10 Beautiful Plants That Look Like Lavender: Explore the Wonderful Family

BY Khushvinder Dagar
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Welcome to our guide for PLANTS that LOOK LIKE LAVENDER! Are you ready to discover the secrets behind these floral doppelgangers? 

Ready, set…let’s dive into an adventure of LAVENDER LOOKALIKE EXPLORATION. 

It can be FRUSTRATING to get a plant you were looking for, thinking it is Lavender, only to find out it is something else. We feel YOUR PAIN and are here to help. 

TRUST US! We are expert gardeners. Think of us as your personal GARDENING JEDI ready to guide you. So we know a thing or two about FLOWERS. 

We are dedicated to PROVIDING QUALITY GUIDANCE and ADVICE. Think of it as an Obi-Wan coming to teach you, an eager young Padawan! The goal is to equip you with the BEST INFORMATION to take your gardening to the next level. 

Our team is PASSIONATE about HELPING people get the most out of their gardens.

You will learn about Lavender plants, what they look like and 10 of Lavender’s doppelgangers. 

So sit back and relax! 

Plants That Look Like Lavender

Brief Introduction of Lavender Plants

Brief Introduction of Lavender Plants

Lavender is an herbaceous, PERENNIAL FLOWERING shrub that produces beautiful lavender blooms. It is a DROUGHT-TOLERANT plant and requires WELL-DRAINED SOIL. You can say, it can ‘stand the heat’ in any relationship. Hahaha. 

The woody stems are usually AROUND KNEE-HIGH. And they have clusters of purple flowers adding to their allure. They have the model height and look perfect for stealing someone’s heart away at first glance.

But the Lavender plant is not just a pretty face. It also has MEDICINAL BENEFITS. This ornamental plant yields fragrant blooms throughout the season! Plus, you get the added bonus of using some of its oils for AROMATHERAPY or OTHER REMEDIES! 

Talk about a win-win situation! Think of it like buying a fancy car with all the bells and whistles and finding out it gets great gas mileage too!

What Does Lavender Look Like?

What Does Lavender Look Like

Lavender looks so beautiful! Its unique scent and VIBRANT PURPLE FLOWERS draw you in. Then its silvery green foliage adds an extra splash of color. This makes it look as though your garden is a LIVING ARTWORK! They say Monet was always jealous of lavender blooms. 

Okay, I say that.

Those tall PURPLE FLOWER SPIKES are hard to miss! It’s no surprise that Lavender is a fragrant plant with many admirers. Think how a moth is drawn to a flame. Or an Ant to honey – because who doesn’t love the smell of Lavender? 

But did you know lavender flowers can also be BLUE or PURPLISH-BLUE? That’s like the UNICORNS of the flower world! Some varieties even have PALE PINK or GRAYISH-GREEN foliage too. All the DIFFERENT VERSIONS of this amazing flower make it truly unique! 

10 Beautiful Plants That Look Like Lavender

Here are 10 GORGEOUS LAVENDER DOPPELGANGERS.COME on. Let’s lave-nderous! 

1. Catnip


Catnip is one of the most adorable plants. It can grow up to TWO FEET TALL. And it features fluffy white flowers with a hint of PURPLE. That’s because it’s from the MINT FAMILY! 

Its fragrant aroma draws cats near, and its BLUE or PURPLE FLOWERS often appear in full sun. The leaves look like Lavender, which makes them easy to spot. 

Catnip will enchant your CAT and keep them entertained for hours on end. That means they WON’T be begging you to open another can of tuna anytime soon! Hahaha. 

According to legend, if you put some catnip in your leche drink, Puss In Boots himself will show up at your house! 

2. Basil


Basil is a plant that looks like Lavender with AROMATIC FLOWERS that smell like a dream. And it thrives in full sun to produce its PURPLE FLOWERS; what a sight for sore eyes! 

