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Strawberries are one of the MOST BELOVED fruits around the world. It can be enjoyed in plenty of ways.

But when it comes to the CLASSIFICATION of this sweet and juicy fruit. It often leaves many gardeners to think, is a strawberry a fruit or vegetable? 

WELL! You don’t need to BE ANXIOUS about it.

We are PREPARING you with the technicalities before you start. Our years of gardening experience ALLOW us to GUIDE about berries.

I assure you that after reading this post, you don’t need to be CURIOUS about your FAVORITE berry.

Learn whether strawberry is a fruit or a vegetable, PLUS tips to choose the best strawberries. 

Is a strawberry a fruit or vegetable

The Basic of Strawberry

The Basic of Strawberry

The STRANGE fact about berries is that they are not all tiny or sweet. Shockingly, tomatoes and avocados are botanically CONSIDERED berries.

But what about strawberries? Right?

Uh! Yes, the popular one, the strawberry plant, doesn’t PRODUCE berry at all. 

Strawberry plants produce multiple fruits and belong to the genus Fragaria of the Rosaceae family.

Botanists call the strawberry a pseudocarp which means “false fruit.”

Getting my point?

A strawberry CONSISTS of many individual fruits FIXED in a fleshy part. The brownish specks, called achenes, are the actual fruit. 

  • These achenes also MAKE fresh strawberries relatively high in fiber, potassium, and folate.
  • These are also LOW in calories and HIGH in vitamins and antioxidants. 
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Is A Strawberry A Fruit or Vegetable?

Is A Strawberry A Fruit or Vegetable

Anything is considered a fruit if it contains a seed-bearing structure. That structure develops from the ovary of a flowering plant.

But veggies are the REST of the edible parts of a plant, including leaves, stalks, stems, etc.

So yes, if food is a PART of the plant’s reproductive structure, it is CONSIDERED a fruit. But if it isn’t, it is considered a vegetable.

Considering all these POINTS, we can say that strawberries are not vegetables. But they aren’t berries, either.

So does it means strawberries are neither fruits nor vegetables?

Well! It is a fruit in COMMON SENSE, but very different from what you EXPECT.

LISTEN! Specifically, strawberries are ACCESSORY FRUITS. It means it is formed from a single flower containing the plant’s ovaries.

Each of these ovaries DEVELOPS into a small fruit called an achene. These achenes are small seed-like structures COVERING the surface of the strawberry. 

What Makes Strawberries Different?

What Makes Strawberries Different

Normally, strawberries are DISTINCT from other fruits due to VARIOUS factors.

ONE UNIQUE feature is that the strawberry flower produces aggregate fruit. It means it CONTAINS many tiny fruits or achenes.

These achenes are embedded in the fleshy part of the fruit.

But in a BOTANICAL sense, the fruit must have the seed inside the fleshy part. So regarding that point, the strawberry plant doesn’t produce true fruits.

ANOTHER feature that provides uniqueness to strawberries different is their DISTINCT flavor. Yes, I am talking about their sweet and slightly tart flavor. 

It also CONTAINS many beneficial nutrients and has a high antioxidant capacity.

These things MAKE strawberries a healthy addition to any diet.

FURTHERMORE, strawberries are WIDELY cultivated and consumed all over the world. They can be eaten fresh or can be USED in a variety of culinary applications.  

How Do We Classify Fruits and Vegetables?

How Do We Classify Fruits and Vegetables

Usually, fruits and vegetables are CLASSIFIED on the basis of:

Culinary Sense

Culinary usage plays a vital role in CLASSIFYING fruits and vegetables.

In culinary uses, we often DIFFERENTIATE foods based on taste.

So fruit differs from vegetables because fruit grows are usually sweet and colorful.

Contrarily, vegetables can have a sour or bitter taste.

For example:

Botanically tomato is a fruit but is OFTEN USED as a savory ingredient in cooking. Thus considered a vegetable in many culinary contexts.

Botanical Characteristics

In a botanical sense, fruit is DEFINED as the MATURE ovary of a flowering plant that CONTAINS seeds.

It means any structure DEVELOPED from a plant containing seeds is a fruit.

Not only it includes apples and oranges but also less-known EXAMPLES like

A vegetable is typically defined as parts of a plant, stems, roots, and leaves.

