10 Different Types of Lilies to Brighten Up Garden

BY Shaafay Zia
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Wanna know about THE TYPES OF LILIES? Welcome to our COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE to the amazing world of lilies!

You’ve come to the RIGHT PLACE! We understand HOW DIFFICULT it can be to find the PERFECT TYPE OF LILY, so we’re here to help. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack – or this case, a lily among the weeds. Relax now. 

We are EXPERT GARDENERS and keep you from getting lost in that greenery. We’ve researched and PLANTED DIFFERENT types of flowers, so you don’t have to. 

With OUR EXPERTISE, your lilies bloom quicker than you can say “bouquet”! Let us guide your journey to discovering that lily that is perfect for you. 

We make sure it will last longer than just ONE SUNNY DAY. Hahaha.

Let’s lily it up!

Types Of Lilies

Why are there so many different types of lilies?

Why are there so many different types of lilies

Have you ever noticed there are so many types of lilies? True lilies, fake lilies, and more – it’s almost overwhelming! 

What is behind this variety of lily species? 

Well, here are seven reasons why there are so many types: 

1. Genes

Each species has its unique GENE POOL, which can be seen as a “genetic potluck.” This leads to DIFFERENT APPEARANCES. 

2. Evolution 

As the ENVIRONMENT and CLIMATE CHANGE, new lily varieties emerge OVER TIME. That’s just how humans have evolved – only with much fewer petals. Hahaha 

3. Dispersal 

Nature helps spread the lilies’ POLLEN to other areas! It’s almost like the BEES want them to spread far and wide for their significant others. How romantic! 

4. Hybridization 

Different types of lilies can CROSS-BREED, leading to even more variety! It is like nature creates the most beautiful combinations in a MIX-AND-MATCH game.

5. Climate suitability 

Some regions have many SUITABLE CLIMATES for certain TYPES OF LILIES FLOWER. This allows these regions to become mini havens for unique types of lilies! 

Which type of lily is not actually a lily?

Types Of Lilies

It’s easy to get confused by the many types of lilies – they come in so many delightful shapes, sizes, and colors! But here’s the truth: Not all lilies are true lilies. 

Canna Lilies, for instance, LOOK LIKE typical members of the LILY FAMILY. But these blooms actually belong to the Genus Canna. Talk about an IMPOSTOR – it’s practically a crime. We don’t snitch on plants. Hahaha

That means that although we call them “lilies”, they DON’T BELONG to the genus Lilium – which is what makes a true lily. 

So DON’T BE FOOLED into thinking you’ve found the real deal. It’s like if you went out looking for designer shoes but bought knockoffs instead! Ouch!

If you’re looking for real LILY FAMILY MEMBERS, stick with those from GENUS LILIUM! Otherwise, you run the risk of winding up with an impostor. 

10 Different Types Of Lilies

Here are 10 GORGEOUS LILIES for your INNER GARDENER to consider. Let’s DIVE IN!

1. Oriental Hybrids

Oriental Hybrids

Oriental Hybrids are a type of lily that is BEAUTIFUL and SMELLS great too! These fragrant blooms have existed for centuries without dying out. They’re like the cockroaches of plants, except YOU WANT THEM. 

And they come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. You could almost say they’re like snowflakes – no two are alike!

I REMEMBER the first time I SAW an Oriental lily with white petals and a yellow center; it was a sight to behold! My eyes lit up with amazement. 

Examples include the pink-striped ‘Stargazer.’ Why don’t we just call it the ‘STAR CELEBRITY’ instead? After all, this lily loves to hog ALL THE SPOTLIGHT! 

Another example of these hybrids is the hybrid or the bi-colored ‘CASA BLANCA.’ These can reach up to five feet tall and put off a spectacular show of white blossoms with orange throats!

No matter which type of Oriental Lily you choose, one thing is certain. They will add brightness and warmth to any space! They could EASILY be mistaken for movie stars. [**Plots selling an animated movie idea featuring oriental lilies to Disney**]

2. American Hybrids

American Hybrids

American hybrids are a type of lily that will make any garden POP! They’ll definitely be the life of the party – if you know what I mean. 

Who wouldn’t want a flower as beautiful and majestic as the PANTHER LILY? These hybrid lilies grow to 6.6 feet tall – talk about flowers having legs! Hahaha. And they are very hardy plants, meaning they’ll make it through the cold for those MID to LATE-SUMMER days. 

Not only that, but they are also SHADE TOLERANT while displaying UPWARD-FACING FLOWERS. So if you’re looking for a flower with some serious model potential, look no further!

American Hybrid lilies will turn even an average backyard into something special. Don’t be surprised if you wake up one morning with your neighbors trying to take cuttings from your garden! After all, they want to share in the beauty of those CREAMY WHITE FLOWERS too! 

Panther Lilies are just one example of these fun-loving hybrids – so why not try them this season? They grow taller than Hasbulla.  