It belongs to the MINT FAMILY and can grow up to TWO FEET TALL! Just add a few leaves when you want to wow your dinner guests! I heard it’s ratatouille’s secret ingredient. [**Tries to monologue with bad French**]

HOLY BASIL and SWEET BASIL are two types of basil that resemble Lavender the most. Not only that, but they’re also DROUGHT-TOLERANT, making them easy to grow. So I don’t need to worry about drowning them! Well, not literally, anyway! 

All these flowering plants need is WELL-DRAINED SOIL. And, with minimal effort, I have blooms that look like Lavender! 

3. Pitcher Sage

Pitcher Sage

Pitcher Sage is a gorgeous flowering plant that LOOKS LIKE LAVENDER and is part of the MINT FAMILY. It grows up to three feet tall, with purple flowers. It can sometimes have blue flowers too! You’ll have a blue and purple patchwork garden if you are lucky! 

This PERENNIAL HERB can add a bit of fun to any garden with its cheerful-looking purple petals. They might even make you smile every time you see them – they’ll make your partner jealous! We have no dull greens here. Hahaha

Pitcher Sage is also VERY VERSATILE. It’s easy to grow even in dry conditions, so you don’t have to worry because it is a low-maintenance plant. Plus, pitcher sage can be added to various floral arrangements for EXTRA COLOR and CHARM. 

That’s like adding some bling jewelry for a trendy outfit upgrade. What more could you ask for? 

4. Rosemary


Rosemary is a beautiful plant that looks just like Lavender but with a few key differences! It’s slightly TALLER, and it’s COOLER! This plant is basically what 6′0″ in men is to 5′11″. If you know, you know, hahaha.

It has purple flowers and is part of the MINT FAMILY, growing to about THREE FEET TALL. I use this perennial plant as a ‘LAVENDER ALTERNATIVE’ in my kitchen and vegetable garden. I like to call it ‘the lavender-lite.’ I know you won’t forget that.

The PURPLISH BLUE flowers of this flowering herb are lovely and make you feel happy when you look at them! Rosemary is worth considering if you’re looking for a Lavender alternative. Its cheerful purple blooms will bring joy to whatever space they occupy!

5. Hyssop


Hyssop is a PERENNIAL PLANT that looks like Lavender. Its violet flowers bloom in EARLY SUMMER. And its deep green leaves provide a nice contrast to the bright blooms

It grows best in FULL SUN but can also tolerate partial shade. So no matter your climate, these plants won’t die on you! You are definitely not catching a planti-cide case here. Hahaha. 

For Hyssops, you should be aware of these two plants. The PURPLE GIANT HYSSOP (Hyssopus officinalis) has tall purple flowers. 

In contrast, ANISE HYSSOP (Agastache foeniculum) produces fragrant foliage that tastes like LICORICE. Now, I am drooling – yum! 

Do you want a Lavender look alike without feeling guilty about being unable to keep them alive? Then turn your gaze towards these two plants! Hahaha.

6. Catmint


Catmint is a plant that LOOKS LIKE LAVENDER. It has deep purple flower heads and a strong floral scent. Think of it like MINT for YOUR CAT! Imagine your chef cat seasoning tuna with some catmint. Hahaha. 

Do you want SOMETHING UNIQUE from other plants that look like Lavender? Then, Catmint is the perfect way to add a touch of beauty to your flower bed.

At least your cat will be happy if all else doesn’t go according to plan. That’s more purr for you! 

Plus, it grows QUICKLY and EASILY, so you don’t have to worry about LOSING any time tending to it! So if you’re looking for a plant that adds some color but is easy to care for, Catmint might be just what you need!

7. Mealycup Sage

Mealycup Sage

Mealycup Sage is a PLANT that LOOKS LIKE LAVENDER and will make your garden stand out! 

They grow low to the ground and have fragrant LILAC-HUED FLOWERS. It’s like having a tiny garden fairy dancing around your yard – without the pesky wings getting in the way of mowing! 

I like to give my plants FULL SUN because I know they love it. This way am SURE my aromatic plant will THRIVE! My Mealycup Sage DOES NOT need much maintenance. This is why I consider it a ‘lazy gardener’s delight.’ 

