to your garden. Who doesn’t love creating their very own ‘flower wardrobe’? Wait, you guys don’t do that? 

3. Planting according to your plant needs

Ensure soil is WELL DRAINED and can grow FULL SUN PERENNIALS. Otherwise, they’ll form a mob and come for you.

These types do better with more sunlight throughout the day! Think of it like giving them their daily Vitamin D. You also need it. 

4. Consider the height 

Plant TALLER perennials at the BACK of the bed and SHORTER ones towards the FRONT. This way, all will be VISIBLE but not blocked out by LARGER BLOOMS! That’s just like those nostalgic 80s and 90s group photos – Gen Z won’t get it. Hahaha 

5. Consider the blooming period

Different perennials bloom at different seasons. 

For early SUMMER BLOOMS, try lilies or daisies. In MID-SUMMER, plant coneflowers. 

Then late SUMMER you could try rudbeckias, salvias, and ornamental grasses. This will keep giving until EARLY FALL – when mums can take over again. I guess you could say it’s like a blooming periodical!

16 Recommended Yellow Perennial Flowers

We will guide you with a list of 16 recommended yellow beauties!

1. Azalea


Azalea is a GORGEOUS, VIBRANT yellow perennial flower that will LIVEN up any garden! These bright yellow flowers have a sweet fragrance, perfect for any landscape. 

Azaleas thrive in moist, WELL-DRAINED soil with partial shade or FULL SUN EXPOSURE. And they can be planted individually or as part of an elaborate garden design. 

Several varieties of azaleas are available. So you can find one that fits your outdoor space. It’s like having your own ADVENTURE BOOK but with FLOWERS instead! That’s an adventure for us gardeners. 

Wasn’t one of these flowers trendy for rapping and TWEAKING to raunchy music a few years ago? Oops, I had things CONFUSED [**my editor reminds me that was Iggy Azalea**].

2. Corydalis


Corydalis is a stunning perennial with EXQUISITE petals. These give it a brilliant yellow hue. This demanding plant likes moist soil and partial to full shade. You can always throw shade its way; it’ll make the best of it, making it perfect for a shade garden. It is unfazed by haters. Hahaha. 

Corydalis burst in bloom between late spring and early summer. And trust us; it’s totally worth any effort!

Corydalis can be grown in VARIOUS CLIMATES. But they are hardy in zones 4-8, meaning these babies love cooler temperatures. 

This flower is also often used as an ACCENT PLANT. You can pair it with other perennials depending on the look you are going for.  Some Corydalis companion plants to consider are DAISIES and FOXGLOVES. Who says your garden decor has to be TRADITIONAL?

3. Forsythia


Forsythia is a stunning YELLOW PERENNIAL FLOWER that brings sunshine to your garden. It has golden yellow flowers that bloom in EARLY SPRING. This warm flower is like a real-life pot of gold at the end of every WINTER. 

There are many varieties of Forsythia, offering different shapes and sizes. I use them as SPECIMENS or along FENCES for colorful PRIVACY SCREENS. It sounds better than a white picket fence, right? Hahaha.

Depending on the variety, Forsythia plants can be anywhere from 2-10 feet in height and width. They are an EASY-TO-CARE-for plant that requires minimal pruning. And they are drought-tolerant, meaning less work for us (yay!). What’s there not to love?

4. Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose

With its VIBRANT YELLOW PETALS and lush green foliage, Evening Primrose is great for any garden. Its cheerful, sunny hues will make YOU SMILE – no need for PROZAC! Hahaha. 

These RESILIENT yellow perennials can endure a wide variety of soil conditions. They can flourish in NEARLY ANY ENVIRONMENT. That’s like that one cousin who always manages to mooch a free couch from you! We still love them, though. 

These flowers prefer WELL-DRAINED areas with FULL SUN exposure. They are not vampires, you know. Yellow Evening Primrose blooms from LATE SPRING to EARLY SUMMER. 

And they come in many varieties. These range from low-growing GROUND COVERS to TALL MOUNDS of wispy clumps of petals. Think of it like a fashion show of floral models walking down the runway in all shapes and sizes! 

5. Yarrow


Yarrows are stunning SUNNY YELLOW PERENNIALS that will bring life to any garden. They paint vibrant bright yellow like an artist’s brush on a canvas.

You’ll have Yarrows from late spring to EARLY SUMMER. I like to give my Yarrow full sun. This allows them to thrive in the SUMMER. 

Yarrows are LOW MAINTENANCE and require only MINIMAL CARE. They don’t need much fertilizing. That’s why I give them only a little ‘Yarrow’ of attention! Hahaha.

And they even help me with MY WEEDS. They increase the SOIL POROSITY, making it DIFFICULT for weeds to gain a foothold in my garden. These beauties literally do the job for you. What excuse do you have?

