10 Colourful Hanging Basket Flowers For Shade

BY Khushvinder Dagar
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Want to add SOME LIFE and COLOR to your shady space

You are in the RIGHT PLACE. We have a Pinterest-worthy guide on HANGING BASKET FLOWERS for shade. Let’s BEEF UP your space’s aesthetics together!

Were you searching for some EXPERT ADVICE on all things flowers? 

It’s your LUCKY DAY; we are here to be your GARDENING BUTLER – minus that sweet Michael Cain accent. Is there such a thing? Anyway, you get the picture. You can trust us.

As your GARDENING GURU, we give you TOP-NOTCH tips and information for your garden. In other words, we’ve got you covered. So why wait? 

You learn the secrets of full shade, why to hang baskets in the shade, and ten flowers to hang in the shade.

Let’s have GORGEOUS basket FLOWER OPTIONS for your shade garden that make your neighbors DARK with envy! Get it? Dark? They might even start THROWING SHADE. Hahaha.

Hanging Basket Flowers For Shade

What Does Full Shade Mean?

What Does Full Shade Mean

Do you have space in your garden that does not get SUNLIGHT? This is full shade. It can get more DEPRESSING than some of us on a Monday morning BEFORE COFFEE. 

Maybe that’s where they got the idea of throwing shade – which means SOMETHING ELSE. 

If you have such a spot, your plants DON’T have to be depressed too. FULL SHADE might mean we can’t get that tan on our plants, but you can always GROW SHADE-LOVING PLANTS. 

These little vampire-like oddities love growing in such spots. HANGING BASKETS in the shade are perfect for these SHADY AREAS. 

Think of it like throwing a GLOW-IN-THE-DARK party for vampire plants in your SHADE GARDEN. They don’t bite or glow – they thrive in DARKER SPACES.

Good Reasons for Hanging Baskets in the Shade

Good Reasons for Hanging Baskets in the Shade

Are you on the FENCE about HANGING BASKETS in the shade? Here are some reasons to consider: 

1. Beauty 

Hanging baskets instantly add BEAUTY and VIBRANCY to a shady spot. You can add BRIGHT FLOWERS, FOLIAGE PLANTS, or BOTH. You can create an eye-catching display against a flower BACKDROP of your wall or in the evening light.

Beauty is in the eye of the HANGER! Yes, that’s what they say where I am from. So hang away! 

2. Versatility 

Hanging baskets offer a lot of VERSATILITY. And boy, oh boy, they are ideal for showing off plants in places where other container gardens might NOT FIT. 

Examples include DECKS, BALCONIES, NARROW PATHWAYS, or PATIOS. Plus, they’re great if you have limited space. They are basically nature’s CONTORTIONISTS- they fit anywhere! 

3. Benefits of Shade-Loving Plants 

Shade-loving plants are typically bushier than their sun-loving counterparts. This means your hanging basket will stay FULL and LUSH. They might even last several weeks longer than those in BRIGHTER LIGHT. 

Your basket won’t look HALF-EMPTY anytime soon – like my glass during happy hour! [**winks**]

4. Unique Blooms 

You have OPTIONS GALORE when choosing SHADE-LOVING PLANTS for your hanging baskets. After all, just peep at the STAR-STUDDED LIST we have lined up for you. One more, and they’ll be winning European SOCCER tournaments

I hope they have their WEALTH under their MOM in case you decide to DIVORCE THEM, though, and take half of it. [**remembers the Hakimi story**]  

10 Different Hanging Basket Flowers for Shade

Let’s CHECK OUT some 10 AMAZING FLOWERS you should LOOK AT for your SHADE SPOT.

1. Fuchsia


Fuchsia is perfect if you’re looking for SHADE-LOVING hanging baskets flowers. This delicate-looking plant has ARCHING STEMS and FAN-SHAPED flowers. Now that’s a full-blown DIVA, don’t be surprised if you see them on TV. 

You can grow Fuchsia in FULL SHADE or PARTIAL SUN. These plants have beautiful red, white, and purple flowers. Talk about being #blessed. We all know STEREOTYPICAL pictures on Instagram with this hashtag. Hahaha.

Do you want the best results? Provide Fuchsia with WELL-DRAINING potting soil and keep its soil moist. These conditions are perfect for these TRAILING VARIETIES! Just don’t ghost on them. With enough love and attention, they are better than that Bumble date – I promise. 

So why not consider Fuchsia for your hanging basket plants? 

2. English Ivy

English Ivy

English Ivy is a BEAUTIFUL and VERSATILE PLANT for shady areas. Its long, TRAILING VINES give it a unique texture that is perfect for your HANGING BASKET. Tarzan would be jealous of this viny beauty.

