Do Squirrels Eat Blueberries? Get Essential Solutions

BY Khushvinder Dagar
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So you’ve seen some FURRY LITTLE CRITTERS scurrying around your garden like a thief in the night. 

Now you’re wondering if that blueberry bush is safe. Do SQUIRRELS eat BLUEBERRIES? It’s a fair question – after all, who else would be raiding that feast?

Well, we’re here to give you the answers to make you SLEEP BETTER at night!

We are EXPERT GARDENERS, and we know a thing or two about how to make gardening fun. That includes blueberry bushes with personalities of their own. And the cutest talking chipmunks too! Yes, we watched that movie on your mind! Hahaha

So trust us! Whether you’re growing berries or taming squirrel infestation, we have the solutions!

Can squirrels eat blueberries? You’ll have this ANSWER and other neat cocktail party facts. Also, you’ll have answers to life’s BERRIES little problems. Get it?

So, you know just what to expect! Buckle up for a tasty journey into the wild diet of our furry friends. 

Do squirrels eat blueberries

Nutrients Value In Blueberries

Nutrients Value In Blueberries

Did you know that blueberries are CHOCK-FULL of NUTRITIONAL VALUE? Here is a list of a few health benefits of those fruits from your favorite blueberry bushes: 

1. Vitamin C

These bad boys are packed with VITAMIN C and give you an energy boost. They’ll help you defeat the colds and flus quicker than Mario defeats Bowser! 

2. Caloric Content

If you’re counting calories, don’t worry, blueberries won’t weigh you down! You get only 80 calories per cup. They’re the perfect healthy treat for those watching their waistlines – sweet. Get it? 

3. Dietary Fiber

Blueberries contain dietary fiber, which helps promote DIGESTIVE HEALTH. So get ready to get things moving in no time! I know that might be hard to digest, but it’s true! 

4. Antioxidants

Eating blueberries can help REDUCE OXIDATIVE DAMAGE to your body. Think free radical fighting superpowers in each bite! This will keep you healthy and strong! 

Do Squirrels Eat Blueberries? And Why?

Do Squirrels Eat Blueberries

Most animals find blueberries safe and delicious. These range from COMMON GARDEN PESTS to the little critters in your backyard. According to Winnie-the-Pooh, “One Blueberry short of a full pot” is enough to make his day! 

So squirrels love eating blueberries! You’ll find your backyard squirrels chomping away each summer. These furry critters try new recipes in your backyard. They like Squirrel-berry Crumble or Blueberry Pie with a Nutshell crust. Hahaha.

Squirrels have been known to eat both RAW BLUEBERRIES. And they also eat FROZEN BLUEBERRIES straight off the bush or tree branches! Squirrels love eating ripe fruit right off the vine. 

They also love munching on dried berries and even peeking inside your compost bin for a yummy treat! Who would’ve thought?

Squirrels love to eat BLUEBERRY BUSHES. They like nothing more than snacking on the delightful leaves and stems. Sometimes this has led to some interesting cases of ‘Accidental Twig Salad’ at family picnic tables – oops!

What Types of Blueberries Can Squirrels Eat?

What Types of Blueberries Can Squirrels Eat

Squirrels have a lot of food sources. Here are a few types of blueberries they eat: 

1. Fresh blueberries

Fresh blueberries, right off the bush or plant! Nothing like getting your hands dirty while snacking. And it’s no different for these little critters. 

2. Raw blueberries 

Squirrels love raw blueberries that have been picked and stored properly.

3. Cooked blueberries 

Cooked blueberries make for a tasty treat for squirrels. They’re not exactly doing any cooking themselves. They’d burn down their nesting tree while roasting blueberries on an open fire. Hahaha. 

4. Frozen blueberries 

Savvy squirrels use frozen blueberries as ‘berry popsicles’ when temperatures soar too high! 

5. Dried blueberries 

Dried blueberries give squirrels a snack option any time of day! Think of that squirrel from Ice Age (Scrat), except instead of chasing an acorn, it’s a dried blueberry trail he’s on.

Ways to Keep Squirrels From Eating Blueberries

Ways to Keep Squirrels From Eating Blueberries

Keep those pesky squirrels out of your precious blueberries with these simple tricks! 

1. Install a bird netting

Cover your blueberry bushes with BIRD NETTING. It’s like the blanket fort of the garden, so small critters can’t get in and raid your snack stash! This will keep the squirrels from eating your berries and still allow birds in to feed.