3. Asiatic Hybrids

Asiatic Hybrids

Have you heard of Asiatic Hybrids? If not, you’re in for a treat! These BEAUTIFUL and FRAGRANT LILIES are the perfect late-summer addition to your garden. It’ll be like adding a bright cherry to an already delicious sundae.

Native to Asia, they can be identified by their BRIGHT PINK petals. These are slightly recurved towards the tips. They almost look like they’ve been blushing since the day they were born! 

Asiatic Hybrids are often TWO FEET TALL and come in various species. A popular example of an Asiatic hybrid lily is Enchantment. It is a LARGE, COOL PINK FLOWER with a citrus scent. – almost like a soft summer breeze. 

Another example is the Black Out lily. I know it sounds intimidating. But its intense fragrance and vibrant dark-red petals will win you over quickly. 

Don’t be fooled by the beauty and fragrance. Many types of lily bulbs (including these) are TOXIC TO CATS. So it’s best not to plant them if you want furry friends nearby. Otherwise, your cat might join Puss-In-Boots for a trip on the nine lives express! 

4. Trumpet Hybrids

Trumpet Hybrids

Trumpet hybrids are also known as TRUMPET LILIES. As the name suggests, their trumpet-shaped flowers mark them. 

These hybrid lilies can grow up to FIVE FEET TALL —taller than most kindergartners! And most varieties begin to bloom in the MID-to-LATE SUMMER months. They require FULL SUN or PARTIAL SHADE and can be grown from fresh bulbs or pre-potted plants. 

One of my favorite types of trumpet lily may be the ‘PINK PERFECTION’ variety. That’s due to its large pink flowers with creamy edges that face upwards

It is like an audience cheering on a SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA! Planting it in my garden allows for an incredible sight, making me feel like a maestro conductor!

Another notable trumpet is the Gold Band Trumpet Hybrid (EARLY to MID-SUMMER). Its golden hue is almost enough to make you waltz dancing up and down the garden path! And Orange Magija Trumpet Lily (MID-SUMMER). 

This SHOWSTOPPER is always ready and waiting to put a little dazzle into the summer sunsets.

I’ve enjoyed watching these trumpet lilies brighten up my garden each year – it’s truly music for my soul! Get it? Trumpet.

5. Aurelian Hybrids

Aurelian Hybrids

Aurelian Hybrids are delightful lilies that bring a cheerful pop of color to your garden. That’s just like confetti at a party. These TRUMPET-SHAPED blooms come in vibrant colors and stand up to about 5 feet tall. For context, that’s as tall as some of you! Hahaha. 

Talk about them being the LIFE of your summer landscape. This makes them an EYE-CATCHING addition from MID to LATE SUMMER. Just make sure they wear some trendy shades! 

An example of an Aurelian Hybrid is the AFRICAN QUEEN variety. These beautiful flowers boast upward-facing blooms in warm and vibrant colors. 

African queen are great for CUT FLOWERS, so bring some of their pizzazz indoors! These flowers are not just garden eye candy.

These very hardy lilies need FULL SUN and bloom EARLY in the SEASON. Their large up-facing flowers add a special touch wherever they’re planted. Aurelian hybrids will brighten any space with their flashy colors and fragrant smells!

6. Interdivisional Hybrids

Interdivisional Hybrids

Interdivisional Hybrids can bring joy to even the grumpiest of gardeners. LA HYBRIDS, in particular, are some of the most sought-after Interdivisionals. That’s because of their large flowers and ability to thrive in partial shade.

Their reputation as the ‘HAPPINESS FLOWERS’ doesn’t hurt either.

La hybrids stand 2-4 feet tall, charming all onlookers with their RECURVED PETALS. You need to plant lily bulbs ahead of time – an investment worth making! I guess you could say they make you work for it — just like that special person in your life. Hahaha.

LA hybrid lilies offer captivating beauty with SOFT PINK or ORANGE BLOOMS. Some of these flowers can have white edges, often called “PICOTEES.” 

Plus, they have a long blooming season, around EIGHT WEEKS, depending on the variety! [**That’s just like me when I miss my morning coffee**]

All this makes them a great choice if you want something special in your garden beds. So why try out one (or more) today? After all, who doesn’t want a flower that smiles back? 

7. Martagon Hybrids

Martagon Hybrids

Martagon Hybrids are lily flowers that provide gardeners with an explosion of beauty. This happens around MID to LATE SUMMER, like a burst of fireworks on the 4th of July – except it lasts a bit longer! 

These majestic flowers can reach up to 6 feet tall. And they come in WIDE VARIETIES, like the TURK’S CAP LILIES! Turk’s Cap Lilies literally look like a bouquet in my garden backyard! Talk about making an impression. 

These types of lilies prefer FULL SUN to bloom their best. If full sun is unavailable, I’ve seen them make do with PARTIAL SHADE! 

This makes them ideal for any sunny spot in your yard. 

Once they’ve reached full maturity, I cut the blossoms off to use as CUT FLOWERS too! Hey, why buy cut flowers from the store when I can get them for free from my OWN GARDEN? 

