How Fast Does Banana Tree Grow? Honest Details

BY Shaafay Zia
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So you have planted your BANANA TREE, and you may wonder, HOW FAST DOES BANANA TREE GROW? 

Trying to figure out how fast a banana tree grows can leave one feeling like a monkey trying to catch his tail. That’s frustrating and overwhelming. 

But fret not, weary gardener-friend! For WE HAVE THE ANSWERS. Spoiler alert! It takes about 8 to 15 months, depending on the variety. 

TRUST US! We have spent COUNTLESS HOURS studying BERRIES from planting to harvest. We know the ins and outs of growing bananas. Think of us as YOUR private plant whisperers!

OUR RESEARCH ensures you get the best information to make your garden thrive. We provide honest advice backed by our years of thematic experience. You can be SURE we have your GARDENING NEEDS covered!

You will learn what influences banana tree growth rates, how tall they get, how fast they grow, how to make them grow faster & much more!

How Fast Does Banana Tree Grow

What are the Factors That Influence Speed of Growth?

What are the Factors That Influence Speed of Growth

Many FACTORS will influence the SPEED at which your banana tree grows. Here’s a list of key factors: 

1. The Types of Banana Trees

Different VARIETIES have different growth rates. Dwarf Cavendish banana, Blue Havana banana, Red Cuban banana, and your typical banana grow differently. It’s like having kids; some are fast growers, while others take their sweet time. Get it? Sweet!

2. Location

Banana trees thrive best in WARM TROPICAL REGIONS. They basically like an environment where they can RELAX and take it slow-mo! So be sure to keep them AWAY from COLDER TEMPERATURES. 

That’s because harsh conditions can impede their growth significantly. After all, as the saying goes: a banana tree in cold temperatures is like a fish out of water! 

3. Sunlight

Most banana trees need around 8 hours of DIRECT SUNLIGHT daily for optimal growth. My bananas love the sun so much that when it’s BRIGHT OUTSIDE, they don their dark glasses and hats to stay cool! 

But if it’s too hot outside, providing partial shade is a good idea too! But partial shade may LOWER the growth. 

4. Watering

Proper watering is essential for fast-growing plants. Ensure the soil is WELL-DRAINED when it comes time to water your bananas! 

Otherwise, their little roots will swim around and possibly even become amphibious! You don’t want amphibious bananas, do you?

5. Nutrients

It’s important to provide bananas with all the NECESSARY NUTRIENTS they need. I do this using FERTILIZER or COMPOST. Think of it like giving your banana a multivitamin; you don’t want them going malnourished!

6. Pruning 

Regular pruning can be beneficial for banana trees. It helps promote HEALTHY and FASTER GROWTH. This is because it encourages more NEW SHOOTS to form. Pruning your banana tree is like giving your fruit-bearing friend a much-needed pick-me-up! 

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How Tall Can Banana Trees Grow?

How Tall Can Banana Trees Grow

So you want to know HOW TALL banana trees can grow? Well, get ready to be amazed!

The AVERAGE banana tree can grow up to 25 feet tall. But SOME VARIETIES can reach 15-20 feet fall. Think of the Dwarf Cavendish banana and Blue Havana banana. That’s the SAME height as a GIRAFFE! Now you can impress your friends with that fact! 

They PRODUCE FRUIT first when the BANANA PLANTS reach 6-7 feet tall. That’s also when they get their FIRST TASTE of independence. After all, it’s not every day that a plant is able to stand on its own single stem! 

Banana stalks continue growing like an out-of-control Jack and the Beanstalk. A MATURE PLANT reaches as HIGH as 20-40 feet tall! Talk about a TALL ORDER – it’s no wonder that bananas are sometimes called “the sweet curvy giants!” I call it that. Hahaha

How Fast Does Banana Tree Grow?

How Fast Does Banana Tree Grow

Have you been wondering HOW LONG it takes for a Banana Tree to grow? Bananas are ONE of the QUICKEST-GROWING TREES around. – and they’re so much fun to watch. 

They can grow to their optimal height within 8-12 months, depending on the VARIETY! That’s excellent news for those wanting to get their yummy bananas quickly.

In general, it takes 10-15 months for banana tree plants to reach MATURITY and produce fruit. Though, some varieties might TAKE LONGER. That is bad news for those of us with SHORT attention spans. We might forget those banana trees produce fruit. Hahaha

Plants in LESS-THAN-IDEAL conditions may not bear fruit at all. If you put your banana plant at the BOTTOM of a lake and expect good results, well let’s just say it won’t happen! 

SLOWER-GROWING banana varieties take longer. You can usually expect some FRUIT PRODUCTION within three or four years. That’s okay because they say good bananas come to those who WAIT! Hahaha 

If you’re looking for FASTER RESULTS, look for faster-growing cultivars. For example, I have seen Valencia Pride banana trees produce fruit in SIX to EIGHT MONTHS – now that is FAST food! 

How to Make Banana Tree Grow Faster?

How to Make Banana Tree Grow Faster

Are you feeling a little IMPATIENT and want your ripe bananas SOONER? Here’s how to SPEED UP the process of growing a banana tree: 

1. Plant in Well-Drained Soil 

START OFF on the right foot by planting your banana trees in WELL-DRAINED SOIL. Think of it as giving them a nice, comfy pair of shoes to get their daily steps in! They’ll put their BEST FOOT forward when it comes to growing. Hahaha.