2. Protect tree trunks and branches 

Wrap the trunk of your trees or any exposed branches that reach into the GARDEN OR BLUEBERRY PATCH. It is like gift wrapping but without Santa’s help! Use a protective covering like chicken wire, making it harder for them to access ripe fruit!

3. Use bird feeders

Give squirrels an ALTERNATIVE FOOD SOURCE that won’t make them go “nuts” for your berry patches. Do this by placing bird feeders away from your berry patches. 

You can fill the FEEDERS with nuts and grains. Make sure that they are safe for them but won’t attract other animals like raccoons. On the upside, you’ll get a good show as many birds flock to it. And give you a beautiful symphony of chirps and tweets. 

4. Don’t leave food lying around 

Avoid leaving EDIBLE SCRAPS in open sight. Think of granny’s famous fruitcake that’s been sitting on the counter for three days! If you’re feeding wildlife, avoid giving out too much fruit. This can encourage squirrels to come looking for more treats later on! 

Or you could get other unwanted guests. You could get a bear who comes knocking at your door every night expecting dinner! Say hi to Winnie-the-Pooh when you see them. [**wonders what’s Winnie’s gender**] 

5. Monitor garden activity closely

Keep an eye out so you can spot any signs of rodent activity near your berry patch. It’s like a game of Whac-A-Mole but with potentially cuter critters! You want to catch nests before the squirrels munch at all those precious blueberries!

6. Install motion detector sprinklers

MOTION DETECTOR SPRINKLERS are a safe and effective way to scare away squirrels. You can hear them squealing, “Ack! Not this again!” as they flee in terror, scurrying away in search of safety from the beeping and sprays of water. Trust us, we’ve heard it! Hahaha

Squirrels will rush off, seeking safety elsewhere. This will give you time to pick up those delicious fruits. 

When Can’t Squirrels Eat Blueberries?

When Can't Squirrels Eat Blueberries

Squirrels are pretty industrious creatures, but things don’t always go their way. Here are examples of when they CAN’T eat blueberry fruits:

1. Too Young

JUVENILE SQUIRRELS can’t eat solid foods. So until they are old enough to eat a varied diet, their blueberry treats will have to wait. As any parent knows – sometimes you can’t rush these things! Let’s just say it gets pretty nutty waiting for that day. 

2. Pesticides 

Blueberries can be contaminated with PESTICIDES. This makes blueberries dangerous for squirrels to eat. Their IMMUNE SYSTEM cannot handle pesticides. It would be like asking a human to drink paint – not a good idea!

3. No Water

Much like any other creature, squirrels need FRESH WATER to survive. If they don’t have access to it, their body won’t be able to process the nutrients in the blueberries. You could say they will be left high and dry if they don’t get it! Hahaha.

FAQs about Do Squirrels Eat Blueberries

1. Can baby squirrels eat blueberries?

Yes! baby squirrels love to eat fruit, especially blueberries – they’re a treat! When feeding squirrels, blueberries make a delicious snack. So go ahead and give them a try – your furry friends will be sure to thank you! Just make sure they are old enough to eat solid food first.

2. What food is toxic to squirrels?

Squirrels happily eat many things, but there are a few foods that can be toxic for them. Chocolate, alcohol, and caffeine can all harm a squirrel’s health if eaten. So make sure to keep those treats away from these furry friends!

3. Is peanut butter poisonous to squirrels?

Squirrels love to eat peanut butter! It’s completely safe for them to enjoy, so go ahead and give them a tasty treat. Go ahead and spread some peanut butter – watch them go nuts for it!

4. Is it good for squirrels to eat too many berries?

It’s not a good idea for squirrels to eat too many berries, especially blueberries! Eating too many can make these furry little animals feel sluggish. They won’t be able to scamper around as much as they’d like. 
So be sure to share the love and give other animals a chance to get in on the fruity goodness! 

What’s Next

We started you off with a bang by discussing the nutrients of blueberries. Then we told you whether or not squirrels can eat them. 

It turns out they can, but only certain types! To protect your blueberries, we learned a few ways to keep the squirrels away. Lastly, we discovered that squirrels are forbidden to eat blueberries. 

Make your garden a C-free zone, and enjoy your blueberry goodness! 

Plant blueberries with us at AsterGardening and get the best tips on how to keep them safe. Join us today and start growing your own blueberries! 

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