For example:

Spinach is CONSIDERED a vegetable because they are the root of plants. The case is similar for carrots. 

Nutritional Properties

Nutritional properties are also a factor used for classification.

Fruits are generally containing HIGHER nutrition, vitamins, and natural sugar. On the other hand, vegetable TENDER has higher fiber and necessary vitamins.

Are Strawberries Berries?

Are Strawberries Berries

Regarding ORDINARY people, berries include

  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Blackberries, etc

But the botanists don’t CONSIDER any of them as berries. Strange! Isn’t that?

Let me tell you why?

True berries like blueberries DEVELOP from a flower’s ovary and contain seed and pulp.

Meanwhile, strawberries consist of many ovaries MERGED together as a single flower.

It makes strawberries AGGREGATE fruits.

Strawberries contain a CONSIDERABLE AMOUNT of tissue from the receptacle. It also STOPS the strawberries from being berries.

Apart from that, berries are any fleshy fruit with many SEEDS inside, like tomatoes. And that also doesn’t happen in the case of strawberries.

REGARDING all these FACTS, we don’t CONSIDER strawberries as TRUE berries or the true fruit. 

Tips to Choose Good Strawberry

Tips to Choose Good Strawberry

 Whether strawberry is a true fruit or not, it is still DELICIOUS and PLEASURABLE to eat.

But it is CRUCIAL to choose good strawberries to ENSURE the best flavor and texture.

But how can you do so?

Here are some THINGS you need to look for while choosing the best strawberries:

Vibrant Color

Typically, strawberries STOP to ripen after they are picked. So it means what you see is simply what you get.

  • Always CHOOSE bright red strawberries with a uniform color.
  • Make sure to AVOID those strawberries that are DULL in color or have white patches.
  • Because at this stage, the strawberry is at its peak ripeness and won’t taste sweet either.


The DISCUSSION about the size of the strawberry is a BIT confusing.

As different VARIETIES of strawberries grow to different sizes. Weather and growing conditions also AFFECT the size of the strawberry.

But size does matter?

Of course, it will—sometimes.

Medium-sized strawberries are often sweeter. In contrast, larger berries may be LESS flavorful and have a softer texture.

But it isn’t always the case. Color is MORE IMPORTANT than size.

Green Leaves

When the berries are picked, the GREEN LEAVES will begin to dry and wilt.

So, longer the strawberries stay after harvesting. The more wilt the leaves will look.

Please ENSURE that the stem of the strawberry should be green and fresh. If it is brown or wilted, it is probably OLD or DAMAGED. 

FAQs about Is A Strawberry A Fruit Or Vegetable

1. What food group does a strawberry belong in?

Strawberries BELONG to the fruit food group.
It is because they are botanically classified as an accessory fruit. Meaning they are formed from several carpels derived from the same flower. 

2. Why are strawberries asexual?

Strawberries can REPRODUCE both sexually and asexually.
But COMMERCIALLY GROWN strawberries are propagated through asexual reproduction.
· Doing so helps to MAINTAIN the desirable traits.
· Asexual reproduction also allows for quicker and more efficient propagation.
But the ac

3. Why do strawberries go furry?

Strawberries go furry when they start to decay.
When they begin to SPOIL, mold spores can DEVELOP on the surface of the fruit, causing it to look furry.
To prevent strawberries from going fuzzy, it is essential to STORE them properly. 

4. Should strawberries be refrigerated?

Yes, strawberries can be refrigerated.
Strawberries and other fresh berries TEND TO HAVE mold spores on their surface. Thus they SPOIL FASTER when left out at room temperature.
Keeping your strawberries in the fridge SLOWS DOWN this process. So, it provides you with MORE time to consume your strawberries. 

What’s Next

Hope you have UNDERSTOOD whether a strawberry is a fruit or a vegetable.

Botanically speaking, strawberries are an aggregate fruit.

It means they are COMPOSED of many tiny fruits or achenes. But they are not actual fruit themselves. 

That’s all.

If you LOVE to learn more about berries or other fruits/veggies, visit AsterGardening.

We ASSURE you that you will get accessible techniques and facts HERE from our experts.

So if you have any PROBLEMS, reach out to us.

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