15 Flowers That Look Like Roses: Enjoy Colorful Beauty In Your Garden

BY Shaafay Zia
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Welcome to our in-depth GUIDE on flowers that look like roses (but they are not). 

Roses are BEAUTIFUL flowering shrubs. But sometimes it is DIFFICULT for the gardeners to deal with all the UPKEEPING they need.

Don’t worry; at AsterGardening, we get the SOLUTION to your problem through this article.

We know the struggle of upkeeping the roses. That’s WHY we have RESEARCHED to give this list of STUNNING flowers. 

It helps you choose the perfect flower collection for your rose garden.

Prepare yourself to SOAK in the list of 15 flowers that look like roses. You LEARN to grow them like a CHAMP!

Flowers That Look Like Roses

What is the secret to growing roses?

What is the secret to growing roses

Roses are undoubtedly my FAVORITE flowering plants. Every gardener loves to plant them.

Here are some of the secrets to growing roses;

1.    Water in the Morning

If you love roses, ensure WATERING your rose garden in the morning. It PREVENTS disease and ALLOWS your plant to grow normally.

When you water in the MORNING, the roses will absorb more water. It REDUCES evaporation, and there is LESS free-standing water on the foliage.

2.    Avoid Sprinklers for Watering

When WATERING your beautiful flowers, don’t use sprinklers. It leaves water STANDING on the foliage and CAUSES disease.

You can WATER on the base of the rose plant. It will collect the water at the GROUND and the roots.

3.    Provide Support

Tying roses with stakes or cages will help in avoiding SNAPPING and BREAKING. Providing SUPPORT helps GROW straight and beautiful.

4.    Add Mulch

Don’t forget to provide ample moisture using mulch around the base of your roses.

Use mulch all around the BASE of your roses to GAIN some moisture. It also HELPS in keeping the roots COOL.

Your rose plant will grow happily when provided with QUALITY mulch. Ensure to apply it 6 inches around the base.

When you use a QUALITY mulch, apply it 6 inches around the base to GROW your rose plant happily.

5.    Soil and Sunlight

Roses grow best when provided an average sunlight of 8 hours. 8 hours of sunlight is a must to grow the best garden roses. You must provide them WELL-DRAINED and ORGANIC MATTER-rich soil for perfect growth.

Avoid keeping them in a HOTTER climate and PROTECT them from the afternoon sun. 

15 Flowers That Look Like Roses

Be READY! This list of stunning roses will blow your mind.

1. Begonia


Begonia is an ANNUAL plant, and no known geographic region of this plant exists.

You can also say it is a hybrid plant, which you can plant anywhere. It reaches a maximum SIZE of 6-12 inches in height.

This type of flower NEEDS full to partial sun for normal growth. The USDA zone for them to GROW optimally includes 10 to 11.

The VIBRANT and BRIGHT colors make them unique to roses.

You don’t want to miss these flowers in a garden. They add uniqueness with HEART-SHAPED evergreen leaves. 

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2. Wild Dahlia

Wild Dahlia

Wild Dahlia is a beautiful and striking flower NATIVE to Mexican regions.

They are readily available in DIFFERENT shades of pink, magenta, and violet. Their colors depend on the species and the LOCATION they are growing.

Dahlias are known to be SYMBOLIC of inherent elegance, emotional strength, and creativity.

The flower heads of these flowers that look like roses are MASSIVE. Get ready to be amazed by POINTED rose petals.

Ensure TEMPERATURE between 70 to 80 degrees and GERMINATE over 10 days. MOISTEN the soil with water as well.

Their uncanny resemblance with roses made me fall in LOVE with them. They have become my TOP RECOMMENDATION for gardens.

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3. Heather


Heather is an evergreen shrub known as SCOTCH heather or ling. This flower is NATIVE to Western Europe, North America, Asia, and Greenland.

It can grow to the maximum size of 3 feet and belongs to the ERICACEAE family. It CONSISTS of shrubs and other flowers and small trees.

The USDA growing zone of the heather flower is between 5 to 7. Heather has purple stems with small and close leaves.

There are FEATHERY spikes on these pink mountain-shaped flowers.

Most heather plants are summer-blooming; those BLOOMS range from Rose to deep purple. The foliage color is green to orange.

4. Carnations


Carnation flowers look exactly like ROSES. Multiple pretty FRILLS are on the ruffled petals, filled in a bouquet.

Carnation symbolizes happiness and love. This flower was present DURING the Ancient Greek times.