That’s almost like winning the lottery without buying a ticket. But instead of the money coming out of my pocket, flowers come out! 

It doesn’t get much better than that! [**Thinks I would rather have money instead of flowers in this economic climate**]

8. Candidum Hybrids

Candidum Hybrids

The Candidum Hybrid is a beautiful lily plant that loves to sunbathe in FULL SUN. They have fragrant flowers and RECURVED PETALS. Now that’s a sure way to snap necks. Just DON’T LET them kill your neighbors, though. You won’t be able to explain away the situation. Hahaha.

Unlike other lilies, these plants BLOOM EARLY and can handle COLDER TEMPERATURES. So they’re WINTER HARDY too! The flower stalk can reach up to TWO FEET HIGH. Now that’s a tall glass of floral goodness for your garden or backyard decor. 

An example of a Candidum Hybrid is the madonna lily. It has PURE WHITE PETALS. And it’s a popular and timelessly beautiful choice for many gardeners. 

The MADONNA LILY also has bright green leaves that create a calming atmosphere. That’s perfect for a relaxing outdoor space. Did someone say “Zen Vibes”? Madonna and zen in the same sentence sounds a little wrong. Hahaha. 

Plus, madonna lilies are SUPER EASY to care for – making them one of the best options for any gardener!

9. Lancifolium Species

Lancifolium Species

Lancifolium Species, also commonly known as the TIGER LILY. That’s because these majestic flowers are the TIGERS of the LILY KINGDOM – except they don’t bite! 

These beauties are some of nature’s most beautiful and admired flowers. These BRIGHT ORANGE blooms have a ruffled look that can bring life to any garden! 

The tiger lily THRIVES best in FULL SUN. But it can also tolerate PARTIAL SHADE for its late summer flowering displays. And if you’re lucky enough to find one in your neighborhood or yard, it will make your day! 

Give them plenty of water and FULL SUN for the best results with these lovely flowers. They love both equally. Some varieties require more sun, so read up on specific needs before planting. After all, even the meanest of tigers can purr when you treat them right! 

Imagine purring Lilies; they’d be the perfect flower. Awwww. 

Also, watch for DISEASE-RESISTANT options. Many Tiger lilies can suffer FROM FUNGAL INFECTIONS if not cared for. There’s nothing worse than watching your beloved blooms suffer and wilt away!

10. Longiflorum Species

Longiflorum Species

Longiflorum Species is an exciting type of lily that can make any summer garden pop. You may know it better as the EASTER LILY. And with their beautiful PURE WHITE BLOOMS and DELICATE PETALS that dance in the breeze. 

Longiflorum Species can survive in TEMPERATE CLIMATES. But they thrive best in FULL SUN to PARTIAL SHADE, grow between 3-4 feet tall, and offer quite a show MID to EARLY SUMMER! 

Otherwise, they might resort to shady behavior like napping between blooming cycles. We don’t want that. Hahaha

As the old saying goes, “giving easter lilies a lot of SUNLIGHT a day keeps them growing a few INCHES a DAY!” I give mine as much full sun as possible and always avoid putting them in partial shade. They reward me with stunning lily flowers if cared for properly. 

So why not get some Easter Lilies this season and bring beauty into your garden? With just a LITTLE LOVE, they’ll fill the air with SWEET FLORAL AROMAS all summer long! You might have one grumpy-looking easter lily if you don’t give them enough love and attention.

FAQs about Types Of Lilies

1. How many types of lilies are there?

Did you know that there are over 100 species of lilies out there? It’s true! All of them are beautiful and unique in their way, each one bringing its special charm to the garden. 
Some of the most popular species include Asiatic, Oriental, Trumpet, and Daylilies. And within each species, there are endless varieties to choose from.

2. What is the rarest type of lily?

Nymphaea thermarum is the rarest type of lily in existence. It was originally only found in one spot: a hot spring in Mashyuza, Rwanda. Unfortunately, the local agriculture drained the spring of its water.
And this special lily became extinct in the wild. It’s so rare. It’s practically magic!

3. What lilies do florists use?

Florists use different beautiful lilies to make any celebration or moment extra special! These range from bright and colorful Asiatic lilies to sweet-smelling Stargazer lilies. Each species or variety speaks to something special, depending on the occasion.

4. Which lily blooms the longest?

Asiatic lilies are known for their longevity! These beautiful blooms can last up to a whole month – like a lifetime in flower years! 

What’s Next

We discussed the wondrous beauty of lilies and the plethora of different varieties available! 

Did you know that not all lilies are actually lilies? Fascinating, right? We also listed ten different types of lilies so that you can find the perfect one for your home!

Starting a flower garden? Good, you are at the right place. 

At AsterGardening, we are passionate about helping you create your outdoor oasis. 

From lilies to roses, our expert team helps you nurture your garden and make it bloom. Come and join us today and you create the perfect garden!

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