Rare Flowers: 18 Rare Beauties to Admire for You

BY Shaafay Zia
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RARE FLOWERS have an allure that makes us appreciate their delicate nature even more! 

But, finding and growing rare flowers can be a difficult task. Whether you’re a pro gardener or just starting, LOCATING these rare blooms is often HARD. 

WORRY NOT! We are here to help you identify those rare flowers! TRUST US. We are gardening experts with EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE in the field. And we aim to provide valuable information and helpful insights. 

We have put much effort into preparing QUALITY CONTENT on rare flower varieties. So we help you get closer to exactly what you need – be it identification advice or facts about them. 

Think of us like your trusty bloodhounds sniffing out the MOST EXOTIC SCENTS. Fun, right?

We discuss the beauty of rare flowers, how to define them, and 18 Pretty Rare Flowers to brighten any garden!

rare flowers

How to define rare flowers?

How to define rare flowers

Rare flowers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and fragrances. To define a rare flower, look out for the following characteristics: 

1. Flower Color 

Flowers with unusual colors, such as the rarest flower color of BRIGHT BLUES or DEEP PURPLES! I call these “unicorn petals“! Imagine a unicorn with purple petals–now that’s something. 

2. Petals

Rare flowers have UNUSUALLY SHAPED or NUMBERED PETALS. For example, like daisies with multiple petals instead of the usual five-petaled form! It’s kind of like that kid in school with an odd number of fingers– except it’s okay to point out that it’s rare. 

3. Blooming Frequency 

Rare plants that DON’T BLOOM OFTEN. For example, some of the most beautiful rare flowers can take years to mature fully! It’s almost as if they’re waiting for just the RIGHT MOMENT to SHOW OFF their beauty! That’s just like your girl, always getting you late. 

4. Unique fragrances

These range from MILD to STRONG SCENTS that make you think I want to smell them AGAIN! That’s just like that person you passed by but felt too awkward to catch a second whiff. Hahaha.

18 Pretty Rare Flowers

1. Black Bat Flower

Black Bat Flower

The black bat flower is among the rarest and most beautiful flowers! With its unmistakable PITCH-BLACK petals and unusual shape, its beauty is breathtaking

Just CLOSE YOUR MOUTH when you run out of breath. You don’t want a bat flying in your mouth. There’s no way to be sure which one is the bat or the flower! 

The mysterious flower only grows in certain parts of SOUTHEAST ASIA. This makes it incredibly hard to come by. If you want to buy bat flower plants, they likely are EXPENSIVE due to their rarity. 

But you can always check with your RICH AUNT; they might have some tucked away somewhere. 

2. Chocolate Cosmos

Chocolate Cosmos

Chocolate Cosmos is among the rarest flowers in existence. It’s a beautiful, VELVETY-CHOCOLATE-COLORED FLOWER with an exquisite aroma! Now that would make Willy Wonka drool – except he’d be disappointed if he tried eating them. 

I find the chocolate cosmos flower’s unique hue and smell make it special than other varieties. 

The petals are delicate and soft to the touch. This fantastic flower grows naturally in MEXICO – you can’t get anything more exotic. It runs the risk of being deported from the U.S. Hahaha. As one of the world’s most precious flowers, Chocolate Cosmos stands out above all other florals! 

So put the chocolate cosmos flower on your rare flower watch list.

3. Crown Imperial

Crown Imperial

The Crown Imperial is ONE of the RAREST FLOWERS you’ll ever encounter! It’s tall, elegant, and has a UNIQUE CROWN-LIKE STRUCTURE. 

They were not very creative with the name, were they? Hahaha. This flower has beautiful BELL-SHAPED PETALS in varying shades of yellow or red. Now that’s a specimen!

You can find it in woodlands throughout EUROPE and ASIA. Its beauty is what makes this flower so rare – no wonder people love to collect them as keepsakes! 

But don’t pick it yourself. Instead, admire its magnificence from AFAR – at least if you want to live to see the day after. It might have you beheaded just kidding. It’s still TOXIC enough to KILL YOU, though.  