2. Prune Your Banana Plants Regularly 

Prune away any UNWANTED or SMALLER SUCKERS around the base of the plant. This encourages MORE GROWTH from the main trunk and helps produce fruit sooner. It’s like giving it a pedicure so its nails look fabulous!

3. Control Diseases 

Watch out for FUNGAL DISEASE or ROOT ROT damaging your banana plants. These issues should be addressed as soon as they appear. Think of it like taking your MEDICINE when you feel under the weather. 

You use appropriate FUNGICIDE TREATMENTS – just don’t forget to SHAKE before you spray! Not you, I mean the medicine. Hahaha 

4. Give Your Bananas A Drink

WATER REGULARLY but avoid overwatering, which could lead to the ROTTING of roots. ONCE every week should be sufficient for most varieties of banana trees…..just DON’T DROWN them! 

5. Watch Soil pH

Plant banana trees in ACIDIC SOIL. This gets them as BIG and STRONG as Popeye after eating spinach. Otherwise, it will STUNT your tree’s growth. So remember to add organic matter such as peat moss occasionally, if necessary, to lower soil pH. 

6. Provide Light 

Banana plants require LOTS of LIGHT. They are practically SUN-WORSHIPPERS. So position them in sheltered spots with plenty of sun exposure!

They love warm tropical environments with lots of sunshine. Don’t let them sacrifice anyone in their sun rituals, though! Hahaha 

7. Feed Your Banana Plants

To enhance growth, use a high-quality, BALANCED FERTILIZER. This, plus the rest, ensures your bananas get a BALANCED DIET. Apply the appropriate amount to your banana trees once EVERY FEW WEEKS. 

This will give them an EXTRA BOOST of nutrients and help them BEAR FRUIT QUICKER. It’s true what they say: if you want to keep bananas coming, you have to feed the banana plants! 

How to Propagate Banana Trees?

How to Propagate Banana Trees

Ready to get your HANDS DIRTY and grow a banana tree? No matter what banana tree varieties you choose, here is how to propagate them

1. Find Your Seeds

First, you’ll need a banana seed or suckers. SUCKERS are baby plants that grow on a banana tree’s base. And these can be EASILY collected and REPLANTED as separate plants. I normally go for suckers, they are easy to get and grow.

Ensure the PARENT PLANT is healthy and in warm weather. Like humans, they prefer that lovely summertime sun – minus the summer bod. Hahaha. This will make it easier for your bananas to survive in colder temperatures later.

2. Plant Them

Now comes the fun part! Dig a hole BIG ENOUGH to fit the sucker or banana seed. You’re not digging an underground bunker, after all. Then place it inside with soil until it is just covered up. 

Water your new addition REGULARLY to keep it moist but not too wet, which can lead to root rot or other issues. So no swimming pools, please! They are just posers. They can’t swim.

3. Avoid Overcrowding 

You’ll need to keep an eye out for UNWANTED SUCKERS popping up occasionally. They’re like UNINVITED GUESTS at a party – everyone’s happy until they arrive! These suckers may stunt the growth leading to small fruit. 

TOO MANY SUCKERS compete for resources from the parent plant. Think of it like having a lot of kids and not enough food!

DON’T WORRY if you see some unwanted suckers around your growing banana tree! Just gently PULL THEM OUT using gloves – remember, safety comes first when gardening! 

4. Maintain The Plant

If all goes well during its GROWTH PERIOD (which could take seven or more months, DEPENDING ON VARIETY). You should start seeing small fruits appear shortly after this – how exciting! It’s like waiting for Christmas, but it might come sooner! 

FAQs about How Fast Does Banana Tree Grow

1. How long do banana trees live?

Banana trees can live up to 15 years and even longer with ideal growing conditions. Banana trees die faster in cold temperatures, so keep your banana trees warm! 

2. How quickly do dwarf banana trees grow?

Dwarf banana trees grow surprisingly quickly! They produce banana fruits and can reach up to 6 to 8 feet tall. With ideal conditions, they can grow up to 1 to 2 feet a year – that’s a lot of bananas! 
If you want to add tasty tropical fruits to your garden, a dwarf banana tree is a great choice. They’ll give you a steady supply of sweet, delicious bananas soon!

3. How deep is the root of a banana tree?

Banana trees go deep! Have you ever wondered how deep their own roots go? Well, the answer is up to 6 to 8 feet or 1.8 to 2.4 meters. That’s right! Bananas grow their own roots, and they can reach pretty deep. Who knew bananas were so powerful?

4. Do all banana trees only fruit once?

Banana trees are pretty amazing! They come in two types – single cycle and multiple cycle. Single-cycle banana trees only fruit once. But multiple-cycle banana trees can keep producing delicious, yellow fruit repeatedly. 
So if you’re looking for a fruit-bearing type of tree, go for the multiple-cycle banana trees!

What’s Next

We discussed the factors that influence the speed of growth of banana trees. Next, we talked about how tall and fast they can grow. We then delved into how to make banana trees grow faster and how to propagate them. 

It was a fun and informative discussion – we learned much about banana trees! Now, let’s get banana-ing.

Looking to start a banana patch? Come on over to AsterGardening. We’ve helped thousands of gardeners get the most out of their gardens. 

We have the resources and advice you need to make your banana tree grow faster and better. Visit us today, and let us show you how to make your banana tree thrive and more!

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