It has VIBRANT LEAVES that offer various shades of green and color. it can make even the shadiest of areas look like a VIP section at Coachella.

This makes English Ivy an ENCHANTING ACCESSORY to my shade garden. This shade-loving plant adorns hanging baskets in partial shade with GRACE and ELEGANCE. I use it to create cascading beauty for all my neighbors to ADMIRE. 

English ivy is sure to bring life into any home or garden! So if you want to IMPRESS your NEIGHBORS (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), add some ENGLISH IVY into your life. Take it from me; this baby brings PERSONALITY to any home or garden.

3. Begonia


Begonia is a beautiful and unique flower for hanging baskets for SHADE. This plant is so UNIQUELY BEAUTIFUL that it might have come from another planet

And those PETITE FLOWERS with GLOSSY GREEN FOLIAGE are like confetti at a party- you can’t help but smile when you see them!

Hanging begonias in PARTIAL SHADE or SHADED AREAS is perfect. They thrive in MOIST SOIL, GOOD DRAINAGE, and COOLER TEMPERATURES. Let’s face it, people, these plants, know how to live their best life without breaking a sweat.

But wait, there’s more! These hanging plants love the DAPPLED LIGHT of shady spots. Why, you ask? They are ideal plants for brightening DARK CORNERS. 

Begonias have LONG FLOWERING periods that start early summer until autumn. They are an excellent choice for adding an EXOTIC VIBE to your home’s landscape! Don’t be surprised if a PASSPORT BRO wanders into your garden. Hahaha.

4. Lobelia


Lobelia is a beautiful flower for HANGING BASKETS in the shade. Its delicate petals of blue or purple bring joy and delight to any garden. 

They are like SMALL COLORED CLOUDS floating from your hanging basket. Move over cotton candy because we’ve got new FLUFFY DELIGHTS in town!

The plants are compact. So they are IDEAL for hanging baskets. Their TRAILING VARIETIES add an elegant touch as they CASCADE from the basket. 

I let everyone know I have good TASTE without the flowers taking up too MUCH SPACE. [**Thinks about the thousands of pinned minimalist Pinterest boards**]

Lobelia requires MOIST SOIL and PARTIAL SHADE to thrive. I provide these conditions under large TREE SHADES or near PORCHES. There’s plenty of NATURAL PROTECTION from the sun’s harsh rays here. Talk about being low maintenance.

I consider lobelia one of the BEST PLANTS for hanging baskets in shade. It is now quite RARE due to its growth needs. But honestly, if you’re giving me drama AND beauty in one plant package, SIGN ME UP for two!

5. Caladiums


Caladiums are the perfect basket flower for SHADY SPOTS! You know what they say: “Where there’s shade, there’s a way!” And with caladiums in your hanging baskets, you’ll have more COLOR than a box of CRAYONS.

And if you think growing them is hard, please – it’s easier than making TOAST in the morning. I grow them in PARTIAL or FULL SHADE. And they only ask for moist soil and good drainage. 

In return, they add a pop of vibrant color with the HEART-SHAPED leaves to my hanging baskets.

Brighten up shady parts of your OUTDOOR SPACE with these colorful plants! You’ll love watching them grow for SEVERAL WEEKS – your garden will thank you!

Try caladiums in your GARDEN CENTER for BEAUTIFUL FOLIAGE. It will turn heads faster than a CELEBRITY SCANDAL on Twitter or those Twitter Files. What happened to those infamous files, though?

6. Coleus


Coleus has become a POPULAR CHOICE for baskets in shade. These plants are perfect for adding COLOR and INTEREST to your hanging basket. I call them the BATMAN of basket plants; they like the DARK and HANG from tall places looking all mysterious.

Don’t put out a CALL SIGNAL, though. They won’t come to you. So where can you find this elusive plant? 

Visit your LOCAL GARDEN CENTER, where you’ll get coleus in many SHAPES, SIZES, and COLORS. Think of them like nature’s TIE-DYE ART, except they come without the mess. 

Their wonderful COLORFUL BLOOMS provide CONTRAST against any shady corner. You can plant several together to create a STUNNING EFFECT! There is a rumor that gardeners randomly hear them say “I’M BATMAN.”

7. Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Hearts are the PERFECT CHOICE when seeking colorful flowers for SHADE-HANGING BASKETS. 

These plants have beautiful, HEART-SHAPED BLOOMS that will make Cupid drool. And they also have ARCHING STEMS that create a wonderfully ROMANTIC LOOK once in full bloom. 

We recommend taking a look at WESTERN BLEEDING HEART blossoms. They are usually WHITE to PINK or even RED in color and will add bursts of vibrancy to any outdoor space. I guess you can say that they bring VIBES. 