4. Fire Lily

Fire Lily

Fire Lily, a rare flowering plant, is an amazing and unique flower. It has bright red petals with orange and yellow streaks running through them. Talk about making a statement!

Its blossoms are fragrant and exude a SWEET SCENT that lingers in the air for some time after it’s gone. It’s like that lovely perfume you wear – you know it still lingers even after you’ve left the room!

Fire lilies grow naturally in TROPICAL RAINFORESTS and other MOIST CLIMATES globally. They thrive off of humidity and sunlight. It’s like fire lilies are the DIVAS of the plant kingdom – they are very specific about their beauty needs! Hahaha.

They are difficult to cultivate at home due to their SPECIALIZED NEEDS. But, it is doable. That’s one of the reasons why they are so rare! Don’t worry if you find one; they don’t start fires or anything. It’s just a tiny rumor that I started. 

5. Gibraltar Campion

Gibraltar Campion

The Gibraltar Campion, Silene tomentosa, has a sentence for a name! Hahaha. This rare flower captivates with its beauty. Its SOFT WHITE PETALS are tinged with delicate PINK STRIPES. This feature gives it a mesmerizing presence

The petals on my Gibraltar Campion, Silene tomentosa, resemble TINY STARS. They look like twinkling constellations in the night sky, and their SWEET AROMA is charming and romantic. I like to pick this flower for my significant other to make them feel special. 

It’s no wonder this beautiful plant has been STEALING HEARTS since before the MIDDLE AGES. Talk about timeless beauty!

This flower’s natural habitat is rocky cliffside, making it difficult for many to find. I guess not finding it leaves people on a CLIFFHANGER. Get it? 

6. Ghost Orchid

Ghost Orchid

Ghost Orchid, Dendrophylax lindenii, is a gorgeous rare flower. It has LARGE WHITE FLOWERS and long, thin green leaves found in forests from the U.S. to CUBA. 

Even more remarkable is its bright FLUORESCENT GREEN STEM. It gives this incredible plant a ghost-like glow. Some folks claim has supernatural powers!! I am some people. Hahaha 

Ghost Orchid, Dendrophylax lindenii, are sought after by BOTANISTS and GARDENING PROFESSIONALS. And it remains elusive to most, like a ghost, making it SPECTER-ular. Get it? Specter? 

7. Juliet Rose

Juliet Rose

Juliet Rose is among the world’s rarest flowers, a true beauty that stands out from the crowd. As they say, diamonds may last forever, but Juliet Roses lasts longer! [**Remembers trying to convince my ex this is a fact**]

Its delicate pink and somewhat white petals form an ELEGANT SHOWY FLOWER head. These expensive flowers make any garden look like a million bucks. Just don’t try buying crypto with Juliet Roses. Trust me; it doesn’t work.

This expensive flower blooms between MAY and SEPTEMBER. Juliet Rose grows in scattered regions around EUROPE, like Cyprus and Italy. 

Juliet Rose likes an area with plenty of DIRECT SUNLIGHT or PARTIAL SHADE and WELL-DRAINED SOIL. Ah, roses can be so fickle! 

8. Lady’s Slipper Orchid

Lady's Slipper Orchid

The Lady’s Slipper Orchid is among the rarest flowers. It’s a CREAM-WHITE ORCHID that has a unique, SLIPPER-SHAPED POUCH. 

You can find this flower in the DAMP WOODLANDS and BOGS of Northern Europe and North America. I guess that’s because they can stand the humidity! [**grins sheepishly**]

I mostly see Lady’s Slipper Orchids in BOTANICAL GARDENS. Here, they’re often grown for their beauty. The Lady’s Slipper Orchid is definitely one of the most unique and stunning sights you can see! 

It’s sure to add some serious SOLE to your garden. Hahaha. That one was right there. 

9. Ptilotus


Ptilotus is a truly ENCHANTING flower, one of the rarest around. Its petals come in beautiful colors like pink, purple, and white. This leaves it looking like MAGICAL SPARKLES have graced them! 