I REMEMBER receiving a bouquet of these flowers on my BIRTHDAY. I FELL in love with the pink and white CARNATIONS.

The plant grows to the maximum size of 12 to 18 inches and needs full to PARTIAL shade. It grows in the USDA zone ranging between 7 to 10.

Carnations are also commonly known as Dianthus. They are wonderful cut flowers that are popular in addition to CORSAGES.

5. Peonies


Let me INTRODUCE you to one of the most BELOVED flowers. It’s none other than PEONIES. They are best known for pleasing colors and aroma.

Peonies flowers LOOK like wild roses. The reason is their big PLUMP flower heads. Some FRILLY and FLUFFY petals set them apart.

These flowers are perfect alternatives for roses. Peonies keep coming EVERY season (but for a short duration). They are one of the few true ALTERNATIVES to roses.

Do you know why they are FAMOUS? Their DECORATIVE foliage is a pleasing sight with PLENTY of colors.

These flowers change colors from green to purple, adding a touch of roses. Their USDA HARDINESS zone is 3 to 8.

6. Nasturtium


Nosurium is another flower that I really adore. I call it an orange rose due to its prominent orange hue.

Here is another fact bomb: The leaves and flowers both are EDIBLE. They have vitamin C for your healthy bites.

All the above essential supplements have MEDICINAL characteristics. It helps improve the immune system, coughs, fever, and sore throat.

These flowers that look like roses are hardy in zones from 9 to 11. It is a perfect low-maintenance flower for the garden.

You will also find these ornamental plants in vegetable gardens, broccoli, and cauliflower.

The origin of these rose-looking flowers is in South America. It has slightly SUCCULENT long stems along with distinctive and ROUNDED green leaves. 

7. Camelia


It belongs to the plant type of broadleaf evergreen shrub. The ORIGIN of this flower is Japan, China, and Korea.

It grows to the maximum size of 12 feet from 2 feet quickly. It grows to its FULL length in the hardiness zone ranging from 7 to 9 USDA.

What’s more at your end for these rose-like flowers?

Only provide them with PART SHADE for perfect growth. Their flowering rose shrubs are gorgeous, bright-colored, white, pink, and streaked.

There is a HEAVY petal bloom that has a dainty look to them. Do you know what makes them UNIQUE? They are the best flowers for wedding bouquets

They have EVERGREEN dark and glossy leaves, contrasting nicely with their blooms. 

8. Dianthus


Get your dose of FLOWERS that look and smell like roses. Double Dianthus is among the top and best CONTENDERS.

Early summer months are their bloom time. They THRIVE best when the temperature is NOT very hot.

Keep them under ADEQUATE sunlight if you want to grow them at HOME. And nutrient-rich sandy soil is better. In MOST cases, they will NOT need fertilizers.

These double dianthuses are FRAGRANT flowers with vibrant colors. You can expect some mixed-shaded yellow flowers. The diverse color RANGE includes pink and red.

These flowers that look like roses have a MAXIMUM height of 18 INCHES. You can grow them in hardiness zones 4 to 10.

9. Geraniums


Geranium plants love BRIGHT, sunny climates. Here is a fact that will BLOW your mind! These fragrant beauties need moistened soil.

I have made a watering schedule to keep them hydrated. It worked amazingly to keep them from stress.

These geranium plants are herbaceous to woody. They also have THICK fleshy leaves with different SHAPES from round to deeply cut.

These rose-like flowers have FIVE petals, all colored white, pink, blue, and purple. There are different veins in them. 

Guess WHAT? And they are a part of garden roses that provide soft color for weeks.

Geraniums are NATIVE to eastern North America. They are hardy plants in zones ranging from 3 to 9.

10. Chinese Bush Cherry

Chinese Bush Cherry

These deciduous shrubs have an IRREGULAR shape of 0.3 to 3m high. The BARK of this plant is GLAMOROUS, and the copper is tinted black.

It TURNS out that the Chinese rose bushes belong to the Rosaceae family. As the name INDICATES, this flower is NATIVE to Middle Eastern ASIA.

My favorite place to grow them is USDA Zone 2. I like how they are cold and DROUGHT RESISTANT in these areas.

These plants grow to the MAXIMUM height of 0.3 to 3 m, possibly a little wider than the measurements.

11. Double Impatiens

Double Impatiens

Double impatiens are ANNUAL-type plants like double tulips. The geographic origin of impatiens plants is New Guinea.

It attains a maximum HEIGHT of 8-18 inches with proper care. It needs partial sun to full SHADE for healthy growth.

