Top 14 Strawberry Variety: Explore All the Juice

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Welcome to our blog on STRAWBERRY VARIETY. Ahhh! Remember, with great knowledge of strawberries comes great power. Or at least BRAGGING RIGHTS at your next farmer’s party. We all have those, yes?

Are you afraid of being out of the loop when choosing the RIGHT STRAWBERRY VARIETY? Well, there’s NO NEED TO WORRY!

We’re here with what you need on types of strawberries, strawberry plants, and more. As GARDENING EXPERTS, we know things about growing these strawberries! Just think of us as your berry besties.

We’ll provide the juicy info so you can become a certified connoisseur. After all, why should birds have all the fun – this info is not just for the birds, you know!

From Allstar to Earliglow, you will learn about 14 different types of strawberries! That’s right, 14! They each have special features that would make your mouth water. Let’s go!

Strawberry Variety

3 Main Strawberry Variety

3 Main Strawberry Variety

Strawberries come in THREE VARIETIES: June-bearing, everbearing, and day-neutral. All of them make for amazing sweet fruit that has an AROMATIC TASTE. 

1. June Bearing Strawberries 

June Bearing strawberries produce the sweetest and MOST FLAVORFUL BERRIES. They are so sweet you could use them to lure out a bear! You can expect this in the early spring, making them a favorite among HOME GARDENERS. It’s like Thanksgiving dinner coming early!

June bearing strawberries tend to have white flowers. Think of it like snowflakes in the sky. These turn into large juicy fruits when they ripen during late spring or early summer months. That’s just as the snow melts away! Awww!!

2. Everbearing Strawberries

Everbearing varieties give you a CONTINUOUS SUPPLY of fruit throughout the growing season. Everbearing strawberries will produce fruit until early fall! That’s like having your cake and eating it too. Yummm!

They also have a PERFECT STRAWBERRY SHAPE. Everbearing varieties produce round & firm fruits with a deep red color. You can say that they are photogenic. Hahaha. But their flavor may not be as intense as their June bearing counterparts. 

So if you need an extra kick to your berries, maybe forgo the everbearing ones. But hey, when life gives you strawberries, make lemonade! Yes! That’s how that saying goes! Strawberry lemonade, Strawade, Strawnade? 

3. Day Neutral Strawberries

Day neutral varieties are ideal for those looking for CONSISTENT YEARLY YIELDS. No matter what time of year you plant them, you’ll get lots of tasty fruit! Now those are sweet words to a gardener! 

Plus, day neutral strawberries DON’T require MANY HOURS of DIRECT SUNLIGHT to grow. Ah, they don’t need to be sunkissed to come out good. 

So they can thrive even on CLOUDY DAYS. This makes Day neutral strawberries versatile enough to grow anywhere. That’s from garden beds to balconies or patios. 

Think of these little beauties like babies that anyone can adopt-except you can eat them! DON’T get ideas about eating babies, though!

Top 14 Types of Strawberry Plants

1. Allstar


Allstar is one of the most beloved types of strawberry plants! Its TASTY LARGE FRUIT makes it stand out! Now that’s a combination sure to turn any frown upside down. Plus, this winter hardy variety produces an abundance of medium-sized berries. 

If you’re looking for a HEAVENLY way to enjoy fruit year-round – Allstar is your go-to choice! The flower buds are a sight to behold, and the good flavor will make you return for more. 

Allstar strawberries have five times the amount of fruity goodness. They will hit the spot every time. So one bite, and you’ll be saying, ‘Hallelujah!’

2. Honeoye


Honeoye strawberries are a type of JUNE-BEARING STRAWBERRY plant. They cause quite a stir in early summer! Their bright red color and flavor have been said to be one of the most “bursty” experiences anyone can have. It’s like eating an exploding watermelon – only tastier! 

These berries burst with flavor and are the PERFECT SIZE for snacking on. Do you want to grow them at home or buy them from your local store? 

Honeoye strawberries will make any fruit basket more special. Eating other species is like playing CHECKERS when you can be playing CHESS! 

3. Chandler


Chandler strawberries are one of the most sought-after types of strawberry plants. They have a FIRM CONICAL FRUIT. It’s hard not to imagine Chandler berries being picked with care in some magical kingdom. If only CINDERELLA had chosen this FIRM FRUIT instead of that darn glass slipper! 

They are also considered sweet berries. It’s almost like they cast a spell over whoever takes a bite! 

You can call them the “king” of strawberries. Chandlers boast a LARGE BERRY SIZE that puts all other strawberry varieties to shame. 

Chandler strawberries come highly recommended by both experienced farmers and novice gardeners alike! 