And the best part? These flowering plants need LITTLE MAINTENANCE. So you’ll get MORE TIME for Netflix binges and less time fussing over YOUR GARDEN. Let’s face it, we could all use an excuse for more couch potato-ing.

8. Trailing Bacopa

Trailing Bacopa

Trailing bacopa is IDEAL for HANGING BASKETS in shady spots, such as WINDOW SILLS. Its LONG STEMS display small WHITE or PURPLE FLOWERS cascading over the edge of pots. 

They’ll steal the SHOW without skipping a beat (unlike me after one too many margaritas). Hahaha.

I mostly plant them on their own, where AFTERNOON SHADE covers them. But you can include them with OTHER PLANTS to form a PLEASING ARRANGEMENT in any spot. 

Trailing bacopa will thrive even when exposed to BRIEF PERIODS of direct sunlight. That’s just like me, who burns to a crisp if I stay too long in the sun.

9. Chenille Plant

Chenille Plant

Ah, Chenille Plant blooms! A beautiful hanging basket plant that LOVES PARTIAL to FULL SHADE. That’s (kind of like SOME OF US on a beach day– minus HEAVY amounts of SUNSCREEN.

Its plant blooms come in PINKS, PEACHES, and PURPLES. Well, that’s more color than staring in a KALEIDOSCOPE on ACID. Trust me, I know. These plants also prefer MOIST WELL, DRAINING SOIL and can tolerate the HOT AFTERNOON SUN.

You can get creative with it. You can arrange MANY POTS around an ENTRANCEWAY or cascade off a BALCONY LEDGE. 

That’s much like Ariel from The Little Mermaid – hanging from the balcony bit. The LUSH FOLIAGE from the pots and VIBRANT FLOWERS will LEVEL UP these spaces. 

10. Hostas


Hostas are a VIBRANT and DELIGHTFUL addition to ANY GARDEN. You can use them as HANGING BASKETS in the shade. 

Hosta spp has many color variations. Their HEART-SHAPED leaves come in various SHADES of dark green foliage. If only my wardrobe was as varied.

The best part? They’re as needy as my ex was, NOT AT ALL! They require MINIMAL MAINTENANCE and are DROUGHT-RESISTANT. I give my plants MORNING SUN for the fullest blooms. Then, I throw in a LITTLE MOISTURE, and my shade garden becomes a COLOR fest from LATE SPRING. 

It’s like Mardi Gras in my garden but WITHOUT HANGOVERS.

Brighten up those corners by adding some beautiful Hosta blooms! After all, you DON’T want any SHADY business in those corners.

FAQs about Hanging Basket Flowers For Shade

1. Which trailing plant is often used in hanging baskets?

Hanging baskets are a gorgeous and popular way to decorate your home. The striking ivy is a common trailing plant often used in these special displays. 
It has dark green foliage, pretty clusters of small flowers, and delicate vines. Ivy plants will drape gracefully from any hanging basket, beautiful indoors or out!

2. What time of year is best to plant hanging baskets?

It’s like waiting for your crush because it depends on where you live. But generally, the best time to plant beautiful hanging baskets is in early spring or late autumn. These flowers don’t mind the cooler temperatures. 
And as long as there’s no frost, plants will thrive. Pick a spot with plenty of rays to bring your new blooms to life!

3. How many plants should you put in a hanging basket?

Depending on the size of your basket, you can fit up to 3-5 smaller potted plants or 1 big boy. Choose the right varieties of foliage that will create a unique style but still fit in your space. Remember that some varieties grow bushier than others – just like us humans. 

4. How many times should you water a hanging basket?

Water your hanging basket plants twice a week to keep them healthy and full of glow. We all gotta hydrate, you know. Ensure the soil is thoroughly moist after each watering. To prevent root rot, drain excess water.  
It can kill your beloved plants! You don’t want plant sap on your hands. Taking these steps for their care will see them flourishing in all their glory!

What’s Next

First, we marinated you on what full shade means. From there, we discussed the benefits of hanging baskets in shades. And then, we slowly and surely analyzed ten different flowers that thrive in a shady setting. 

Now, you have the best plants for hanging baskets at your fingertips. So if you’re ever stumped about finding shade-loving plants for your garden, now you know where to look!

Are you looking to BRIGHTEN UP your SHADY SPOTS? 

AsterGardening can provide you with the perfect solution – HANGING BASKETS! 

Spice up this season and choose from our TASTEFUL SELECTION of recommended plants. COME EXPLORE our site at Astergardening to find even more helpful gardening information. 

We have something for EVERY TYPE of green thumb!

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