I AM NOT encouraging you to be a lazy gardener, though! It’s great for DRY CLIMATES too! If you don’t believe me, ask my cactus friend here; he swears by it. Hahaha.

So why not add this cheery little herb to your garden today? You won’t regret it – after all, who doesn’t love a splash of color in their landscape?

8. Russian Sage

Russian Sage

If you love the looks of Lavender, but with a twist, Russian Sage might be your answer! 

Not only do these plants look like Lavender, but they are also incredibly EASY to grow and full of fresh flowers. Despite its name, it DOESN’T come with growing instructions in Cyrillic script.

Russian sage is a HARDY PERENNIAL that grows up to 6 feet tall in sunny areas with WELL-DRAINING SOIL. Plus, the foliage has a hint of fragrance and makes for a beautiful backdrop in any garden. 

Russian sage is a great way to liven up your space – like when your favorite person comes for dinner. 

Are you looking for something similar to Lavender but with an added touch? Then, look no further than Russian Sage! Don’t worry; no matter how much you talk to them, these sages will never answer back in Russian!

9. Purple Salvias

Purple Salvias

Purple Salvias are plants that look like Lavender and have a HEAVENLY AROMA. They can grow up to five feet tall with lavender-colored flowers! 

Although hardy, I see them become susceptible to root rot if OVERWATERED. That’s just like some relationships. Hahaha.

I plant mine in the right place with GOOD DRAINAGE. This is key for a happy and healthy Purple Salvia! Otherwise, they may end up in a pickle – literally. 

Are you looking for AROMATIC PLANTS that look like Lavender? Shortlist Purple Salvia for that interview. They might do the job well! [Imagine cute little Salvias interviewing for a job] Hahaha.

10. Wisteria


Wisterias are plants that LOOK LIKE LAVENDER but with way more sass! Their lush white and deep purple flowers give a dramatic flair to any garden. It’s almost as if they were possessed by the gods — the gods of sass! 

Give these plants lots of FULL SUN exposure. But take heed – growing Wisteria can be a WILD RIDE. 

It’ll grow so FAST you might think it’s taking off, so get your cowboy hat ready for some wrangling action! Yee-haw!

At least they are rewarding when Wisteria blooms in LATE SPRING or EARLY SUMMER. You’ll have stunning romantic floral displays! 

So if you’re looking for plants that Look Like Lavender, consider Wisteria. You know what they say: there’s nothing quite as romantic as flowers from your wisteria bloom. Okay, I say that.

FAQs about Plants That Look Like Lavender

1. Does lavender keep mosquitoes away?

Lavender is a natural way to keep those pesky mosquitoes away! Sprinkling a bit of Lavender around your home is an effective and pleasant way to keep bugs away. So don’t be afraid to get creative. Unleash your inner lavender-loving mosquito repeller!

2. What should not be planted near lavender?

Lavender and mint don’t mix – Mint requires too much moisture for the arid soil Lavender needs. And shade-loving plants, like Hosta and Coleus, don’t make good neighbors either. So if you want your Lavender to thrive, keep it away from those plants.

3. What plant smells like lavender?

The following are other plants that smell like Lavender. Rosemary, holy basil, hyssop, catnip, Russian sage, purple giant hyssop, and pitcher sage. All these plants can bring that wonderfully calming lavender scent to your garden. 

4. What plants are in the lavender family?

Ah, the Lavender family! It has Lavender, basil, rosemary, thyme, sage, oregano, mint, catnip, marjoram, and hyssop. All these plants belong to the mint family. 
This family is also called Lamiaceae. And it consists of around 200 genera of flowering plants. Imagine the scent of all these herbs together – so fragrant and calming!

What’s Next

You learned about Lavender plants. We gave you a brief introduction. Then we told you what this delightful plant looks like. Lastly, we topped it off by showing you ten plants you can easily confuse with Lavender. 

Starting a herb garden? Let AsterGardening show you the way! 

Our expert team offers helpful advice and tips to make sure your new herb garden is a success. 

Let’s go on this lavender-filled journey!

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