Hanging Strawberry Plant: Achieve Your Berry-Picking Dreams

BY Khushvinder Dagar
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Growing a HANGING STRAWBERRY PLANT can be a neat way to add SWEETNESS to your garden. Imagine the joy of picking sweet, juicy fruits from your hanging planter! 

Sure, it might take SOME EFFORT. But you’ll love rewarding yourself with delicious treats! 

TRUST US. We’ve been gardening and growing delicious BERRIES for YEARS, so you don’t have to. Our experience backs us up. Don’t believe us?

We’ve put much effort into preparing VALUABLE CONTENT to tackle your gardening needs. COME ON and see. 

You will learn how to grow, care for, and pick hanging strawberry plants for your outdoor space. We’ll also tell you the types of strawberries to grow, the supplies needed, and the best containers!

hanging strawberry plant

Characteristic of Hanging Strawberries

Characteristic of Hanging Strawberries

Strawberries grown in hanging baskets or hanging planters produce THE MOST FRUIT. They take it LITERARY that you get more done if you HANG OUT WITH the right people or places!

Hanging strawberries are BRED for container gardening. Think of it like getting a READY-MADE fruit bowl–except it comes with a number of leaves! 

Growing strawberries in a hanging basket allows you to PICK THEM at EYE LEVEL. That’s so much EASIER than doing SERIOUS YOGA and GYMNASTICS to get some fruit! After all, why bend when you can suspend? 

Strawberry plants will bear fruit when planted within THREE MONTHS of growth. With a LITTLE PATIENCE, you might even have enough strawberry delights for your very own jam-making session (you know you want one!). 

Just use grandma’s recipe, not those trendy awful TikTok ones. 

Hanging strawberries require REGULAR PRUNING throughout the season. Think of yourself as a HAIRSTYLIST regularly, keeping your strawberry locks in check. 

Strawberries in hanging baskets are EASY TO MAINTAIN for maximum berry production! Always remember to give them kisses and smile; scientists say that helps. Hahaha. 

Types of Strawberries to Grow In Pots and Baskets

Types of Strawberries to Grow In Pots and Baskets

Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the BEST strawberry varieties to grow on your HANGING BASKETS! 

1. Alpine Strawberries 

Alpine strawberries are the way to go if you want something EXOTIC and UNIQUE. They have small, WHITE-TINTED FRAGRANT fruits with a sweet flavor – to add zest to your basket! Mmmmh. 

These strawberry varieties also SPREAD QUICKLY. So keep them well-trimmed. Otherwise, alpine varieties will take over your garden faster than office gossip!

2. June Bearing Strawberry Plants 

June-bearing strawberries are like the ONE-NIGHT STANDS of the berry world. Hahaha. 

They ARRIVE all AT ONCE during late spring or early summer with juicy, large berries that taste so sweet! [**Thinks about how a lot of words now have double meanings**]. This makes harvesting June bearing varieties easy and fun! 

3. Day Neutral Varieties & Strawberries 

Day Neutral varieties like SEASCAPE are great options. These are EVERBEARING CULTIVARS. They will continuously produce berries throughout their season (usually from Mid-spring until mid-fall). They are not stingy, unlike some people we know. Hahaha.

Plus, day-neutral strawberries WON’T take up too much space. They tend not to grow too tall or wide – perfect for those Pinterest aesthetic balcony boards you have saved up. I know you do!! 

4. Summer-fruiting strawberries 

These strawberries will produce fruits throughout the SUMMER. But they require MORE SUN and WATER than other varieties. You can think of them like the rent-a-car of strawberries – reliable but not always exciting! Just don’t drive them, though. Hahaha. 

They can also be a bit TEMPERAMENTAL. So if you’re looking for an easy-to-grow strawberry plant, this MIGHT NOT be the one!

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Supplies for Growing Strawberries in Hanging Pots

Supplies for Growing Strawberries in Hanging Pots

1. Strawberry Plants 

I go for the SEED FORM or YOUNG SEEDLINGS ready to be planted. Now, I can start dreaming of strawberry shortcakes! No? We don’t all have that dream? [**Thinks how it might be all downhill from here**] 

2. A Hanging Basket

I always choose one with several DRAINAGE HOLES at the bottom. Unless, of course, I want to get berry secret information by waterboarding my plants. Hahaha. 

A good strawberry hanging planter should have enough space for your strawberry plants. Give them enough space in these hanging strawberry baskets to STRETCH THEIR LEGS. Otherwise, you will be running a plant detention center.

3. Fresh Soil

I like using POTTING SOIL or a SPECIAL MIX designed for strawberries in hanging baskets. Mmmmh, the soil is a basic in gardening; we ALL know this. 

4. Water 

Ensure you HYDRATE YOUR PLANTS and give them FRESH WATER every few days! Gotta give ’em a drink once in a while. I mean water, don’t give them alcohol.

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What are the Best Containers for Hanging Strawberry Plant?

What are the Best Containers for Hanging Strawberry Plant

Remember, you DON’T hang anything by the NECK (even plants) – that’s how you end up with a case. With that out of the way, here are the best containers for you to hang your strawberry plants: 

1. Hanging Strawberry Baskets

These are DESIGNED FOR HANGING, making them ideal for SMALL SPACES or TINY YARDS. Think of it like using a soup spoon for soup – that’s what it is meant for.

2. Terra Cotta Pots

These charming CLAY POTS look great outdoors and can easily be hung with STURDY HOOKS or CHAINS. Plus, terra cotta are always TRENDY– especially now that everyone is a hipster. 

3. Raised Beds

RAISED BEDS are perfect for creating larger strawberry gardens. You just need AMPLE SPACE. The beds can be STAKED UP and attached to walls or TRELLISES. Think of it as high-end gardening meets urban fruit-forwardness. That’s the stuff they put in blogs. Hahaha. 