6. Black-Eyed Susan

Black-Eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan is truly a sight to behold! It’s vibrant yellow flowers and DARK GREEN LEAVES make it the perfect addition to your garden. I give them FULL SUN and WELL-DRAINED SOIL. 

And it is drought resistant. So I get GREAT RESULTS with minimum effort. That’s like your ex – just kidding, hahaha. 

It blooms from LATE SPRING through EARLY FALL, giving you several months of enjoyment. There are wide varieties, giving options. 

So you can find the best fit for your landscape needs. Who knew growing YELLOW PERENNIALS is easier than swiping right on Tinder? 

7. Spurge


Spurges are sunny yellow perennials that’ll BRIGHTEN your day! Its DARK GREEN foliage and bright YELLOW flowers can be seen in LATE SPRING and EARLY SUMMER. They’ll definitely “spurge” up your life. Hahaha

This plant requires WELL-DRAINED soil but can also thrive in POOR SOIL conditions. It’s like that friend who puts up with everyone’s drama without batting an eyelash. 

Spurges come in wide varieties. This gives you an array of uses in your landscape. Think naturalizing, edging beds or pathways, mass planting, or containers. Now that’s we’re talking Insta-worthy stuff right there. Just remember to tag us. 

8. Nasturtiums


Nasturtiums are EVERYONE’S favorite yellow perennials. It bursts with beautiful, golden-yellow petals and DARK GREEN leaves. These flowers bring joy to any garden, like a clown at a kid’s birthday party – minus the weird looks. 

Let’s agree; crowns are creepy. 

They bloom in the MID-SUMMER months until EARLY FALL. I grow them in full sun and NUTRIENT-RICH soil. However, I’ve grown them in sandy soil and seen them thrive. That’s kind of like how some people can survive on a diet of pizza and beer. Hahaha 

You can use them for anything. I use mine primarily as INDOOR HOUSEPLANTS due to their lemon-yellow flowers. Let Nasturtiums also brighten up your space with their yellow petals. They’ll make you HAPPIER than a KID who just discovered chocolate-covered bacon. 

9. Golden Columbine

Golden Columbine

The Golden Columbines are stunning yellow perennials. They bring cheer and color to any sunny or partly shaded border. 

It thrives in FULL SUN but will tolerate PART SUN as well and is hardy in zones 3-9. Well, that’s more than what we can say for our hair during HUMID DAYS. Hahaha. 

Its bright flowers occur in EARLY SPRING and can last until EARLY SUMMER. This makes it a great addition to your yard! Your neighbors will thank you…or maybe just get jealous – it’s a win either way. 

Oh, and did we mention that these flowers are deer resistant? So that’s an extra layer of PROTECTION along your sunny BORDERS! Score one point for human beings over Bambi. 

10. Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear

The Prickly Pear is a unique and eye-catching plant. This SHOWY PERENNIAL comes in various colors, its most famous being yellow. I’ve heard a rumor about a neon pink one too! Hahaha. This plant is like the LADY GAGA of perennials. 

The yellow flowers decorate my landscape in MID-SPRING through to LATE SUMMER. They prefer full sun and enjoy the SUMMER HEAT, delivering abundant showy flowers. It loves full sun and isn’t afraid to show off its hot bod during summer. Talk about attention seeking. 

And let me tell you something – LOW MAINTENANCE is my middle name. That’s why Prickly Pear and I get along so well. It adds a bold splash of color without being needy or high-maintenance. That’s unlike some other plants (cough cough, diva roses).

What could be better than this EXTROVERT PLANT?! 

11. Chrysanthemums


Chrysanthemums are beautiful GOLDEN FLOWERS that make any garden look alive. Some say the flowers are as golden and gorgeous as Donald Trump’s hair. 

And they don’t just come in BASIC YELLOW. Oh no, these blooms have more colors than a rainbow on ACID – we’re talking oranges, reds, pinks…the list goes on. They add beauty to my landscape! 

Growing best in part or FULL SUN, they will bloom in LATE SUMMER when most other flowers have already faded away. I plant mums, among OTHER SHRUBS or TREES, to bring a SUBTLE POP of color to my garden! It’s like adding lemon zest to guac – unexpected but absolutely delightful. 

So don’t forget about those gorgeous yellow flowers this SUMMER. Like Trump’s hair, people will ask if they are REAL or FAKE. Hahaha.

12. Sunburst

Sunburst perennial

Brighten up your garden with the sunny yellow flowers of Sunburst perennial! These DAISY-LIKE flowers offer delightful colors. 

I cultivate them to bring joy in MID-SUMMER. And they last until EARLY FALL. That’s more staying power than a Kardashian on Instagram. 