Each petal emits a wonderful GLOW like it has been taken from a storybook. This delicate bloom adds even more grandeur to its natural surroundings. It blooms from June to August. 

This flower is not just a looker, unlike some people we know. [**thinks about my ex**] It also has amazing MEDICINAL PROPERTIES for COUGHS and COLDS!

10. Parrot’s Beak

Parrot's Beak

Parrot’s Beak flower is an extraordinary bloom. It deserves to be on everyone’s list of rare beauties. Also known as Parrot’s Bill, these stunning flowers sport a BEAK-LIKE SHAPE. 

And they come in various VIBRANT HUES, from purple to red. They are surely an eye-catching sight – so much so you might almost expect them to say, “Polly wants a cracker!”

My Parrot’s Beak Flowers usually bloom for about THREE WEEKS in EARLY SPRING to EARLY SUMMER. I think of it like a house guest who enjoys their company but they are always in a hurry. 

They can be naturally found in the CANARY ISLANDS. [** Think how interesting that this bird island has bird-like flowers growing on it.**] 

Finding parrot’s beak flowers is difficult, making them one of the WORLD’S RAREST flowers!

11. Queen of the Night

Queen of the Night

The Queen of the Night is a scarce flower that blooms at night. Therefore, it is also known as NIGHT-BLOOMING CEREUS and is considered a rare BLOOMING CACTUS. If for nothing, it has an awesome name! 

This cactus takes years before it can bloom again. And its petals are stunningly white with a FAINT GLOW under MOONLIGHT. The night-blooming cereus has LUSH GREEN FOLIAGE, making any garden look EXOTIC. 

And the single people among you can tell your friends that you have a queen at home – it technically won’t be a lie. Hahaha

The night-blooming cereus natively grows mainly in SOUTH AMERICA’S arid deserts. As such, this GORGEOUS FLOWER becomes even more special due to how difficult it is to locate it in the wild. 

Finding one is like winning an EXCLUSIVE LOTTERY TICKET – except it’s prickly and has a cool name. You tell me if that is a win or not.

So make sure you add the night-blooming cereus to your list. 

12. Rhodochiton


Rhodochiton is a hard-to-find flower PURPLE FLOWER. 

It is known for its big and interestingly shaped petals – it’s hard to miss. 

It is native to CENTRAL AMERICA. They couldn’t be more exotic if they were to make some salsa dance moves. Hahaha.  

But you can grow Rhodochiton in your garden. This baby demands a lot of sunshine. But do not drown them in WATER. With these and some love, your plants will last for months!  

Consider Rhodochiton for your garden. Who knows? You might end up with some salsa moves or some tacos-making skills! 

13. Rothschild’s Slipper Orchid

Rothschild's Slipper Orchid

Rothschild’s Slipper Orchid is a rare, beautiful flower known for its unique shape. It has bright MULTICOLORED PETALS connected to a curved lip-shaped bloom. 

These flowers have been likened to an EXOTIC SHOE worthy of an ARISTOCRAT. And I consider it one of the most desirable flowers in the world. 

I grow mine easily in my garden. But, the orchid can be found mainly in TROPICAL FORESTS of EASTERN MALAYSIA.

It was once abundant but is now on the BRINK OF EXTINCTION in the wild. And this is not one of those Rothschild’s conspiracies. [**wears a tinfoil hat**] 

Rothschild’s Slipper Orchid being nearly extinct in the wild has made it rare and hard to find! You should make these slipper orchids your “it” flower. After all, with the ROTHSCHILDS behind it – you can never go wrong!

14. Stinking Corpse Lily

Stinking Corpse Lily

The Stinking Corpse flower a very uncommon plant. It’s hard to find it outside of INDONESIA, where it is found natively.  

But don’t be discouraged when it does bloom. It’s an EXTRAORDINARY SIGHT. So don’t be surprised if you have Botanists and gardeners flocking to your garden to witness it bloom! 

It’s hard to forget this plant because it has what I can only describe as a strong SMELL. Don’t be surprised if cops knock at your door, accusing you of a Jeffrey Dahmer situation. That probably won’t happen, but you get the picture. Hahaha. 