4. Camarosa


Camarosa strawberries are one of the most popular types of strawberry plants. They are known for their DARK RED FRUITS and SWEET FLAVOR. All these qualities almost make it seem like they’re trying to flirt with you! Wouldn’t that be something? Hahaha.

They make a delicious addition to any fruit salad or smoothie! These soft berries have AN INTENSE AROMA. It makes them stand out from other varieties, and their sweet taste will make your mouth water. 

Don’t get too excited, or you’ll be slurping on all the juicy goodness before you know it!

Camarosa strawberries are a unique type of fruit among their peers. They’re great for EATING RAW or COOKED DISHES. Enjoy the juicy, dark red fruit with friends and family – it’s sure to be a hit!

5. Jewel


Jewel strawberries are MEDIUM-SIZED, BRIGHT RED BERRIES that instantly catch your eye. They will make your mouth water faster than you can say ‘Jack Robinson, ‘ making them perfect for fresh eating.

These strawberry plants have DISEASE RESISTANCE. This makes them a great option for any garden. They are one of the best types of strawberries and varieties that you can find. 

It proves that ‘diamonds aren’t always a girl’s best friend. They can be a farmer’s best friend too! Get it? Jewels?

Jewel strawberries have even been known to be able to withstand LEAF DISEASES! 

Do you want an easy-to-grow, delicious berry that will make all your friends jealous? Then, Jewel Strawberries should be at the top of your list! No crown is required! Get it? Jewels? [**I should stop now I can hear the crickets**]

6. Sparkle


Sparkle strawberries are one of the most delightful types of strawberry plants. These sweet berries have an UNMISTAKABLE SHINE. This makes them stand out among the other soft fruits! They may arrive a little late in the season, but when they do, everyone will take notice. 

They make farmers say, “Wow! Sparkles!” Do even google it. It’s a fact! Hahaha

Their unique appearance isn’t their only attribute either. These strawberries also have a uniquely DELICIOUS FLAVOR. 

Do you enjoy them eating berries fresh off the plant or paired with some cream and sugar? Sparkle berries are simply irresistible! 

Sparkle strawberries seem like something out of a Disney movie. But they have real-life magical powers. They make grumpy faces smile and taste buds tingle! [**Throws some Disney fairy sparkle in the air**]

7. Mignonette


Mignonette strawberry plants are so unique! They are a type of WILD STRAWBERRY and have beautiful, AROMATIC BERRIES. 

They also have a delightful aroma. It’s almost like sitting at an outdoor café in the Swiss Alps sipping on some iced tea – sans the price tag. Fancy!!

What makes Mignonette strawberries so special is this flavor – it’s truly unique. These tiny ALPINE STRAWBERRIES taste slightly sweet with a hint of tartness. It’s even said that Apollo gave these berries to Aphrodite as a token of his love. 

So you know what to tell your date at that next picnic.

These tiny strawberries also grow on sprawling vines with leaflets. They look like miniature hearts. Awwww!!!!

Do you want to grow types of strawberry plants that can spice up dishes or enhance desserts? The Mignonette variety should be your go-to! 

8. Sierra


Sierra strawberries are one of the most popular varieties of strawberry plants. You can expect a LARGE CROP if you plant in EARLY SPRING. Think of a crop so abundant it might even give Jack’s beanstalk a run for its money! 

They have gorgeous WHITE FLOWERS. It’s like they took some fashion advice from Queen Elsa-snowy and stunning wardrobe! Hahaha.

This makes them easily stand out amongst other types of strawberry plants. Growing these kinds of strawberry plants is RELATIVELY EASY. However, the sweet flavor they bring cannot be underestimated! 

9. Ozark Beauty

Ozark Beauty

Ozark Beauty strawberry plants are the perfect addition to any garden! They have an attractive, GLOSSY RED APPEARANCE and a delightful taste. 

Think of them as almost as bright and cheerful as a lollipop – like growing candy on trees! It’s like you have Earth’s very own Willy Wonka factory right in your backyard! 

They are an OVERBEARING VARIETY! Everbearing varieties produce sweet and succulent strawberries throughout the season. Plus, they’re easy to care for.

You’ll look forward to each harvest like a kid in a candy store (or garden)! Get that Willy Wonka suits ready! Hahaha.

10. Eversweet


Eversweet soft fruit is incredibly JUICY and SWEET. They can be just so delightful to eat—they’re sure to bring everyone joy! Plus, they can also be used for all sorts of recipes: from jam or pie to smoothies or salads. 

And who knows? Maybe you could make the world’s FIRST STRAWBERRY SOUP with some experimentation! Hahaha.