4. Grow Bags

These bags are great for keeping your strawberry hanging basket MOIST. And it ensures it has enough water for growth. The grow bags also prevent pesky little bugs from eating away at their roots. [**Cue dramatic music**]

How To Grow Hanging Strawberries?

How To Grow Hanging Strawberries

Here’s how to plant strawberries in a hanging basket: 

1. Choose A Suitable Hanging Basket. 

I like to add an appropriate SOIL MIX that is WELL-DRAINING and contains PLENTY OF NUTRIENTS. 

Think of it like organizing your DREAM PICNIC. You want everything to be JUST RIGHT – including the food.

2. Plant Your Babies (Not literary)

I plant three to five plants in the basket. Space them out EVENLY around the circumference. Think of it like you’re planning for a PICTIONARY GAME. 

I make sure the strawberry roots REACH DOWN into the soil below. Otherwise, they’ll find it HARD to produce any juicy results later! 

3. Give ’em Full Sun 

Place your strawberry basket in a SUNNY SPOT for the best results. The goal is to give them at least FIVE HOURS of DIRECT SUNLIGHT daily during their growing season. That’s from EARLY SPRING to LATE SUMMER. 

So, no more Netflix binges on the couch for those strawberries! What’s worse than a couch potato? A couch strawberry!

4. Water Your Babies 

WATER your hanging strawberries regularly, as they need moist soil. But do not go for OVERLY WET SOIL, as it SLOWS optimal growth. As a plant parent, you don’t want to give your kids a swim every time they are thirsty. It’s cruel. 

DRY WEATHER can stress young seedlings or NEWLY TRANSPLANTED PLANTS quickly! It’s like what happens when we forget our sunscreen after a day in the sun (ouch!). 

5. Compost and Mulch

My experience is to add COMPOST and MULCH, such as straw or shredded leaves. Do this around the circumference of your basket. It helps with nutrients. Your plants gotta eat. You don’t want them making one of those Charity Ads with malnourished plants. 

The mulch also helps REGULATE TEMPERATURE and CONSERVE MOISTURE in the soil when it’s hot. 

6. Support “em

I like supporting trailing vines that emerge from your hanging strawberry planter. It’s like giving them a friendly hug! This will help ensure those sweet berries stay off the ground! So you won’t end up with dirt in your salad.

How to Care for Hanging Strawberry Plant?

How to Care for Hanging Strawberry Plant

Growing strawberries in hanging baskets can liven up your small space. Here are some tips on caring for your strawberry plant in a hanging basket: 

1. Pick the Right Location

I select a sunny location with GOOD AIR CIRCULATION. Think of it like looking for an Airbnb space in sunny San Diego – you must avoid beach bums and gym rats! Hahaha.

This helps prevent any issues with soil-borne diseases or winter cold damage.

2. Get The Best Soil

I prefer to use soil formulated for STRAWBERRIES and mix it with my REGULAR POTTING MIX. The goal is to have it light and well-draining. After all, you are not trying to create hanging swamps – it’s not as cool as it sounds. 

The mix will have plenty of organic matter and enough nutrients for growing berries.

3. Watering & Feeding

I check my strawberry plants regularly throughout the SPRING-BLOOMING SEASON. Then, I give them EXTRA WATER when they flower and set fruit. Think about how much water Goldilocks liked in her porridge – JUST ENOUGH

This will help keep their SOIL MOIST. I suggest you fertilize your plants when they’re actively growing. But don’t OVER-FERTILIZE, as this can lead to bad plant health and less fruit production. That’s not plantastic at all. 

4. Prune Your Plant

I trim out any OVERGROWN RUNNERS taking up energy from the MAIN BERRY CROP. Think of these as siblings taking all your food. Also, I add dead or diseased foliage to the cut list. It promotes better air circulation around the plant. 

If you do it right, your plants will look like CHISELED-MODEL PLANTS. Trust me; it’s scientific. Regular pruning is how all those chiseled marvel movie heroes get in shape. 

5. Crop Rotation

Practicing CROP ROTATION is important if you’re growing strawberries in SMALL SPACES. This also prevents any issues with soil-borne diseases or pests. Rotate strawberry baskets at least ONCE YEARLY for best results. 

Think of it like giving your plants a nice vacation. As the old saying goes, “bored berries taste dull.”

FAQs about Hanging Strawberry Plant

1. Do I need to cover my strawberries for frost?

Yes, you need to protect your strawberry plants from frost to ensure a good crop in the following spring. Cover them with a blanket or fabric, and watch your strawberry production soar!

2. How long do hanging strawberry plants last?

Most strawberry plants produce fruit for up to three glorious years. So hang in there. Hanging strawberry plants will likely last for about the same time with proper care. 

3. Should I remove runners from hanging strawberry plants?

Growing strawberries in hanging baskets produce runners. But don’t worry. Delicious fruits are still on the way! Removing them will help ensure more strawberries for you to enjoy.
So get rid of those runners and get ready for more yummy strawberries!

4. Are hanging basket strawberries perennial?

Strawberries belong to the rose family. This family of plants is perennial. So you can look forward to yearly fruit production from your hanging strawberries! 

What’s Next

We started you off with a great discussion on growing hanging strawberries. Then talked about all you need to know, from which kind of strawberries to grow in hanging baskets to which supplies to use. 

Get ready to have some juicy, delicious strawberries in no time!

Are you interested in growing strawberries in hanging baskets? 

Good, you are at the right place. At AsterGardening, we offer the best advice to help you grow the freshest and tastiest berries. 

Get started today and begin enjoying the sweet rewards of growing your own! Visit our website now for what you need to get growing.

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