I mean, the clue is in the name!

15. Viscaria


Viscaria is a hard-to-find beauty that grows in SIBERIA. You can identify it by the bright gradient colors on the petals. 

This unusual species is among the RAREST on the planet! It’s so EXCLUSIVE it’ll feel like you have an INFLUENCER in your garden – minus some cringe videos. Hahaha.          

My Viscaria typically blooms for no more than a MONTH, leaving its admirers longing for more. Even if your time together is SHORT-LIVED, they’ll leave an EVERLASTING IMPRESSION. That’s just like that one ex that got away. 

Its petals are LARGE and SOFT, making them almost FLUFFY when touched! Think of it like a freshly-baked muffin – don’t eat them, though.  

16. Vulcan’s Trumpet

Vulcan's Trumpet

Vulcan’s Trumpet is a unique flower found in only the world’s most isolated regions. Think ATLANTIS and MIDDLE EARTH. [**waits for the nerds to smile**] 

It has many colors, from DEEP RED to SUNNY YELLOW PETALS, making it stand out amongst many other flowers. This flower blooms from LATE SPRING until EARLY SUMMER. Its trumpet-like shape adds to its glory. 

The scarcity of Vulcan’s Trumpet makes it an even more desirable item. Possessing one is akin to finding an extraordinary item on eBay with only ONE in stock! 

Their uniqueness will bring forth an extra-special touch to any garden or bouquet.

17. Western Underground Orchid

Western Underground Orchid

The Western Underground Orchid is a rare flower that amazes the world with its unique beauty. With LARGE, FLAT PETALS in WHITE and PINK TONES, it stands out from other flowers worldwide. That’s just like my eccentric aunt wearing a BRIGHT HAT at family BBQs!

It is an endangered flower species native to AUSTRALIA. And get this; it is extinct in the wild, making it one of the RAREST FLOWERS on earth! 

So you can feel like a TIGER KING (or Orchid King) with these exotic beauties in your garden. At least you’ll be sure your limbs are safe. 

18. Youtan Poluo

Youtan Poluo

Youtan poluo is a rare flower that has been given the title of one of the most unique flowers in the world. Its PETALS create an exotic shape resembling a TINY jewels. Each petal has its own BRILLIANT COLORATION ranging from pink to yellow. Now that’s petal-ing.

BOTANISTS who are SMARTER than me are yet to determine if it is a MOSS or FUNGUS. So I find it difficult to grow it in my garden as it is PARASITIC and HARD to propagate. Also, I don’t want to be PATIENT ZERO in a Last of Us situation. Hahaha. 

Youtan Poluo is DIFFICULT to find. They are mostly found among forests and streams in remote regions of SOUTHWEST CHINA. Being so hard to come by, this special flower has become highly sought-after for its beauty and rarity!

FAQs about Rare Flowers

1. What is rarest flower in the world?

The Ghost Orchid is one of the rarest species in existence. This is in part because it has a very short blooming period that only lasts a few weeks each year. It is almost as if glimpsing Casper the Friendly Ghost in person!

2. Which flower is immortal?

Amaranth may not be a flower that lives forever, but it comes pretty close! Its gorgeous petals and striking colors stay in bloom longer than others. The result is an enchanting display with cultural significance around some people.

3. What is the rarest lily?

The Nymphaea thermarum is an exceptionally rare and hard-to-find lily. That’s because it is native to a very small lake in Rwanda. Also, their natural habitat is destroyed making them extinct in the wild.  

4. What flower blooms every 100 years?

The Agave Americana, known as the Century Plant, is thought to bloom once every 100 years. However, it is a myth – no flower takes that long to bloom. This particular species blossoms after 25-30 years.

What’s Next

We started you off by defining rare flowers. We then highlighted 18 of these rare blooms. That’s quite a list. And let me tell you, they are gorgeous! We hope we find one that speaks to you. Good luck.

Are you interested in starting your own flower garden?AsterGardening is here to help! 

We are like Santa when it comes to gardening knowledge. We have something for everyone. Visit us now!

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