This hearty plant is known for being DISEASE-RESISTANT. And it produces high yields even in hot climates. Plus, its vibrant red color makes Eversweet strawberries stand out against other varieties. 

You’d be forgiven to think your garden is full of miniature versions of Ronald McDonald. 

What could be more inviting than that? We are not suggesting you try to eat your local Ronald McDonald, though! Hahaha.

11. Seascape


The Seascape Strawberry Plants are EVERGREEN, EVERSWEET STRAWBERRIES that pack a flavor punch. They are so powerful they pack a Muhammad Ali-esque punch of flavor and knock you off your feet! No mild flavor here! 

ORGANIC GARDENERS can trust these plants to be healthy. They are resistant to common strawberry diseases like CROWN ROT and POWDERY MILDEW. Seascapes are like the Fruit Ninja of gardening! [**Remembers hearing Ninja noises from my Seascape garden**]

The large sweet berries from these plants are perfect for HANGING BASKETS. And make it easy to enjoy fresh berries all summer! Think of it like having a little slice of summer paradise hanging on your front porch. Now that sounds enticing! 

12. Tristar


The Tristar strawberry plant is a favorite among HOME GARDENERS. This is because of its cold hardy nature, mild flavor, and DISEASE RESISTANCE. Now that’s why some say it’s even more popular than the fanciest romcoms! 

Not only does this variety offer sweet berries, but it’s also known to be resistant to BOTRYTIS FRUIT ROT. It’s versatile enough to work in both backyard gardens and commercial farms! It’s like these strawberries are superheroes or something! Imagine your berries with a cape! Awwww!

Tristar has large berries with MILD, FLAVORFUL FRUIT to your taste buds. What more could you want? It truly lives up to its name as an absolute “Tristar”!

13. Marys Peak

Marys Peak

Marys Peak is ONE OF THE BEST TYPES of strawberry plants out there! It’s an absolute beauty with its DEEP RED COLOR and JUICY TEXTURE. Not to mention, it has a sweet taste that will make your mouth water. In other words, Mary’s Peak is like “berry love at first bite”!

The plant grows rather tall and usually produces plenty of berries once it’s mature. It can be found in most gardens and farmers’ markets in summer. Just look for the “berry bounty” section. Hahaha 

Are you looking for something unique that’ll lead to some SEVERE YUMMINESS? Look no further than Mary’s Peak strawberries! They will tantalize your taste buds with their delightful flavor and stunning looks. Get ’em today!

14. Earliglow


Earliglow strawberries are a type of JUNE BEARING STRAWBERRY plant. They resemble your average strawberry, with glossy, dark red fruit and green foliage. These berries are sure to make your mouth do a jig for joy! [**Mmmm…wonders if one’s mouth unintentional movement is a good thing**] 

But what sets everbearing strawberries apart is their taste! SWEET and juicy in FLAVOR, Earliglow berries will surely make your mouth water! 

Plus, they’re super EASY TO MAINTAIN. This is because they only require a LITTLE hedging or fertilization. You can maintain them while making a strawberry salad. [**It just hit me that a lot of people have unintentional mouth movement when they talk; they can’t stop talking**]

FAQs about Strawberry Variety

1. What is the most popular strawberry?

Strawberries come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors! But when it comes to the most beloved type of strawberry, it’s got to be the Cambridge Favourite. 
This strawberry is bursting with the sweetest flavor. This makes it a hit amongst berry lovers everywhere! So don’t wait any longer; grab a Cambridge Favorite. You will indulge in a delicious strawberry treat!

2. What are the rarest strawberries?

For strawberry lovers, there’s nothing quite like picking the perfect one. But one type of strawberry is even more special – the rare white strawberry! A notable example is Shirou Houseki. 
Found mainly in Japan, these delicious treats are truly one of a kind. So if you ever get the chance to try one, don’t hesitate – it’s a strawberry experience like no other!

3. Which is better everbearing or June bearing strawberries?

Everbearing and June-bearing strawberries are two different types of strawberries. They have different growing habits. 
June bearing strawberries produce a large harvest all at once. But Everbearing strawberries produce smaller harvests over a longer period. 
So if you’re looking for a continuous supply of yummy strawberries, then Everbearing is the way to go! But if you want a quick and sweet burst of strawberry goodness, then June bearing is the one for you!

What’s Next

We discussed three main strawberry varieties. Then we discussed the top 14 types of strawberry plants. Wow! Who knew there were so many? Whether you prefer the classic Allstar or the sweet Honeoye does not matter. There’s a strawberry variety for everyone. Yum!

If you want to get your hands dirty with gardening, AsterGardening has something for you. Whether you’re a novice or experienced, we have the expertise to get your garden blooming. Visit us today and start your gardening journey!

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