Double impatiens GROW and hardy in 10 to 12 USDA zones.

If you KNOW your garden well, you know the IMPORTANCE of keeping impatiens flowers at your HOME.

The shades availability is not SCARCE. You can get them in SHADES of pink, purple, and bright orange colors.

These rose-like flowers GROW in a mound of lush green foliage. Making them the best CHOICE for hanging baskets and plants.

12. Cotton Rose

Cotton Rose

Do you know that this rose-like flower is also called Hibiscus? Rose is just a PART of its name.

Get ready to be surprised that these flowers that look like roses are not from the Rosa family. Guess what? They are FROM the Mallow family.

It looks more like a rose than a tropical flower. I like its Hawaiian Hair like STRUCTURE that looks incredible on my LAWN.

It bears different fragrant BLOOMS with green SHRUBS. They INCLUDE light pink, darn pin, etc. They change colors rapidly within a few DAYS.

13. Lisianthus


Lisianthus is a HERBACEOUS perennial that resembles roses. The geographical ORIGIN of these plants is Central North America.

Lisianthus needs FULL sun exposure to grow fully. They GROW to the maximum height of 1 to 3 feet and 6 to 12 inches wide.

The USDA hardiness zone 8-10 is best for LISIANTHUS. It has BECOME a go-to flower for different types of POTTED plants.

The flower needs PROPER care to have significant and delicate BLOOMS.

14. Double Anemone

Double Anemone

Double anemone has a striking RESEMBLANCE to roses. You will notice the DOUBLE petals look like SEMI-DOUBLE tulips and dog roses.

The petals are SMALL and grow generously, along with their double blooms.

Need a CARE sheet? They need FULL sun exposure, and the blooming season is early spring. Guess What? They like to THRIVE in USDA zones 7-10.  

Their BLOOMING season is spring, and they can grow 1 foot tall. These rose flowers NEED sandy loam and well-drained soil with pH 5.6 to 7.5.

15. Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle

Do you want another rose-like flower RECOMMENDATION? Crape myrtle flower is one of them, which I ADORE.

I am a FAN of their GROWTH (they can grow 6 to 30 feet tall and equally wide). They are the PASTEL crepe-like flowers.

The nicest FEATURE is that they bloom for a long time. The growing season for these pretty flowers is from late SPRING to early FALL.

All the Crape Myrtle are cold hardy in zones RANGING from 7 to 10. Some of these flowers also tend to GROW in Zone 6.

These flowers that look like roses are HEAT TOLERANT and mildly drought tolerant.

FAQs about Flowers That Look Like Roses

1. What is the difference between rose and ranunculus?

Roses and Ranunculus differ in blooming time, scent, and plant type. Ranunculus does not have any fragrance, while Roses have different sweet fragrances. Ranunculus belongs to the tender perennial plant type.
While Roses are hard perennial plants, so they are planted as potted or bare-root plants.

2. What are the lillies that look like roses?

Roses lilies look like roses with their double flower and a yellow center.
Rose lilies with yellow center, pink petal spots, and double flowers look like roses. It makes a beautiful cut flower and has a lovely fragrance. The captivating appearance makes the person squeeze it into his garden immediately.

3. Where do roses grow best?

Roses grow best in sandy soil rich in organic matter. Ensure full sun and keep the soil well-drained.
Roses love to thrive and grow in full sun with well-drained sandy soil rich in organic matter. They usually prefer acidic soil with 6-7 pH. So, if you will grow roses in your garden, plant them where they can get full bright sunlight.
And the rich soil must be acidic and high in nutrients. 

4. Do fairy roses have thorns?

Yes, fairy roses have a lot of thorns on their stems. They have all the qualities you wish for in any Rose plant. They are hardy and have plenty of disease-resistant thorns. These thorny roses can tolerate poor soil and grow best in light shade

What’s Next

Reading this ARTICLE must have ENLIGHTENED you what flowers look like roses.

If you don’t KNOW which Roses are best to grow in gardens, read the article THOROUGHLY.

You can choose any FASCINATING rose and grow it in your garden. Thousands of flowers have similar shapes and appearances to roses.

I hope READING the article lets you know different FLOWERS look like roses. Now, enjoy your SEASONS with lovely rose fragrances in your GARDEN. 

Hey, do you want to ADD a few flowers in your garden that look like roses? No WORRIES; we’ve got you covered!

AsterGardening is the PERFECT for EXPERT advice and SOLUTIONS to all plant problems. Head over to our WEBSITE to give your garden the LOVE it deserves!

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