I maintain these flowers easily. That’s because of their ADAPTABILITY in MOST SOIL TYPES and sun exposure levels like it ain’t no thang. I call them the Zen masters of perennials, and I plant them in FULL SUN for the best results, baby!

So grab a cup of COFFEE (or margarita) and relax as you bask in the tranquil beauty of Sunburst. It’s better therapy than anything money can buy!

13. Tuscan Gold

Tuscan Gold

Tuscan Gold, a FALSE SUNFLOWER, is a beautiful yellow perennial. It will bring a bright SPARKLE to any garden. More sparkle than your ex’s new engagement ring. Hahaha 

I enjoy its showy blooms and LUSH GREEN foliage from SUMMER to EARLY FALL. They’re like Rihanna at the Super Bowl halftime show – a show-stopper!

This tough plant loves FULL SUN or PART SUN. I plant it because it works well as an ACCENT along my garden borders. 

It has wide varieties. These include DWARF SIZES plants perfect for small spaces. That’s kinda like those mini fridges with cute tiny drinks. And they have some TALL BUSH-LIKE cultivars for your summer garden. This false sunflower is sure to delight! 

14. Persian Buttercup

Persian Buttercup

The Persian Buttercup is a vibrant perennial that will add pizzazz to any garden. Its lemon-yellow flowers will bring a LOVELY AMBIANCE to any flower bed. That’s more ambiance than a Drake playlist at sunset – the old in-the-feels Drake. 

It thrives in MOIST SOIL and PARTIAL SHADE, blooming in LATE SPRING or EARLY SUMMER. During this time, it produces MASSES of these beautiful yellow flowers. It produces more flowers than a magician pulls rabbits out of hats. Hahaha. 

There are many varieties of Persian Buttercups. These range from single colors to multi-colored blooms with darker edges. That’s like a bag of Skittles but prettier (and not edible). These charming SMALL YELLOW FLOWERS are a must-have for any yard (yes, even yours)! 

15. Golf Beauty

Golf Beauty

Golf Beauty is a sunny yellow perennial flower. It will CONTINUOUSLY BLOOM if grown under the right conditions. That’s sure to make most gardeners happier than getting a birdie on the green! DON’T bring your golf clubs to the garden, though. 

I use these HERBACEOUS perennials to add much-needed color to my flower bed. I love them because they are like that friend who always has your back. They give me blooms in MID-SPRING. And their blooming season continues into LATE SUMMER. 

Golf Beauty is a LOW-MAINTENANCE flower. I plant them in FULL to PARTIAL SHADE and give them little upkeep. They reach heights up to 18 inches tall faster than Tiger Woods can hit a tee shot (well, maybe not that fast). Hahaha.

And they attract birds and butterflies, adding charm to my outdoor space.

16. Phlomis Plant

Phlomis plant

Phlomis plant is a gorgeous yellow perennial. It will bring warmth to any garden FASTER than a Kanye West can grab the mike at an award show! Hahaha. 

It blooms between EARLY SPRING and LATE SUMMER and loves being in FULL SUN or PARTIAL SHADE. The hearty bloom has an average height of two feet

And it has multiple varieties such as ‘amazone’ or ‘purpurea’. You’ll have PLENTY OF OPTIONS. It’s like choosing which Netflix show to binge on next, but without any guilt trips. 

This EASY-TO-CARE-for flower works well in container gardens, border edging, and rockeries. Its evergreen leaves and bushy shape provide you with MONTHS of beautiful color! That’s longer than some influencers’ careers. Hahaha

FAQs about Yellow Perennial Flowers

1. What is a yellow perennial that blooms all summer?

Many yellow perennials bloom all summer. For example, Coreopsis verticillata flowers all through to autumn from spring.  You may also know Coreopsis as Threadleaf Coreopsis or Whorled Coreopsis.

2. What is the longest-blooming perennial?

The Garden Phlox is one of the longest-blooming and most persistent perennials. Its blooms endure from July to September – that’s through to late summer.

3. What is a common plant with yellow flowers?

The daffodil is a beloved plant with bright yellow blooms. It flourishes in gardens and meadows. You’ll know it by its trumpet-shaped petals when spring comes! 

4. What is the best yellow flower in full sun?

Marigolds should be your ‘it’ full sun yellow perennial. These gorgeous plants thrive in any sunny location you throw their way.  Plus they look stunning in clusters.

What’s Next

We enticed you with what you should know when arranging your perennials. Next, we introduced 16, that’s right 16 beautiful yellow perennials for your consideration. We hope you find one that you love.

So you wanna grow some yellow perennials? Look no further than AsterGardening

We are the perfect source for your gardening information. 

Check us out today!

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